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Chapter 174 – Sister and Sis-In-Law

Scared?!! Of course not!!! Lingshan announced, taking the bait even when she knew Lin Yi said it for the sake of goading her, simply because of how irritating his words were!

Lingshan had been a special ops instructor, and it was only natural that she was unafraid. After all, shed be able to get herself out of a tight spot no matter how bad it was. As for Lin Yi Heh heh if you insist!

As far as Lingshan was concerned, Lin Yi still had quite some distance to go before he reached her level- the guy had some good moves, but hed never been through professional training, nor had he had any life-or-death experiences in the past! It went without saying that Lin Yi should be the one worrying instead of Lingshan.

Kay. Lets go then. Lin Yi said, ignoring Lingshans violent reaction to his taunt.

Lingshan, on the other hand, wasnt expecting the lack of reaction from Lin Yi, feeling her words werent really getting to him at all. Couldnt the guy have at least acknowledged her proclamation or something? Couldnt he have praised her courage a little bit?

According to the footage we got from central city management, weve enough grounds to confirm that the suspects have hidden themselves in that mountain forest. Lingshan explained as she pressed her anger down. Weve also located their vehicle nearby, and discovered the corpses of Baldy and Ma Laoliu in that abandoned warehouse over there the suspects have a large amount of cash with them, meaning that theyll get discovered by the inspection stops if they attempt to leave the area. We came to a conclusion that theyd remain in their hiding spots if the money is of great importance to them.

Okay, so youre saying theyll be able to get away if they throw the money away? Lin Yi asked with a nod.

…… Yes, you can put it that way. Lingshan said. Although, if we do manage to retrieve the cash they leave behind, the case would be more or less half-solved, and itd be easier on the burdens my side is shouldering.

I can look for the people if theyre still here, but the cash Youre not expecting me to find it for you, are you? You think Im a police hound? Lin Yi said, rolling his eyes. Ah, your captain calls himself a hound right? You can ask him to give that a try-

The car screeched into a violent stop on the roadside, and both Lin Yi and Lingshans body lunged forward from the sudden stop.

Whats wrong with you? Lin Yi frowned, not expecting Lingshan to react that violently.

Do not insult the captain!! Do it again, and Ill have to ask you to get off!! Lingshan ordered, her eyes burning as she glared right at Lin Yi as if she wanted to pounce on him for lunch. Quite fitting for the lioness description Lin Yi had had for her.

Thats what this is? Lin Yi wasnt sure what to say- he hadnt expected her to be this protective of Huaijun! Could she perhaps be in love with him?

Do you like Yang Huaijun? Lin Yi asked.

Please dont taint the purity of our relationship- we think of each other as brother and sister!! Lingshan corrected solemnly. Dont use your filthy imagination on this- Im protective because of my respect and admiration towards him, alright? Hes like my mentor, he cared for me, supported me, taught me he watched me grow

Ah Lin Yi smiled faintly. Then would you get mad if Huaijun called you a hound?

Ah? Me? Lingshan blinked in surprise, not expecting that question out of nowhere. She shook her head in response, answering honestly. Why would I? Huaijuns practically my teacher- its perfectly natural for him to joke with me like that.

Ah Lin Yi left it at that- itd been the same when Huaijun first joined his special ops team, too: their relationship had that same purity Lingshan was talking about. Hed watched the guy grow, and his bond with Huaijun went far deeper than even the one Lingshan had formed with him. The type of friendship formed in a setting like that was irreplaceable.

As a result, Huaijun would take Lin Yis scolding with a smile even if he pointed at his nose while doing so. While Lin Yi stood up for his teammates in front of outsiders, he hadnt been one to go easy on them when lecturing or scolding. He even remembered the badass Yang Huaijun getting scolded into crying by his new captain, a boy younger than he was

Naturally, this wasnt something Lin Yi could reveal to Lingshan.

Alright, I get it- I wont say something like that again. Lin Yi nodded. But you can ask Huaijun later if you want He doesnt…mind.

? Lingshan blinked, not quite understanding what Lin Yi was trying to say. Her profession had made her more sensitive, and had long had suspicions regarding the relationship between Huaijun and Lin Yi It seemed that there was some sort of unspeakable secret bonding the two, but she didnt think it was her place to investigate or ask about that- after all, Huaijun was the man she respected the most. She also had absolute faith in Huaijuns character- hed never associate himself with bad people.

Yet it seemed to her that there really was something between Lin Yi and the captain, something she didnt understand. It intrigued her, and while she couldnt just ask the captain, itd be fine if she asked Lin Yi about it She was quite confident that shed be able to get something out of Lin Yi

I mightve overreacted. Lingshan said as she started the car again, her face warming up from the coldness shed displayed earlier. So Lin Yi Do you and the captain know each other? Lingshan prodded.

I guess, but its been so long I dont really remember it anymore. I probably wouldnt have recognized him if he hadnt called me out that day. Lin Yi was explaining the situation really calmly, but it was an explanation Lingshan would never believe.

Dont remember? Lingshan remembered the captain to be happier than when breaking a tough case the moment hed recognized Lin Yi!! Lin Yis explanation simply made no sense- the captains joy came directly from his heart, and it was evidently intense enough for incoherent sentences to be coming out from his mouth!

Is that so? How did the two of you meet? Lingshan asked, continuing her questioning.

Didnt your superiors teach you not to ask questions you shouldnt be asking? I heard you used to be a special ops instructor- where are your manners, you know? Lin Yi said, sealing off all of Lingshans questions instantly. Confidentiality, right?

…… Lingshan was speechless- what confidentiality? The guy wasnt even part of the police force, nor was he part of the army! What was there to keep confidential about? It wasnt that serious to just talk about how hed met Huaijun, even if he did turn out to be a police force captain, was it?

Fine, if you dont wanna talk about it!! Lingshan said, playing into Lin Yis hands again. Its not even an operation or anything, I dont know what youre being so secretive over.

Well, Ill tell you if you become my sis-in-law, or Huaijuns sister. Lin Yi said, smiling as he looked at Lingshan.

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(in case u dont remember the chinese call the wife or gf of their bros (close-friends) sis-in-law)

??? Lingshan didnt know what was going on anymore. Sis-in-law? Sister?? What the hell was Lin Yi saying, who was he even talking about?!

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Chapter 174