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Chapter 167 – Two Unlucky Masters

Doing stuff without leaving evidence, after all, wasnt something beyond Lin Yis capabilities. Cihua would probably be crying in regret at his loss soon.

Two sad, unlucky golden class masters, dead just like that

The SUV sped up abruptly when it was twenty meters away, and Lin Yi could even see Li Yao and Wang Long with perverted smiles on their face, clearly very excited of what they were about to do to him. To Lin Yi, however, the smiles were a temporary bliss the two shared, a bliss that would end very soon

Ha Lin Yi started smiling as well, albeit a darker one than the ones the two masters had on their faces

Whats the kid laughing for? Li Yao asked, confused as he subconsciously applied more pressure to the gas pedal, despite it being pressed to its limit already.

Who knows?! Just hit him! Zhang Long said, getting a little uncomfortable with how Lin Yi was smiling at them.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, acted as if the two werent speeding up at all, standing his ground in the middle of the road the way a brave warrior awaiting an honorable death would.

HEH!! Li Yaos smile grew wider- they were an instant away from splattering Lin Yi!

Lin Yi twisted his side violently to his right, throwing himself to the side Li Yaos driver seat was at before sending a kick at the left wheel

The tire exploded instantly with a bang, and the car lost its balance as it swerved to the right, curving around Lin Yis still figure before ramming the fence and plummeting down the hill

The SUV spun in the air a couple times before hitting the bottom, and an orange explosion flashed

Lin Yi took a look down the hill. He waited a while for the people inside to appear, only turning to leave when the car was burnt to scraps.

Naturally, he pushed in the piece of blade poking out from the front of his shoe before walking away.

He had a great deal of power behind his kicks, but even he didnt have any guarantee of bursting the tire instantly. Utilizing an outside weapon was the best course of action.

Lin Yis shoes were always equipped with hidden blades, something hed done on a whim after watching the Detective Conan anime a while ago. It wasnt too useful, but it had its uses under certain circumstances.

His puncturing of the tire, for example, required only him to maintain balance for the tire to be destroyed smoothly and successfully.

Naturally, only Lin Yi would attempt stunts as dangerous as that- any regular human wouldve probably ruined their leg if their balance wasnt good enough.

Two golden class masters- one at the early phase and one at the late phase They were masters among masters in Songshan, the highest pinnacle. It was truly a little too tragic for them to die just like that.

Lin Yi sighed as he looked at the burning remnants of the SUV, shaking his head. He wondered what emotions Cihua would be feeling when he found out about his masters dead in a car crash like that.

The thing thatd irritate him the most would most likely be his inability to prove Lin Yis involvement- this mustve been what Cihua was talking about when he talked about fights between members of the upper society. Hed be unable to prove that it was Lin YI without proper evidence.

Although, Lin Yi would make himself look as oblivious as possible should Cihua come looking for him- hed give him the idea that the two dudes had died from the punctured tire, out of bad luck. Thatd trouble him pretty well.

Lin Yi got in Yushus Beetle, and started making his way to the villa.

It wasnt a very well-maintained road, and there werent any lights lighting the area up- that resulted in a lack of cars on the road. Lin Yi hadnt even seen a single one the whole time he had been driving, and he shouldnt have to worry about any witnesses at all.

He saw the villas lights all lit up by the time he returned. He parked the car in Mengyaos garage instead of Yushus, thinking that Yushu wouldnt mind. He needed a car to drive around in for the time being, after all.

The villas door opened- someone mustve heard him parking the car.

It wasnt Mengyao or Yushu, but Li Fu.

Welcome back, Mister Lin. Li Fu said with a nod.

Uncle Fu. Still here? Lin Yi wasnt sure why Li Fu hadnt left the villa yet- it had to be almost an hour he used for the two golden class masters.

Li Fu wouldve left right after getting the girls home, under normal circumstances.

Mister Chus here as well. Please, come in. Li Fu said.

Oh? Uncle Chus here? Lin Yi said, not expecting Chu Pengzhan to be in the villa this late.

He followed Li Fu into the house, and saw Mengyao and Yushu sitting on the sofa with lowered heads like two good little girls. Chu Pengzhan seemed to be lecturing them with a solemn face, only squeezing out a smile for Lin Yi when he noticed him. Yi, youre here! Sit, sit!

Mengyao glanced at Lin Yi sulkingly- Yushu was right, her father was treating Lin Yi way too nicely that it was starting to look a bit absurd! Giving Lin Yi a big smile and Mengyao an angry face plus lecture right after seeing them? What was with that?

Shed really have thought that Lin Yi was Pengzhans son if she didnt know her father well enough.

She wouldnt have went drinking if Lin Yi hadnt put her in a bad mood in the first place! And she never even drank any!!

Her fathers attitude towards Lin Yi was a hundred and eighty degrees from the attitude he treated Mengyao with, and Mengyao wasnt quite sure what her father was even thinking! The guy was a big playboy!! She wondered if her father would still treat Lin Yi this well if he ever found out about his hooking up with that bar woman and that beauty at school

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It was, naturally, just a thought- she wasnt in a position to be saying stuff like that, and itd be too embarrassing for her in the first place.

Thank you for the trouble, Yi. Its a good thing you were around tonight. Pengzhan said with a smile.

Its nothing, Uncle Chu. Lin Yi smiled. I didnt do much.

These two havent been very good girls I haven’t been giving Elder Chens daughter a very proper upbringing, too, after hed entrusted her to me Pengzhan said. Who knows what mightve happened if you werent with them tonight.

Ah, actually, Uncle Chu, what happened tonight wasnt Mengyao and Yushus fault. Lin Yi said, thinking hed give Pengzhan an explanation after a look at Mengyaos sulking face and Yushus nonchalant one.

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