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Chapter 163 – Lin Yi’s Golden Finger

Mengyao wasnt stupid- the conversation Lin Yi had on the phone was more than enough for her to understand that situation. These people were coming straight at her.

Miss Chu, I need to be responsible for your safety. Lin Yi said, his face completely solemn now. Ill be worried if it isnt Uncle Fu sending you home safely.

But Mengyao didnt think Lin Yi would reject her so coldly after she went and apologized to him, with her head lowered and everything but Lin Yi

She was frustrated, but also understood that Lin Yi was doing this for their safeties. She stomped her foot lightly as she held back from throwing a retort at Lin Yi.

Shed have openly voiced her displeasure in any other circumstance, asking Lin Yi what more he wanted even after shed went and lowered her head for him. She wouldnt have asked for a gigolo if Lin Yi hadnt flirted with an aunty in the first place!!

Without anyone realizing, Jingyi had become an aunty in Mengyaos eyes.

Lin Yi dialed Li Fu, and told him where they were before hanging up.

Yushu stuck her tongue out lightly. Shield Bro, its actually me and Yao Yaos first time at a bar

Ah… Well, there’s something wrong with this bar. Go to another one next time. Lin Yi nodded, not minding Mengyao and Yushus interest in bars. It was rare enough as it was for it to be the first time, especially for rich girls like them. As for the gigolo Lin Yi wasnt quite sure how to respond to that.

In actuality, both Mengyao and Yushu had good hearts- Miss Chu was a little prideful, cold on the outside and passionate on the inside. Little Miss Chen, on the other hand, was a complete troublemaker, but also very easygoing as well.

Lin Yi treated their relationship as more than employee and employer at this point- theyd hung out long enough, after all.

Yushu blinked in surprise at Lin Yis words telling them that they could go to a bar again. He didnt seem angry about what theyve done at all! Shield Bro, arent you mad?

Why would I be mad? Lin Yi laughed. You two rest earlier when you get home- I still have stuff to do here. Dont wait up.

Kay. Be careful. Yushu said with a nod.

The casual conversation Lin Yi and Yushu were having was a little painful to Mengyao- why was it that he and Shu got along so well, and why did there seem to be something separating Lin Yi and her?

Why did she even care whether they got along well in the first place? He was just a follower her father hired, and he had to listen to her commands even if they didnt get along What was she hurting for?

Li Fu reached the bar quickly, with a couple men following behind him. Lin Yi could tell that they were fighters, albeit ones who only practiced physical kungfu, not too strong. They were enough for handling regular people, but practitioners like that exquisite guy from earlier was not yet someone people of their level could take on.

Mister Lin. I apologize for the trouble. Li Fu said with a nod. Arent you returning with us?

I still have something to take care of here. Lin Yi said. Get them home first, Uncle Fu- Ill talk to Uncle Chu about this whole thing when I can.

Alright. Li Fu left it at that, and left with Mengyao and Yushu. He understood the gravity of the situation- Lin Yi wouldnt have requested for him to get the girls home unless he absolutely had to.

Lin Yi obviously had something pressing to deal with, and Li Fu wasnt in a very good position to be asking too many questions about that.

Lin Yi watched as they left before standing up. He walked in the direction the exquisite man had left in, and saw a common-looking man waiting for him with the exquisite man past the bar.

Mister Lin, Im Su Jiaonang, the manager of this bar. Im extremely sorry for everything earlier The normal looking man said as he walked to Lin Yi.

Cut the crap. Where is Li Cihua? Lin Yi interrupted, absolutely uninterested in the mans bullshit.

Jiaonangs face reddened slightly at Lin Yis interruption, but regained his composure an instant later. Please follow me, Mister Lin.

After all, this person was someone the boss wanted to talk to, and even Li Yao, the exquisite man, had said that Lin Yi wasnt below him in terms of ability. Itd wise to tread lightly with people like that.

Jiaonang opened the door and gestured. Please enter, Mister Lin. The boss is waiting for you inside.

Lin Yi walked into the room directly to see a man with a belly inside. There was a skinny man behind him, with looks so common that no one would pay any attention to him. He was the type that become virtually invisible in a crowd.

Lin Yis face tensed as he sensed the energy flow within this skinny man it was slightly above his own From the looks of it, he was at the peak late phase of the golden class

Elder Jiao, I can feel their energy flows, but can they feel mine? Lin Yi asked internally, suddenly thinking of a very important question: did this go both ways?

Doesnt sound possible. Elder Jiao said faintly. They absorb energy differently than you do, theirs is called pure qi. Different types of training results in different pure qis, and it could only be used by the practitioner his or herself. It cant be transferred to other people, while the energy inside of you is universal

I see. So in other words, the energy inside me can be transferred into the pure qi they need, right? Lin Yi asked.

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In theory. Elder Jiao said, pleased that Lin Yi learned quickly. Its also why they cant feel your flow while you can feel theirs.

Lin Yi was both pleased and surprised at the answer- it seemed that he could be a wolf in sheeps clothing all he wanted from now on This must be his golden finger! Hed be able to judge his opponents strength beforehand, and escape if he deemed the enemy too much for him to handle!

(golden finger in chinese novels usually means like a cheat for the MC, or something you have that gives u a big advantage. Something like that.)

Lin Yi only laid his eyes on the skinny man for an instant, and the skinny man smiled at him faintly. As far as he was concerned, Lin Yi was at the peak early phase of the golden class. Hed also concealed his presence, and Lin Yi shouldnt have been able to sense how powerful he was at all.

The skinny man assumed that Lin Yi had just looked at him out of curiosity, as a result.

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Chapter 163