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Chapter 188 – Bullying

That wont happen. Lin Yi said calmly. Look at how hot their stand was earlier- they definitely prepared more for tonight, theyre not gonna sell out that fast.

I guess so. Xiaobo said, calming himself down after hearing Lin Yis analysis.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, mainly didnt want Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu seeing him looking for Tang Yin again- he didnt want the Miss accusing him of hitting on girls again. Lin Yi would rather have less trouble to deal with, after all, that was the attitude he approached this with, and also why hed waited for the girls to leave first.

Lin Yi glanced at the street not far away from him, sighing in relief internally after seeing that Li Fus Bentley wasnt there. With that, he left for the food street along with Xiaobo beside him.

Eh? Seriously? Look, boss- look at how many people there are!! Xiaobo said, stunned as he pointed in the direction of Mrs. Tangs stand. Did the customers of other stands go to the Tangs too?

Lin Yi frowned as he spotted many vendors surrounding Mrs. Tangs barbeque stand- Lin Yi clearly didnt think they were Mrs. Tangs customers.

Tang Yin might be in trouble- lets go take a look. Lin Yi said, quickening his steps.

They heard a man yelling as they neared the place. I say, missus!! Isnt this a little too much? Were all from the same food street, whatre you doing is taking our jobs from us!!

It was Zhang Biaogan speaking, pissed enough already from the explosion in popularity Tang Barbeque enjoyed earlier in the afternoon. Displeased with his loss of customers, he had decided to cause Mrs. Tang trouble with some fellow barbeque related vendors that night.

From what Biaogan could see, Mrs. Tang was no different from a widow, with a man sick and bedridden and basically dead- they were a weak family to begin with, and it should be pretty easy to scare her with just some yelling.

Were not looking for any trouble, mister Were not stealing any customers Mrs. Tang said, a little frightened at the people with Biaogan. The other vendors around them didnt look like theyd be helping her anytime soon, either.

Not stealing any customers?? Who were we supposed to sell our food to when all the students went to your stand?! A woman in charge of another barbeque stand called out. How is this not stealing customers?? Will it be stealing customers when all of us starve to death??

Thats right!! Youre selling more than all of us combined!! Youre basically killing us off! Another voice sounded, coming from a skinny male vendor.

I Mrs. Tang wasnt sure what to do- she hadnt expected that shed be pissing this many people off with better sales.

Stealing your customers? My mothers doing business legally and properly! Tang Yin said, frustrated as she stood up for her mother. The customers come to our stand because our food tastes good, is that our fault? You guys want better business, you can improve your recipes too!!

Well said, little girl! Biaogan said with a chuckle. We wanna improve our recipes too- now that you said it well take you up on that offer! Give us your recipe, let us all learn from it and well let things slide!

Its my familys recipe, why on earth should we give it to you? Tang Yin said, not expecting Biaogan to be this unreasonable, going as far as to ask for their recipe! Her family would lose all their advantage if they did that!

Why on earth? Because you stole our customers! Its for the communal good! Dont you guys agree? Biaogan said, turning to the vendors who came with him.

Thats right! Giving us the recipe lets us all be better off! Its not a good thing to hog everything to yourself! The barbeque woman said.

Its fine if you dont want to- either that or you change the recipe back to your old one, and we earn less together! The skinny man said shadily.

What if we dont give or change the recipe? Tang Yin said, so pissed off that tears might start welling up soon- this was bullying! Where was the justice? How could a bunch of people just gang up on her and her mom like this?

Not giving or changing the recipe? Biaogan chuckled coldly. Then youll have to stop setting up your stand here!

You-! Tang Yins tears were welling up at that point- these guys were trying to force them out!

Yin Mrs. Tang embraced her daughter, worried that she might do something shed regret in the heat of the moment. She raised a trembling finger at Biaogan. You Youre all bullying us because we dont have a man in the family? What kind of people are you, picking on a mother and daughter like this!

Mrs. Tang reckoned that the they wouldnt be this cocky if her husband wasnt bedridden.

Dont say it like that- this is for the communal good. Biaogan had actually confronted the Tangs because of that fact- he was completely aware of their situation, after all.

Mrs. Tang was pretty frustrated herself as she held her daughter in her arms- all she wanted to do was do business and earn some money, was that too much to ask? Werent these people being too absurd, bullying them because their business was good?

Tang Yin, on the other hand, resented that she wasnt a man- these people wouldnt be acting so cocky if she were! She looked at the other vendors who were only interested in watching, and Tang Yin couldnt help but fall into despair

Theyd just seen a new glimmer of hope in dire times, too

Communal good my ass!! Lin Yi said as he pushed the crowd aside, charging right at Biaogan- the guy was too much!! What did he think he was doing, bullying the two women like that? Didnt he know they were under his protection?

The vendors Lin Yi had pushed aside were just about to yell at him when they saw his face, shutting their mouths instantly- it was the new Big Four from Songshans First School!! He was someone even a tyrant like Zou Ruoming feared, leaving without uttering a single word after hed slapped him across the face!

Lin Yi held Biaogans collar from behind and pulled him up. Youre the leader, right?

Who the fu- Biaogan was about to curse at the dude pulling his collar when he saw Lin Yis face, freezing instantly with wide eys.

After all, Lin Yi had left a strong impression for him- only a true monster could get Zou Ruoming cowering away with a single slap!!

Biaogan used to be a seafood vendor when Ruoming got a stomachache from his food, thrashing his stand the second day and even put him in bed for a couple of days! He never sold seafood again, switching to barbeque instead when his injury healed up His fear towards Ruoming was quite an extreme one.

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It was a well known fact that Ruomings brother was a gangster in the northern side of the city, and the thought of revenge never even crossed Biaogans mind after learning that. It wasnt a difficult thing in the slightest for Ruoming to destroy him.

Yet even Ruoming feared this Lin Yi, who was right in front of him looking to mess him up!!! Biaogan was that much away from pissing his pants- if this man could beat Ruoming with no effort at all, then wouldnt it be even more of a breeze for him to beat him up?

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