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Chapter 195 – Uncanny Lookalike

Dont jump down, you cant!! Youre still young, youve still your whole life ahead of you Xiaobo yelled panickedly, his voice surprisingly loud.

Xiaobos loud voice stood out exceptionally from Tang Yin, Xinwen, and Huipings calls, and it attracted Lan Fens attention.

She lowered her head down, her face blank as she looked at where the voice was coming from, her face flaring up in disbelief, lighting up as she started talking. Her voice wasnt very loud, but people closer to her at the bottom could catch her excited words clearly.

Zhaoming, is that you? You finally came for me A weak, happy file formed on Lan Fens lips as she spoke. You came back You didnt abandon me after all.. Zhaoming

? Xiaobo wasnt sure what on earth the girl was talking about. He turned to Tang Yin and Xinwen, confused.

Both the girls were troubled enough as it was- they thought that Lan Fen had started hallucinating, but they turned to look at Xiaobo all the same. Tang Yin called out in surprise. Wen Wen. Him and that Kang Zhaoming

Shed thought that Xiaobo looked familiar, but hadnt paid much attention to him- the guy had to be some sort of delinquent who got into fights at school, something shed naturally expect of a guy who followed Lin Yi

But it became clear now after hearing what Lan Fen had said- Xiaobo was a complete lookalike!!

It was hard to connect Kang Xiaobo and Kang Zhaoming under usual circumstances, but the two had very similar faces, from the forehead, nose, cheeks, mouth They didnt look identical, but they definitely had very similar faces!!

This is bad, Lan Fen thinks hes Kang Zhaoming?? Xinwen was taken aback as well- why were there so many coincidences, a Kang Zhaoming lookalike just had to show up when Lan Fen was thinking of killing herself..?!

Kang Zhaoming? Xiaobo had a guess at what was going on from what Tang Yin and Xinwen were saying- Lan Fen had to have had some sort of past trauma for her to say stuff like that. The name Kang Zhaoming, however, hit his heart like a blade, and Xiaobos face changed. He started breathing heavily as he held his fists tightly. You said she thinks Im Kang Zhaoming?

Yeah, you really look like the guy that dumped Fen!! Are you maybe his relative or something? Xinwen asked, not noticing the expression on Xiaobos face. You need to go hide first!

Relative, huh A ferocious glare flashed in Xiaobos eyes- Kang Xiaoming really was his relative!! He was a grandson from his great grandfathers line, his second cousin.

Whatre you still mumbling about? You gotta hide! Something bad might happen Xinwen said with a frown, not quite catching what Xiaobo had said.

Xiaobos heart turned bitter as his anger grew- had his second cousin abandoned a girl like Lan Fen, to the point she was killing herself for it?

Xiaobo was deep in thought when Lan Fen smiled happily all of a sudden. Zhaoming Bro, Im coming Wait for me

Xinwen, Tang Yin, and Huiping felt a sense of dread- Lan Fen was in an extremely unstable state

Fen Tang Yin called out on instinct when a white shadow started dropping at the ground with alarming speed

FEN!!! Huiping shrieked as Tang Yin and Xinwen stared with wide open, panicked eyes- they didnt expect the girl to jump down so abruptly!!

Lan Fen!!! Xiaobo screamed, charging out like an arrow as he tried to reach Lan Fen before she hit the ground.

Yet he had neither the speed or accuracy to be able to pinpoint where Lan Fen would be landing

Lin Yi sighed as he stepped up and guided Xiaobo to the correct spot No one would think much of his subtle motion, however, since Lin Yi had made sure to make it as unnoticeable as possible. The crowd would just think he wanted to catch Lan Fen, much like what Xiaobo was trying to do.

One had to have a sense for pinpointing locations like that if one wanted to survive enemy ambushes and attacks in a battlefield, after all.

Lin Yi put on a panicked expression, and in an instant, pushed Xiaobos arms out, catching Lan Fen with his own arms as a support. With the speed and height of the drop involved, one had to be a trained professional to be able to catch the target properly- any regular person wouldnt be able to handle the momentum at all, getting their arms dislocated It was pretty easy for a death to happen, too, and Lin Yi had no choice other than helping Xiaobo out this one time.

Lin Yi didnt mind helping him out with the damsel in distress scenario- this was a bro whod kept following him and calling him boss, after all Lin Yi quietly pulled his arms back after Fen was safely in Xiaobos arms.

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With how tense the situation was, itd be pretty hard for Xiaobo to notice the changes that had taken place- hed only think that something was weird after the adrenaline had settled down, but thatd probably be it.

Fen!! Tang Yin, Xinwen, and Huiping called out, charging at Xiaobo and Fen, both relieved and shocked- Xiaobo had managed to catch Fen!!

It was an emergency thatd take even the police and fire department a certain amount of time to get here, but no one had expected Fen to have jumped down after a mere ten minutes!

Fen, are you okay? Dont scare mom!! Are you okay?? Huiping said, the first one to run up and try to pry Fen from Xiaobo, who still held on to her tightly, still full of adrenaline.

After all, his only thought was to catch and hold Fen so that she wouldnt die- it was only natural then that hed continue holding on subconsciously.

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Chapter 195