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Chapter 191 – More Enthusiasm

With that, Tang Yin turned around and ran back to her mother, disappearing into the night a moment after

Tang Yin was already long gone by the time Lin Yi snapped back into reality. He sighed as he looked at the faraway figure of Tang Yin- had he fallen in love with this girl..?

Lin Yi didnt know if hed gotten more mature, or if hed gotten more impulsive What he understood, however, was that the question wouldnt have even crossed his mind if this had happened one year ago. Were the peaceful days changing him?

It seemed to be time to have a talk with Old Lin

Boss, whats wrong with you?! Xiaobo said, unable to hold it in any longer as he watched Tang Yin run off. Whatre you daydreaming for, Tang Yin asked you if you wanted to go out with her!! And you were just staring and daydreaming

Xiaobo was clearly very worked up about the whole thing.

She just wanted to know what I wanted, thats it Lin Yi said, shaking his head. Lets go, stop looking.

I dont know what to say, boss, that was a perfect chance and you just let it slip by Xiaobo said with drooped shoulders, as if it was extremely important to him or something.

Therell be more chances. Lin Yi said as he looked at the text hed received- it was from Mengyao, asking what time hed come home.

It seemed that the Miss wasnt as cold as she seemed, and Lin Yi came to understand that as he spent time with the two girls- he was sure at this point that Mengyao was just cold on the outside, and while she did have that rich girl temper, shed actually never genuinely treated Lin Yi like a follower or servant before.

It was also the main reason why Lin Yi continued carrying out the job.

Serving two pretty girls, after all, was a good thing, and Lin Yi understood that- there were plenty of people lining up for a job like this.

He told Mengyao that he was getting home soon, and waited a bit for a reply. He shook his head with a bitter smile when it never came- the Miss was the Miss, after all.

He paid the taxi fare after reaching the villa, and walked to the front door. Li Fu had given him the keys, too, and he didnt need Mengyao or Yushu opening the door for him. He stepped into the house after unlocking the door.

The two had evidently gone upstairs already- there wasntanyone in the living room, and the general was sitting at the foot of the staircase, lowering its head upon seeing Lin Yi enter.r

Lin Yi put down his bag and walked over the the dining area- the girls had eaten the food Li Fu had delivered already.

Ha Lin Yi couldnt hold his smile in as he made his way to the dinner table- the two girls evidently took only a little from each of the dishes for their plates, which were unfinished due to their small appetites.

The girls splitting portions from the start instead of leaving leftovers for Lin Yi was a gesture he appreciated; he didnt know which one of the misses wishes it was, but they seemed to be treating him a lot better.

Chen Yushu He got along well with her, but Lin Yi could only shake his head as he thought about her. The girl would probably put Mengyaos leftovers back in his portion, disguised as untouched food

It had to be Mengyaos wishes, then. Lin Yi appreciated the Miss gesture as he helped himself to his portion.

He washed the containers after finishing, and left the CD on the coffee table in the living room before returning to his room, ready to make a phone call to his old man.

He closed the door shut before dialing Old Lin up Lin Yi wouldnt usually contact him until the mission was over, only telling him that everything was fine after actually completing it.

It was a long while before a somewhat perverted voice answered the phone. Hello?

Old man, Im Yi. Lin Yi said after a moment of silence.

Oh? Yi? How is it, hows the mission coming along? Old Lin said, clearly in the middle of drinking- Lin Yi could even hear him crunching on peanuts in his mouth.

Lin Yi didnt quite know what to say to this old man when he brought up the mission like that. Dude, old man, whats with this mission you gave me? Im just following the Miss every day! You think Im a high-class butler or something?

Youll understand what kind of mission it is after a while. Old Lin said, evidently not interested in talking about the topic too much.

A while? How long is a while? Lin Yi said, preparing the foundations for his next question.

Haha, as long as you want, theres no time limit. Depends on how fast you complete the mission. Old Lin said, not caring at all.

As long as I want? Really? Lin Yi hesitated awhile before voicing his thoughts. Old man I kinda wanna stay here now

Oh? You wanna stay there already? Thats great news! Old Lin said, getting excited. This means the missions going pretty well! Its a good start!

What does that mean? Lin Yi asked, not quite getting what was going on.

Nothing, nothing. As long as you like it- you dont even have to come back anymore . A few years later and Ill go live there too, so you lay the foundations there first, make a couple babies and Ill go there and be a grandpa Old Lin said, seemingly very pleased and even more enthusiastic than even Lin Yi himself.

Ah? Lin Yi was thinking that itd be tough to persuade Old Lin into letting him live a peaceful life, but the old man was straight up telling him to make him grandchildren out of nowhere! Whats with that rushed development, and what did he even mean? Was he telling him to retire?

I say Old man What about the missions after this Lin Yi said, doubting the development. After all, this was a selfish old man whod sent him on dangerous missions for just a bit of cash

Missions? No more missions, this is the last one. Old Lin said. Though, obviously, if you feel like exercising and warming up once in awhile you can always go get some missions if you want

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Uhh Lin Yi was trying to figure out why the old man was saying these things- was he drunk? Hed been troubled as to how to approach the old man with this topic, too After all, it wasnt the kind of life hed been in all his life! Yet the old man was telling him to make babies

Lin Yi sweated at the idea- it was supposed to be a very heavy topic he had to confront, but Okay then, Ill go hit on Tang Yin tomorrow! Lin Yi decided, now that he didnt have to worry too much anymore.

Hed probably go for the two misses at home rather than Tang Yin, though, if they werent girls he wasnt supposed to lay his fingers on. They were already living together, after all.

Anything else? Widow Wangs here right now, and Im chatting with her and reminiscing. Im hanging up alright, bye bye. Old Lin said, hanging up before Lin Yi even gave him an answer.

Lin Yi smiled bitterly as he looked at the phone in his hand- everything seemed like a dream Was his entire life about to be changed from this out of place, odd mission..?

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