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Chapter 154 – Professional Shield

Men like him always acted the gentleman, maintaining a well-mannered attitude all the while he disregarded Sun Jingyis appeal on purpose, so as to attract her interest and playing hard to get.

This was the most extreme of playing hard to get Jingyi had seen her whole life- rejecting dinner and asking for the meals cost instead?!

It was pretty fair at this point to assume that Lin Yi was by no means playing hard to get, nor was he putting on any airs. The guy was utterly uninterested in getting to know her whatsoever, preferring the practicality of cold cash rather than a dinner date with no substance.

The thought was driving her insane- was something the matter with his head? Were those two little girls all he had on his mind??

Jingyi found her pride wounded, and was even starting to regret teaming up with a guy like this in the first place.

Of course. Jingyi said, trying hard to keep her composure. Ill give you a thousand kuai when were done, what do you think?

Deal. Lin Yi nodded. Only an idiot would refuse free money.

Lin Yi also realized that he had quite some potential in the shield business he could probably start a shield company someday, if he ever became unemployed.

Mengyao and Yushu, naturally, noticed Jingyi sitting at Lin Yis table. The noise in the bar prevented them from hearing anything.

Shu, what the hell does he think hes doing? Whos that woman? Mengyao frowned with a glance at the woman at Lin Yis table- she had to admit that she was quite the beauty. Her appeal was so captivating it even impressed Mengyao herself.

I dunno. Looks like shes hitting on Shield Bro though? Yushu said, not hearing what the two were saying.

Prostitute? Mengyao guessed. She sure doesnt look like one.

Maybe. Yushu said, unsure as well. Looks pretty fun, doesnt it Oh? Look, theres a looker a little less handsome than Shield Bro coming their way! He doesn’t look very friendly!

…… Mengyao turned her eyes to where Yushu was looking at- there was indeed someone walking in Lin Yis direction.

Hes coming. Remember, follow my lead! Jingyi said, panicking a little as she glanced at Lin Yi.

No problem. Lin Yi said, evidently quite uncaring.

Why did you have to be in such a rush, Jingyi Couldnt you have waited for me to pay the parking fee? The person looked like a gentlemanly man, well-dressed in a high-end, casual armani suit.

His steps were quick without losing the gentlemanly aura he had- one look at this man and Lin Yi could tell that hed been raised in a wealthy household. This sort of aura wasnt one that could be picked up easily later in life- it had to be from a proper upbringing since a young age.

Lin Yi was the complex type, however, and it wasnt beyond his capabilities to put on the same gentlemanly facade. After all, one had to immerse himself in a role swift and quick, without leaving even the tiniest trace of openings- something like that could very well spell death.

Lin Yi looked at the man faintly without saying anything, as directed by Jingyi earlier. Incidentally, it seemed that the woman wasnt lying about her name.

I told you, Chentian- my boyfriends waiting for me in here. What did you even come in for? Jingyi said, a slight frown on her face.

You know uncle and auntys wishes, Jingyi My visit to Songshan this time was so that I could ask for their blessing- they told me to take care of you here. Chentian said without so much as batting an eye at Lin Yi, evidently not paying him much heed.

I dont think you understand, Chentian. Ive made it very clear: I have a boyfriend. Ill accept your care if its the big brotherly type, but Ill have to pass on anything other than that. Jingyi said faintly. Ill introduce him to you- this is my boyfriend, Lin Yi.

Jingyi, I dont care if youve had a boyfriend or not, I dont care about that stuff. Ive been overseas studying for so many years, youve had the right to live your own life. Chentian said. Now that Im back, I really hope we can start over again- this is what my parents want, and what yours want as well. Im sure you understand?

Ha? Funny. Jingyi said with a curl of her lips. Dont you think youre a pretty funny guy yourself, Chentian? What does it have to do with me, whether you went overseas or not? Our houses were tied before you left, and the two of us were like siblings- our houses are still tied after you came back. Nothings changed, and there is no start over for us.

So hes your boyfriend, Jingyi? Chentian decided to stop dwelling on the earlier topic after seeing Jingyis attitude, deciding to change the subject onto Lin Yi instead.

Anyone whod seen the two of them talking probably wouldnt even have thought that he realized Lin Yi was even there if Chentian hadnt brought the name up.

Yes. Jingyi nodded. Im guessing you believe me now that youve seen him? Im sure you can leave now?

Ah Chentian smiled at Lin Yi as he raised his hand outward. Hello, brother. Im Chentian.

Lin Yi. Lin Yi said as he shook the hand. He was just about to pull away when a sudden, powerful force pressed against his palm.

So this Chentians pissed after all? The guy was clearly looking for trouble, but Lin Yi let him squeeze his hand all he wanted- his shifu had instructed him to punch his bare fists at big trees every day when he was his pupil, and force of this degree was practically nothing to Lin Yi by this point.

Hed broken through the first stage of the Art of Dragon Mastery, too, entering into grand perfection for the first stage. He may still be on the first stage, but being in grand perfection was completely different from just being in the stage without breaking through.

Lin Yis body had went through a drastic improvement, and it was at a perfection never before experienced. He couldve probably handled the whole bank robbery incident without even injuring himself if hed been in this state.

Although, it was pretty much because of the nurse Guan Xin that he got injured. On the other hand, that very injury served to put the robbers off their guard- anyone would see a person hit by a bullet as a non-threat, after all.

As a result, Lin Yi felt no pain coming from the attack, even if his muscles and bones did seem to be affected physically. The entire constitution of his body had changed, and the flexibility of his bones and muscles along with it.

Chentian saw the lack of reaction on Lin Yis part, and pulled his hand back- he couldnt just hold the guys hand for too long.

Chentian, however, didnt think that Lin Yi had come out of that unscathed.

His hands embodied the kungfu training his family practiced- he hadnt used any of the kungfu in his attack on Lin Yis hand, but he was quite confident in his grip strength. As far as he was concerned, Lin Yis high tolerance allowed him to ignore the pain in his hand, so as to not lose face with Jingyi looking at them.

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Using his familys kungfu on Lin Yi, on the other hand, was something that hadnt even crossed Chentians mind- hed very well be breaking Lin Yis bones if he did that. Jingyi would think he was bullying and oppressing Lin Yi, and thatd affect the beautiful image he boasted.

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