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Chapter 197 – Tragic Past

Tang Yin curled her lips, wondering if she should talk about Fens stuff behind her back- it didnt seem right.

Cant you see Kang Xiaobos intentions, Tang Yin? Come on, tell him. Lin Yi said, having noticed the interaction between the two in addition to Tang Yins hesitation as he drove.

But Tang Yin was still hesitating- she knew what Xiaobo was getting at- Fen would be able to recover if Xiaobo stuck by her side, but Fens story was a little tragic She wasnt sure if Xiaobo could take the truth.

Xiaobos pretty anxious over there. Lin Yi said with a chuckle.

Tang Yin sighed. Fen, Liu Xinwen, and I grew up together in the slums- we were really good friends. We were in ninth grade when a boy barged into Fens life

Kang Zhaoming? Xiaobos face changed slightly as he tightened his fists.

Tang Yin was sitting at the front, and hadnt caught Xiaobos change in expression. Yeah, Kang Zhaoming. I didnt think youd remember that name

The name had only been spoken once by Xinwen, after all- Xiaobo mustve had something for Fen if he remembered it that well.

From the standpoint as Fens soulmate, Tang Yin wanted her to be able to recover as soon as possible- it was extremely unhealthy to be holed up at home with emotional problems all day. They consulted a doctor about it before, too- it was a mental illness that couldnt be cured with medicine, and one of the best solutions would be for her to start a brand new relationship altogether

Tang Yin wasnt a big fan of getting into a relationship so young, but this was a special circumstance they were talking about here. Shed be willing to let Xiaobo and Fen get together, but Xiaobo might change his mind if he found out about the details of the tragedy

Lin Yi noticed Xiaobos furious expression from the rear-view mirror- something felt off.

Kang Zhaoming was really passionate about making Fen his girlfriend Tang Yin couldnt help but glare at Lin Yi. Hes from a rich family, and he was one of those big shot young masters at school Fen was young, and she fell for him

Lin Yi smiled bitterly as he felt Tang Yins glare. Whatre you glaring at me for Im no big shot young master, okay? Im not even trying to chase you yet everything was a misunderstanding

And so they got together Tang Yin continued. Everything went pretty well at the start, but then Kang Zhaoming started drifting away from Fen, and when Fen asked him what was going on, he said that he wanted to break up with her

Fen, of course, didnt agree to that- she had completely fallen for him at that point And the two of them were in that kind of relationship already Tang Yins face reddened- she was eighteen, but still a young girl It was only natural that shed get embarrassed at topics like that. So she went to Kang Zhaoming to talk about it, but saw him get on a taxi with another pretty girl She chased after them, calling out for Kang Zhaoming all the while, but the guy only looked back at her coldly without stopping the car

Xinwen and I tried to stop her, but she didnt listen, and kept chasing the taxi when a truck came by and hit her Even that didnt stop Kang Zhaoming- he just left. He transferred schools a few days later, and weve never seen him since. Fens leg was hurt from the accident, and now she has a limp when she walks she cant walk on her own for long periods of time, and she usually needs a wheelchair to move around

Fen dropped out from school after the whole thing, too, spending her days at home still not giving up on Kang Zhaoming, after what hed done to her, always thinking and fantasizing that hed come back to her one day Ive tried talking to her with Wen Wen so many times, but she never listens

Fuck! Xiaobo slammed a fist at the roof, his face red with anger and his chest puffed up. This Kang Zhaoming, bastard!!!

T-The car the car isnt mine.. I borrowed it Lin Yi sweated as he stared at the dent Xiaobod made in the roof- Miss Chen wasnt going to kill him for this, was she? What the hell man

Tang Yin, on the other hand, stared at Lin Yi in disdain. Dude, look at how pissed off your friend is, why do you still care about the car?? You dont even care about that bit of repair fees, come on.

Xiaobo must have missed what Lin Yi said, for he was sending even more punches at the roof. Lin Yi wanted to cry- this dude was pretty strong when he got violent

It seemed that he had to get the car repaired when he got back, maybe get Uncle Fu to do it for him Hed be dead if the Chen Miss saw her car like that, she probably wouldnt lend her car to him anymore

But how was he supposed to tell Li Fu about it? Hmm He decided that hed tell Li Fu how he was attacked by Chu Pengzhans enemies, since the guy had been there when he told Pengzhan about the golden class masters that day Hell just say it was Cihuas men again! Haha, Im pretty smart. Lin Yi thought.

Xiaobos rage was so violent that he started seeing things- he could see a fragile, young girl, trying her best to keep up with a taxi as she stared at the cold man and pretty woman within

She cried out at the top of the lungs, desperate to reach him

And in her weakest moments, a truck came and hit her

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And the man in the taxi, the cold, heartless man, left without one shred of concern for her as Fen lay down in her puddle of blood, still waiting for the asshole to come back to her

KANG ZHAOMING!!! Xiaobos eyes widened wrathfully- he wouldnt have been this pissed off if it were someone else, but this fucker was his second cousin The same second cousin who always looked down on him, always mocking his family

Fuu Xiaobo let out a long breath as he looked at the dented roof, feeling bad for what he had done. Sorry boss, I got too agitated

Its nothing, dont worry. Lin Yi smiled- he had a solution prepared already. Xiaobo, what are your thoughts?

Lin Yi had spoken Tang Yins mind with that question- shed explained Fens situation to Xiaobo, and now all that was left was his response! Fen was no longer a complete woman, and that was a very important factor- it was something she could expect Xiaobo looking past, but her disabled leg was the heart of the issue. Would Kang Xiaobo be willing to accept a disabled girlfriend?

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