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Chapter 198 – What’s On Tang Yin’s Mind

Boss I wanna try meeting Fen Xiaobo said after some hesitation. It was the first girl hed ever been so genuine and passionate about- itd only been a couple of hours, but Fens image had been etched and burned into his heart.

His feelings for Tang Yin, Chu Mengyao, and Chen Yushu, after all, were nothing but simple admiration- something he fascinated about due to their impossibility.

Yet Lan Fen was different- he didnt know if it were love at first sight or not, but he was sure of the spark that had happened the moment he saw Lan Fen in the picture. Especially seeing the fragile form of the girl fall from the third floor was enough to break his heart.

There was a slight bit of pity mixed in after hearing Tang Yins reveal of Fens past, but it only invigorated his passion for her.

It was the sort of passion that ignored all consequences- he might have different thoughts after calming down.

Lin Yi understood where Xiaobo was coming from, and nodded his head without adding anything. Lets get to the hospital first.

Tang Yin had noticed Xiaobos hesitation as well, sighing without adding anything else. Yet she did turn to glare at Lin Yi again. You young masters, all you do is mess girls up!!

Me?? Lin Yi blinked. Im not a young master, am I?

…… Tang Yin curled her lips before turning away from Lin Yi.

Xiaobo, on the other hand, was especially quiet after his rage- his head was lowered at the floor.

Lin Yi parked the car in the hospitals parking lot, and the three of them went for the emeregency room right away.

They found a doctor, but Xiaobo was the one who got the question out first. Doctor, hows Lan Fen??

Lan Fen? The girl who jumped off a roof earlier? The doctor said as he went though the records on the table. Shes fine, but shes passed out from the shock and fatigue. Shes in emergency room number six, and shell probably have to spend a couple days at the hospital. Whats your relationship with the patient?

Were her friends. Thanks, doctor! Xiaobo said before going off for to Lan Fen.

Wait, you guys need to pay for the medical fees and do the procedures first, Lan Fens parent only paid a three hundred kuai deposit earlier, its not enough. The doctor said, stopping Xiaobo.

Ah? Okay, well go do that now! Xiaobo answered without even thinking about it. Where do we go for that?

The patient needs to stay in for a while, her bodys very weak. Lets say one week, first- Ill be in charge of the procedures. The doctor explained.

Okay. Xiaobo said, nodding immediately.

Lin Yi smiled bitterly at how Xiaobo was acting- had he completely fallen for Lan Fen already? It was pretty dramatic, but this was an age for dramatics!! Boys and girls of this age lived for that reckless passion, that purity of young love!

Lin Yi reckoned that it was probably Xiaobos first love- it was a time when men were most reckless, most passionate, a time when men didnt use their brains Would Xiaobo continue his relationship with Fen after calming down?

He looked at Tang Yin- the angry girl was still staring at him.

Whats wrong? Lin Yi said, wondering what was up with Tang Yins attitude today. Shed been pretty cold and unresponsive with him earlier, but she seemed to have regained her usual angry attitude towards him.

She looked at Xiaobo, who was walking away to pay the fees. She then turned back to Lin Yi. I wanna ask you something.

Yeah? Lin Yi blinked, confused.

Whatre you thinking? Tang Yin said, lowering her head embarrassedly as she bit on her lip.

What am I thinking? Lin Yi didnt understand what the girl was talking about. About Fen and Xiaobo? Well, that depends on Xiaobo-

Not him, you!! Tang Yin raised her head to look Lin Yi in the eyes. That thing I asked you about the other night! You were thinking of becoming my boyfriend, right?

Lin Yi wasnt expecting Tang Yin to still be struggling with that, but he nodded- hed sorted things out with the old man, and had decided to stay here long-term. He didnt need to be that reserved anymore.

Then are you just playing or are you gonna be with me forever? Tang Yin frowned, throwing another question at him. Lin Yi, if youre only playing around, then please, leave me and my mother alone, leave our entire family alone, okay? Im not Fen, she was young when she fell for this, but Im eighteen! I wont fall for your tricks!!

Ugh Lin Yi was speechless- what was this girl throwing at him? Playing? Whats there to play? Do I look that free to you? Do I look like Im playing around?

Then good! If youre serious about being with me, then please dont bother me right now, alright? Let me go to college peacefully, I dont want to spend time on this yet! Tang Yin said strongly. If by that time youre still interested in me Then Ill say yes!

What Tang Yin had announced to Lin Yi today had actually been the fruit of a few days of serious thinking- she didnt know what Lin Yis feelings for her for, but she did know that hed helped her and her family too much- she was deeply in debt.

Yet Tang Yin wouldnt do something like getting with Lin Yi for the sake of repayment. She had to admit- shed started gradually accepting this man who had barged into her life. Shed only put on a cold front to conceal her terror of the whole situation.

She was scared, scared that shed go in too deep. She didnt want to admit the symptoms, but her hatred and disdain for Lin Yi was slowly thinning, replaced with a sort of gratitude and unknown fluttering

Shed never been at peace ever since Xinwen asked her about her relationship with Lin Yi, too, always thinking of him to the point where she even dreamed of him What pissed her off the most was how she had kissed Lin Yi in her dreams

It was a weird, unreal dream- Lin Yis face was cloudy, but Tang Yin knew for sure it was Lin Yi by the time she had woken up

She couldnt believe she had had a wet dream, and it was with Lin Yi, of all people!! Tang Yin knew that it wasnt uncommon for teenagers to have wet dreams, where the person one had the best feelings for would appear It was something shed picked up from a textbook in class.

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But that was exactly why she was afraid- scared that she might develop feelings for Lin Yi, and even ending up with him

Her rationality told her that it was a dangerous thing- she had to watch her step Shed end up like Fen otherwise.

surprise coming…

pledge for the surprise!

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