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Chapter 194 – Girl Who Jumped Off A Roof

Lin Yi, you guys eat first- theres still more in the kitchen! Mrs. Tang said before going back into the kitchen again.

Mom, Ill help you. Tang Yin said, trying to get out of the awkwardness and pressure.

Yin, you have fun with your classmates, get some drinks and talk with them, I can handle the food myself! Mrs. Tang said with a smile. We only have so many people today, you know. Were not in the food street.

Oh Tang Yin said, curling her lips unhappily. She had to eat, drink, and talk with them..?

Xiaobo had been looking forward to the barbeque for a long time, but he had other concerns currently occupying his mind as he glanced at the picture on the bookcase, not paying much attention to the delicious-looking food on the table. Tang Yin, maybe we can invite Liu Xinwen and Lan Fen over to eat?

He put Xinwens name first, but it was something to conceal his true intentions. While he did know Xinwen because they were in the same school, Lan Fen was the focus here.

His blood boiled passionately the moment he had laid eyes on Lan Fen! He knew that Tang Yin was out of his league, but Lan Fen Xiaobo was starting to get pretty serious about her.

Tang Yin frowned, not understanding why Xiaobo was so invested in the people in the picture. Ill eat with them alone sometime. You can come eat now if you want, or you could just sit back.

Xiaobo chuckled dryly at the obstacle. Of course Im eating- it smells amazing.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, had a good idea what Xiaobo was planning- hed glanced at the picture too. Lan Fen was indeed a beauty, but while she wasnt as pretty as Tang Yin, it wasnt a surprise that Xiaobo would be interested in her.

He turned his attention to the food in front of him- he had to say, Mrs. Tang was pretty good at controlling the strength of the fire. That, coupled with the recipe hed given her, and itd be pretty difficult for her business to fail.

He was about to try some when someone pushed the door open. A girl came running in, yelling as she did. Tang Yin!! Fens committing suicide! Shes gonna jump off a roof, you gotta come help me!!

It was Liu Xinwen, Tang Yins best friend. She hadnt paid attention to Lin Yi and Xiaobo the moment shed come in, but came to realize that there were two boys as she finished speaking. Her expression changed, turning a bit ugly especially when she saw Lin Yi Didnt Tang Yin promise her just two days ago that she had nothing to do with Lin Yi? What was the man doing in her own house?!!

Xinwen sighed- the girl had hit her head!! She didnt believe the explanation Tang Yin gave her before anymore, the one about getting on Lin Yis car.

What? Fens committing suicide? Where? Tang Yins heart jumped after hearing Xinwens words, standing up and charging out the house.

On the third floor, their house at the harbor! Xinwen said urgently. We gotta go stop her!

Mrs. Tang came running out the kitchen aswell, wondering what had happened, only hearing the news as she reached the door. She was as stunned as Tang Yin herself was- after all, Lan Fen was a girl Tang Yin had grown up playing with! The two of them were very close friends, even after the horrible thing that had happened

Yet it was something from the past- the news was too abrupt!

Mom, Ill go take a look with Wen Wen!! Tang Yin said, running out with Xinwens hand in hers.

Ah Be careful Mrs. Tang said quickly.

Aunty, whats wrong? Lin Yi asked, confused at the whole suicide thing.

Its Yins good friend, Lan Fen She got hurt some years ago, but I didnt think shed do something like that for it now… Mrs. Tang sighed as she spoke, worried. I cant stay here, I need to go help!

Mrs. Tang hadnt even finished her sentence when Xiaobo shot himself out the house upon hearing Lan Fen, chasing after Xinwen and Tang Yin.

Lin Yi shook her head, not surprised at Xiaobos actions. Lan Fen, huh

Eh? Lin Yi, your friend Mrs. Tang said, not understanding what was up with Xiaobo.

Lin Yi didnt explain anything as he turned to Mrs. Tang. Lets go take a look too, aunty

There were already plenty of people in front of the building by the time Xinwen and Tang Yin got there, unable to push their way into the crowd and not quite sure what to do. Xiaobo caught up as well, a shiver running down his spine as he raised his head up.

There was a girl in a white shirt on the windowsill, windows completely open- it was Lan Fen from the picture! She looked very pale, but still had a soft, gentle beauty about her. Xiaobos heart jumped as he stared at her.

Fen!! Its me, Wen Wen!! Can you hear me?! Xinwen yelled with her hands around her mouth.

Fen, however, didnt seem to hear Xinwen at all, looking off to the distance with empty eyes as she squatted on the third floor windowsill.

Fen, go back down! Its really dangerous!! Tang Yin said, panicking as well.

The citizens from the crowd lived in the slums, and most of them all knew about the soulmate relationship between the three girls, making an opening for Tang Yin and Xinwen to pass through.

They made their way to Lan Fen, bumping into her mother Song Huiping, who had tears in her eyes as she looked at her daughter, trying her best to call out to Lan Fen to no avail.

Aunty Song what happened Tang Yin asked.

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Ah, Tang Yin, Liu Xinwen, you came! Please talk to Fen, I dont know whats gotten into her, she just locked herself up! Her father couldnt get the door open, and hes calling a lockpicker Huiping said worriedly, pinning her last hopes on Tang Yin and Xinwen.

Lin Yi and Xiaobo squeezed their way through as well. Xiaobo had beads of sweat coming down his forehead at that point, seemingly more worried than even Tang Yin and Xinwen were. Boss, what do we do? What do we do?!

Lin Yi didnt answer Xiaobo- he had his eyes on Lan Fen. He had absolute confidence that hed be able to climb up and retrieve her at that height, but itd expose his abilities to everyone watching…

heh…heh…second place all of a sudden…

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