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Chapter 156 – Who Was This Guy?

Not bad, brother! Youve got a couple tricks up your sleeve! Chentian said as he gave Lin Yi some pats. Youve opened my eyes a little today- Im sure well meet again.

Ha A nonchalant smile traced Lin Yis lips as he looked at Chentian. Ive got plenty- You can open your eyes at them all you want.

Jingyi frowned as she watched. She wanted to warn Lin Yi about Chentian, but wasnt quite sure if that was something she was supposed to do. Their families were closely tied, after all, and it wouldnt look good for her if their elders heard about Jingyi going against Chentian in public, helping an outsider instead.

She was in a difficult position: she didnt want anything bad for Lin Yi, but wasnt sure if Chentian was actually doing anything to him in the first place.

Wu Chentian hmphed, exiting the bar swiftly without thinking too much of Lin Yis words- hed accomplished his objective, and there wasnt any point in staying there any longer. He was planning to have Lin Yis background investigated on, make his move after getting a clear grasp of what he was dealing with.

He pulled out a wallet and opened it up for a look- there was only a thousand and eight kuai in there, and that was it! There wasnt even an IC inside!

Hes just a poor fucking boy!! Chentian cursed- hed planned to have a look at Lin Yis IC and the address on there, but that didnt seem possible anymore.

A wallet like this was probably only worth a couple of kuai, bought from a street vendor or something! He looked at the workmanship and material of the wallet, speechless. Was Jingyi seriously in a relationship with a guy like this? Why would Jingyi be interested in someone this poor, did she perhaps get a colleague to put on an act for her last minute?

The wallet, naturally, belonged to Lin Yi- Chentian had managed to pickpocket it from Lin Yis pocket after distracting him with pats and words.

The iron hand kungfu of House Wu made pickpocketing a breeze, as much of a waste of kungfu that might be.

Here, a tip! Chentian said, pulling a stack of cash from Lin Yis wallet for the employee at the door. Remember my name- its Lin Yi.

Thank you, Lin Bro! Thank you! The employee thanked as he received the tip, stunned. While there were plenty wealthy customers visiting the bar, door holder employees like him would be considering themselves lucky already if they got a fifty or hundred kuai tip. They werent barmaids or private room workers, after all.

Chentians a thousand and eight, as a result, was overwhelming, to the point where the employee started bowing in gratitude.

Heh heh Chentian was feeling better already. Ah, Lin Yi Lets see how you pay for your girl later. Itd be pretty embarrassing if you needed the girl to be paying for you Heh

Chentians troubles were pretty much swept away as he fantasized the position Lin Yi would soon be in. He whistled happily as he stopped a taxi, since hed just gotten back to Songshan and all- he didnt have a car yet.

He tossed the wallet onto the ground, naturally dismissive of the money- that kind of amount was nothing to a man like him. As for the tip hed given to the employee It was just a little something he did for fun, something to disgust Lin Yi with.

Jingyi waited until Chentian had left before turning to look at Lin Yi, her eyes somewhat apologetic. You should check your pockets, see if somethings missing

Missing? Lin Yi looked at Jingyi, thinking that she wasnt all bad. He decided to put on an oblivious look, and pretend he didnt know what had happened. What do you mean?

Like a wallet or something. Jingyi said. Wu Chentians not a very good person, and he was patting you before he left- he mightve done something, Im not sure

Oh? Why didnt you remind me earlier? Lin Yi asked with a smile.

Our families are closely tied It wouldnt be appropriate for me to hurt his image in public like that, and itd be bad if my parents heard about it. Jingyi explained. Its fine, Ill compensate you for whatever stuff you mightve lost.

Ah Lin Yi was starting to think that Jingyi wasnt that bad a person after all, even offering to compensate him for his losses. Arent you worried at all that Ill just lie? Say whatever I want?

Um Jingyi got a little awkward from the question- shed always been the dominant one, and the reason for her change in role was all due to the fact that Lin Yi found her appeal dismissable. You dont seem like that kind of person.

The awkwardness didnt last, however, and Jingyi regained her composure instantly, her large, seductive eyes fluttering at Lin Yi.

Congratulations- you guessed wrong. Lin Yi shrugged.

Huh? Jingyi didnt know what to say, and started regretting choosing Lin Yi in the first place. Could she have involved herself with a man who was even more troublesome?

Well, no losses here, so its fine. You dont have to compensate me anything. Lin Yi chuckled as he pulled out a high-end wallet before flipping it open. Somebody switched their big wallet for a small one, it seems Ooh, theres even USD in here, quite a bit, too. Hm? Whats this? Wu Chentian? The picture looks like something youd use for a funeral, jeez- no surprise why he looks like that in real life then.

Jingyi was about to say something when Lin Yi pulled a wallet out- she understood that something was wrong when Lin Yi said that stuff about switching a big wallet for a small wallet, but Lin Yi reading the name out from the IC compelled Jingyi to put a hand to her mouth in surprise. She couldnt believe it!!

Was that Wu Chentians wallet he had in his hand? When had it happened, was it the instant Chentian pickpocketed him? Exactly what level of speed and agility would you need for a feat like that? What shocked her even more was the fact that Chentian hadnt noticed!!

Shed believe it if Chentian pickpocketed Lin Yi without him noticing, but Lin Yi doing that to Chentian It was unbelievable- it was insane.

The iron hands of House Wu were all about the speed in the hands- stealing Lin Yis wallet without being noticed was nothing feat-worthy for a Wu The way Lin Yi was talking suggested that hed known all about the pickpocket from the start Hed even reacted with a counter-theft of his own!

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Jingyi was dumbfounded- who exactly was this guy? Was he really just a regular person?

Who exactly are you? Jingyi asked, facing Lin Yi directly. She was starting to regret pulling Lin Yi into her business- this was no ordinary person she was dealing with here… The guy was a wolf clad in sheep-clothing.

Youd be better off not knowing. Lin Yi said very seriously. Just give me a thousand kuai and you can leave- dont ask me for stuff like this next time, that guys too much of a dumbass to be any fun.

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