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Chapter 173 – Yep

Tang Yin turned her head back at Lin Yi helplessly. My mom asked you to bring your friend to our house this weekend.

Uh your house? Lin Yi blinked. For what?

I dont know, okay! Tang Yin blurted. She then remembered that Lin Yi might come to her class asking for details, and decided to explain herself. My mom wants to treat you two to barbeque.

With that, she darted off to school without so much as looking back at the confused Lin Yi. Dude, wheres your house?

Lin Yi knew the slums Tang Yin lived in, but it was a large area- who would know where her house was?

Lin Yi had a guess as to why her mother wanted to treat Xiaobo and him to barbeque, though- the recipe hed given her was probably a success, and she wanted to thank him for it.

Hah Lin Yi shook his head before closing the door to wait for Song Lingshan to arrive.

It was around half an hour later before Lingshan contacted him. Lin Yi, your deans pretty easy going- he gave you a leave without asking anything? Where are you?

The food street behind the school. Lin Yi said, thinking that it was only natural for Wang Zhifeng to be so easy going when he had his secret in his hands. Lingshan probably told him why she was looking for Lin Yi in the first place, too.

Alright, be right there. Lingshan said before hanging up. It was another ten minutes before Lin Yi saw a Liebro with SG at the beginning of the licence plate- it was a header police personnel used for civilian vehicles, albeit a method widely known by the public. As such, there wasnt really a difference between a police car and a car with SG on their licence plates. A lot of the authorities who registered for such a licence plate even found themselves receiving special treatment.

(SG for Song (Songshan) G)

Lingshan couldnt see Lin Yi anywhere, save for a yellow Beetle parked on the side of the road. She was just about to call him when Lin Yi stepped out of his car, heading her way.

Your car? Lingshan asked, surprised. From what shed investigated, Lin Yi was a bodyguard Chu Pengzhan hired for protecting Chu Mengyao- it was likely that hed have a car assigned to him, but it wasnt very possible that itd be a car like that It didnt match Lin Yis identity as a bodyguard, after all.

Its Chen Yushus. Shes lending it to me for a few days. Lin Yi said candidly. Lingshan could just check who the owner was if she really wanted to, after all.

I see. Get in then. Lingshan said, pointing to the front seat.

Lin Yi got in Lingshans car, and the two made their way to the police station.

Lingshan noticed Lin Yis silence after driving a while, and frowned. Arent you planning on saying anything?

Say what? Lin Yi asked, turning around as he sized the girls body up while he was at it. Werent you the one who asked for me? How come Im the one whos supposed to talk? Oh I mean, that wound on my legs healed up, so Im not afraid anymore- you can squeeze my thigh all you want.

You-!! Lingshan couldnt believe it! Why did the captain even recommend this guy, did he not know how shameless he was? Lingshan couldnt help but curse at Lin Yi after he went and reminded her of that scene in the hospital. You gangster!!

Yep. Lin Yi said faintly, closing his eyes as he eased his back into the seat.

….. Lingshan didnt know what to say to the guy anymore- hed made her absolutely speechless. It was a while before she spoke up again. You can find the suspects from the robbery for me?

Youre asking me if I can after Im in your car already? Lin Yi said, curling his lips. I dont get how you went through all those promotions with that brain of yours? Youre such a numbskull.

(lin yi uses a term here that has different interpretations)

Lingshan was that much away from ramming the car into a wall- this Lin Yi was so insulting! It was true that she was a bit reckless from time to time, always throwing herself in the front lines every time they were pursuing suspects, but didnt that count as a heroic characteristic? Although, Captain Yang did mention her problem to her before, that the leader of the squad shouldnt be charging to the front without consideration for her teammates and playing hero Lingshan simply wasnt one to think about stuff like that.

It was the same as a medieval war- the general couldnt just charge to the front like that It was different if the general was so epic itd boost the morale of the entire army, but theyd basically be done for should the general meet a sudden end because of the exposure he put himself in.

Lingshan understood that, and fortunately for her, nothing too bad had happened to them because of her heroism, and that gave her time to correct her ways.

Yet Lingshan had misunderstood what Lin Yi meant- he wasnt talking about her heroism during operations. The way he saw it, itd made more sense for him to take the enemies out on his own if he were confident enough to handle all of that solo. After all, there was no need for pointless sacrifices to take place if he could prevent that.

He was talking about how Lingshan wasnt very good with details, like how she failed to notice his leg injury the first time theyd met She even went and pressed on his wound after learning about it, too!

Okay then I hope well be able to apprehend those suspects under the guidance of Master Lin Lingshan said through gritted teeth, thinking that shed deal with Lin Yi if he failed to deliver.

Yeah Ill try. Lin Yi nodded. I cant guarantee anything though.

…… Lingshan wanted to kick Lin Yi out of the car at that point. What was he showing off for if he couldnt guarantee anything?

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Where are we headed? Lin Yi asked suddenly.

Police station, to discuss our approach. Lingshan explained.

No need for that. Lets go to your search area. Lin Yi said, shaking his head. He knew his abilities best himself- itd make no difference if they talked about it not not; hed be able to sense their presence if the suspects really were in that area. After all, discussions would be a waste of time if they werent there in the first place.

Huh?!! Lingshan exclaimed, stunned. Just the two of us?

Are you scared? Lin Yi asked as he looked at Lingshan, not wanting too many people to know about his abilities. The only reason he was helping Lingshan in the first place, after all, was because of Huaijuns involvement. He didnt need to explain his relationship with Huaijun to Lingshan, but he wouldnt reject the girl if Huaijun was the one whod recommended Lin Yi to her. On the other hand, Lin Yi himself was looking to dig the suspects out- there was no reason to hold back now that things had gone south with Li Cihua.

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