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Chapter 196 – Worked UpKang Xiaobo

Lin Yi had already retreated to the side, giving Xiaobo all the spotlight.

Lan Fen, on the other hand, had passed out already, either from the shock or the grip Xiaobo was holding her with. Huiping put her hand to Lan Fens nostrils, sighing in relief after learning that she was still alive.

Fuu Xinwen gave Xiaobo a thumbs up after knowing that Fen was fine. Nice, hero!! Catching her from that height, nice!!

It was only then that Huiping realized that this young man before her had saved her daughter. She showered Xiaobo with gratitude as she held her hand to Lan Fens face. Thank you so much, young man If you hadnt been able to catch her My Fen wouldve

The horror of the thought put tears to Huipings eyes- just thinking of what mightve happened if Xiaobo wasnt there was an absolute nightmare!

Aunty, its nothing, its what Im supposed to do Xiaobo said, embarrassed and blushing. After all, hed been so passionate about saving Lan Fen because of his romantic feelings toward her A bystander wouldnt have been as excited as he had been

Xiaobo was no saint, no firefighter, no cop, and definitely no ultraman He wouldnt have charged out on impulse if it hadnt been Lan Fen

Without even thinking if hed be able to catch the victim in the first place, there was the concern of getting himself killed if she had fallen on his head, or getting a serious injury if shed fallen anywhere else It had happened before, too, cases of people dying from the impact after failing to save someone who had jumped off a building

Its nothing?! Bro, youve earned my respect! I, Liu Xinwen, am impressed! Xinwen said, not noticing the embarrassed and guilty look in Xiaobos eyes as she patted him on the shoulder. You have anything you need, just look for me!!

I just got lucky Xiaobo said honestly- he himself didnt even know how hed managed to catch Lan Fen so properly.

Just got lucky, huh..? Tang Yin thought as she looked at Lin Yi, who had darted to the side already. She pulled her lips back. Weird guy

Other people may have missed it, but Tang Yin had sharp eyes! Something was wrong! The guy had charged over when Xiaobo did, but hed been doing stuff to Xiaobos body instead of actually catching Fen! Tang Yin couldnt help but get suspicious at that

After all, what did the suicide have to do with him? Tang Yin didnt understand why she was paying so much attention to Lin Yi, but she changed her focus to Fen as she pushed away her complicated feelings for him.

Sirens became audible from a distance, and an ambulance, firetruck, and police car made their way to the alley

The firefighters were doubtful after hearing that the suicidal girl had been caught, but left after asking for details.

The police, on the other hand, started taking testimonies from the crowd, leaving as well after learning of what had happened. Zhaoming mightve been an asshole for abandoning Fen, but that didnt legally count as a crime- they pitied the girl, but the police neednt be involved here.

Some nurses got off the ambulance and received Lan Fen from Xiaobos hands before putting her on a stretcher. A middle-aged doctor then called out to the crowd. Can the patients relative please get in the ambulance? Other uninvolved citizens, please make way!!

Me, Im Fens mother!! Huiping said as she walked up to the doctor.

The doctor took a look at Huiping before nodding. Come with us to the hospital.

Xinwen, Tang Yin, and Xiaobo especially wanted to get on the ambulance as well.

Were her friends, can we come too? Xinwen asked.

No, this is an ambulance! There can only be one more relative, which one are you are getting on? The doctor said with a shake of his head.

Tang Yin and Xinwen hadnt even opened their mouths yet when a slightly excited and panicked voice came from a person behind them- it was Kang Xiaobo!!

Xiaobo was almost about to charge into the ambulance when Lin Yi pulled him back, a bitter smile on his face. He understood the guys feelings, but what was up with him taking the place of Tang Yin and Xinwen? How was he supposed to explain to Huiping his relationship with Fen?

They couldnt tell her theyd just met today The two didnt even know each other yet! It was only love at first sight on Xiaobos part!

Xinwen, you go with them. Lin Yi said as he pulled Xiaobo behind him.

Boss, please! Let me go, please! Xiaobo said, very worked up, as if hed never give up until he got his wish.

……Xiaobo!! Lin Yi was speechless. What the hell dude? You can just get in my car if you wanna go!

Uh Thats right..! Xiaobo said, calming down as he shook his head, embarrassed. It was true- what was he supposed to say to Lan Fens mother if he got on the ambulance with them?

Xinwen and Tang Yin only looked at Xiaobo, and Tang Yin was starting to get what was going on Xiaobo had been paying a lot of attention to that picture back home, too Xinwen, on the other hand, had no idea what Xiaobo was doing.

Yet it wasnt time for questions- the ambulance was still waiting, and Xinwen got on quickly before it took off to Songshans First Peoples Hospital.

You going or not? Lin Yi turned to Tang Yin after the ambulance had left.

Tang Yin bit her lip- she didnt really want to get in Lin Yis car, but she was worried about Fen. She nodded. Yeah

There were no back doors for the Beetle, and one needed to push the front seat to get to the back. As passionate Xiaobo was about Fen, he still made sure to let Lin Yi have a space with Tang Yin as he moved to the back.

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Lin Yi had been to Songshans First Peoples Hospital before- it was where he got his checkups that time he got hit by a bullet. He didnt need to follow the ambulance because of that. There was also the GPS system in place, too, if all else failed.

Tang Yin Can you tell me about what happened to Lan Fen? Xiaobo asked, extremely curious about the past between Kang Zhaoming and Lan Fen.

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