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Chapter 205 – Shus Tragedy

Yushu was trying hard to force herself past when she realized how hard it was- had she grown fatter? Why was it so much harder this time around?

Oh. Yushu had grown up- it had been four years since shed tried the same thing. Shed just moved into her villa then.

Fuu! Yushu exhaled as she got half her body through. Shed have looked for the key in advance if shed known how hard itd be.

Yushu wiped the sweat off her brow as she continued squeezing herself in, and her chest started to hurt Her two bunnies were stuck between the fence.

Yushu had no intention of giving up- she exerted more force as she tried to get herself through.

Aah, I cant, I cant!! Yushu couldnt take it anymore- her breasts were gonna die at this rate!

What rotten luck she had- her boobs really did become a burden! Yushu couldnt believe it, this was the first time her chest had a negative effect- Mengyao was spot on with what she had said. What a tragedy.

Fine, Ill confess! Yushu decided that shed rather do that than squeeze herself to death. She sighed as she started to move herself out of the fence.

It was then when she realized the true tragedy of the situation- she couldnt get the other half of her body out!!

Yushu couldnt believe her luck- this was getting pretty serious! Shed be a laughingstock if this spread around!!

Terrified, she pulled her phone out to call Mengyao.

Mengyao declined the call without even picking up, evidently thinking that Yushu was signalling for her to start searching.

Yushu started panicking at that point- she rang Mengyao up again. What, Shu? Im looking for you already, okay? Too much credit in your phone?

Yao Yao, help Im stuck… Yushu whimpered- she could neither get out nor get in!

Ah? Mengyao blinked. Shu, whatre you saying? Stuck?

Im at the storage room in the backyard, Yao Yao, Im stuck! Hurry, I cant hold on much longer!! Yushu said urgently.

Oh, Im coming right now! Hang on. Mengyao hung the phone up as she quickly made her way to the backyard- Yushu didnt seem to be joking.

She hadnt even reached the place when she spotted Yushu stuck in a fence. Shu, whats with you?

Yao Yao, help me, quick!! Yushu said as she waved her hand worriedly. She was genuinely scared at this point- shed be screwed if Mengyao couldnt get her out.

It took a couple steps until Mengyao understood what was going on- the right side of Shus body had gotten through when shed tried squeezing her way in, but the other left couldnt the fence was right in between her boobs

Pfft- hahahaha Mengyao couldnt take it anymore- how did that even happen?

Yao Yao whyre you laughing It hurts, okay Yushu was almost on the verge of tearing up already.

What a tragedy, Shu!! Mengyao said, unable to hold herself back. See, what did I tell you? Your boobs did become a burden! Something like this wouldnt happen to me, right?

Alright, Yao Yao, alright, I was wrong I wont laugh at you again, okay? Just help me out first Yushu admitted.

Let me see Mengyao still couldnt help but find the scene funny. Maybe we can cut your other boob off?

Yao Yao!!! Yushu was starting to get really pissed off. Ill ignore you if you keep laughing at me!

Okay okay, I was just joking! Ill see what I can do, hold on.. Mengyao said, stopping herself- it really was a pretty tragic thing, and she shouldnt be laughing at her at all.

Okay. Yushu nodded, pinning her last hopes on Mengyao.

Maybe I can help squeeze one boob down, and you try to pull out? Mengyao suggested- there werent a lot of options here.

Uh Will that work? Isnt that gonna hurt? Yushu said, not too keen on the idea.

Theres no other way

Lets try that then Yushu nodded in agreement.

And with that, the two girls started getting to work

Ahh I cant, its too much! I.. Im gonna die! Stop, stop Yushu cried out loudly.

Shut, just hold on a bit longer! How else are we gonna get you out? Youre not gonna sleep and eat here, are you? What if you wanted to go to the toilet?? Mengyao encouraged. Just a little longer!

But Yao Yao, youre really killing me here Yushus voice wasnt sounding too good.

Just a little more, come on! Mengyao continued.

But I cant It hurts Yushu said tragically.

Then what do we do? Mengyao said, out of options. Maybe I should call Lin Yi? He could pull you from the other side, and Ill press on your boob from this side- one violent jerk and youll be out.

Uh Yushu shuddered at the thought- itd be hell! Yet it was something she had to go through if she wanted to get out She nodded. Okay, Yao Yao Call Shield Bro then

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Lin Yi was giving Xiaobo some space as he focused on the road.

Boss, Ive made up my mind!! Xiaobos head jerked up suddenly as he turned to face Lin Yi. Boss, I really do have feelings for Fen. I admit that theres some recklessness in this, but I really do, ever since I saw her in the picture! I still feel the same even after knowing her tragic past- if anything, I like her even more! Can you let me try it out with her, boss??

Ah Lin Yi wasnt too surprised by the statement- it was within his expectations, after all. Her psychological illness can be cured, no problem there, but her leg

Im fine with that, boss!! Xiaobo nodded with certainty. I think, if I really am in love with her, I wouldnt care about stuff like that!!

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