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Chapter 175 – Lin Yi’s Search

Your sis-in-law..? Are you- who? Whos your brother? The captains sister? Lingshan didnt know what was even going on at this point.

I call Yang Huaijun Jun Bro. Lin Yi said with a smile.

You call him Jun Bro Lingshan blinked as she realized what Lin Yi was talking about- so he called Huaijun Jun Bro because he was his brother? Didnt that make him Huaijuns younger brother?

Lingshans face reddened. Whats wrong with you! Ill kick you out!!

It had been a long time since anyone had teased and messed with her like that- Lin Yi was the first, and it wasnt the first time hed done it to her! Lingshan couldnt believe what she was putting up with, did god send this man down just for the sake of messing with her?

Look, Miss Song, Im just saying- this thing about Jun Bro and me isnt something I can just tell anyone about. Those are the only two options if you wanna know. Focus on driving if you dont like that! Lin Yi was joking, but it was one way to stop her from probing. He couldnt guarantee that he wouldnt let anything slip out by accident, after all, and itd be better if they put the topic behind them.

Alright, stop with your excuses! Dont tell me anything if you dont want to! Lingshan said with a hmph as she continued driving, closing in on the forest. She stopped the car at the foot of the mountain.

The police had blocked off the entrance at the foot, and some of the officers on duty made their way to Song Lingshans car upon seeing it.

Lingshan got out of the car with Lin Yi as she greeted the officers.

Captain Song! A police officer greeted after a salute.

Whats the situation up there? Did anything happen? Lingshan asked.

No. The officer replied, shaking his head. No ones come up or down the mountain!

Alright, Ill go up there for a look. Lingshan said, not too positive that shed be discovering anything new.

Are you going up yourself, Captain? The officer said as he glanced curiously at Lin Yi Could this perhaps be the legendary boyfriend hed heard about? The one Lingshan had been so excited to service at the hospital?

Hmm The officer sized Lin Yi up before nodding to himself- the young man was a nice-looking boyfriend, but what was the captain planning on doing with him alone in the mountain? There were still criminals up there, it wasnt a place for a date!

Im going up with Lin Yi. Lingshan said as she pointed at Lin Yi.

I knew it! The officer made sure to remember the boyfriends name- it was pretty much certain at this point. Yet one question lingered: what exactly were those two planning to do up there?

Then Please be careful, captain. Do you need some men to follow you up there? The officer said, still worried for Lingshan. She was still a woman, after all, vice-captain or not.

No need for that. Lingshan said, rejecting the suggestion. Lin Yi said that just the two of them were enough already, after all Itd pretty much be losing to him if Lingshan brought men up with them at this point.

The officer recognized the captains insistence, and stepped aside as he watched the couple make their way up the mountain.

Your teammates seem to care a lot about you. Lin Yi said, surprised. Youve a pretty good reputation in the police force, huh?

What do you think? Lingshan said, rolling her eyes. After all, Im the number one female fighter in free-combat, in the whole state!

With that, Lingshan puffed her chest up with pride- it was evidently an honor she thought highly of.

Yeah. Youre number one in something else too. Lin Yi commented with a grin as he looked at Lingshans puffed up breasts.

Wha-?! Lin Yi, are you out of your mind?!! Lingshan said, clearly understanding what Lin Yi was talking about with that lecherous gaze and dirty smile on his face.

You may be the best female fighter, but that doesnt guarantee that youll be able to take down men. Lin Yi said, shaking his head. At least, I dont think youre a match for Yang Huaijun.

So what? Im not on the same level as the captain, yes, but handling you itll be so one-sided itll look like Im playing with you! Lingshan said with a disdainful glance at LIn Yi. You can look down me all you want, but youll have to be stronger than me first.

Ah Lin Yi shrugged at the words. Lets test that out sometime.

Sure, Ill make sure you admit it when I beat you. Lingshan said as she curled her lips, naturally not thinking much of Lin Yis combat capabilities.

Lin Yi then started to look around when they got up the mountain, darting his eyes around as he walked about. Lingshan, on the other hand, wondered what the hell the guy was even doing! She had been following him the first couple times he walked around, but Lin Yi kept doing the same thing!

The guy didnt look coordinated one bit- it looked like he was just moving around with no purpose whatsoever, and Lingshan simply couldnt take it anymore. Lin Yi was even back-treading the paths hed walked on before- could he be messing with her again?

What exactly are you doing? Are you even looking for the suspects, whyre you walking around like that? Lingshan said, suddenly stopping in her tracks.

I am. Lin Yi frowned slightly. Dont interrupt if you dont get what Im doing, alright? If you want me to help then shut up and follow. If not, Ill leave.

You. Alright, fine! Do it your way, I wont interrupt!! Lingshan said, quite pissed off at Lin Yi. It was just a question, what was he doing, scolding her like that? Hmph, fine! Lingshan decided that shed see if Lin Yi walking around would actually lead to the suspects If not, shell show him what she was made of, since the guy suggested a duel and everything earlier.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, wasnt interested in what Lingshan was thinking about- he was focusing on the changes taking place in the jade, even if he had no guarantee that itd warn him when he neared the suspects.

After all, the enemies he located with the jade in the warzones had much deeper malice towards him, wishing that theyd get the chance to kill Lin Yi off. These suspects, on the other hand, didnt have quite the same level of beef with him.

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Lingshan held her frustrations down as she followed Lin Yi, who as far as she was concerned, was still walking around aimlessly. She decided that shed let all that frustration out in one blow if Lin Yi admitted to not finding anything.

Lingshan was even starting to wonder why the captain recommended a guy like him to her in the first place! Lingshan wasnt as capable as Huaijun in this aspect of police work, but she had proper recon knowledge and methods under her belt!

Shed been a special ops instructor for so long, after all! She may have only specialized in hand-to-hand combat, but she had adequate recon knowledge as well! Lin Yi seemed to be walking around in a random pattern, completely different from anything she knew about reconnaissance! It looked like he was waiting for a miracle to take place!

She was in the middle of her thoughts when she noticed Lin Yi walking towards a cliff, a dead end. Hey, whatre you doing? Thats the edge, its a dead end!

Lin Yi only quickened his steps, no intention of replying whatsoever.

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