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Chapter 151 – You Can’t Drink

Lin Yi was completely aware of the stuff going on outside his room- Mengyao letting her anger out, Li Fu arriving with dinner, and the conversation the girls had had at the dinner table Hed heard it all.

Lin Yi stretched lazily- it was a delicate time period, and he couldnt just let them go out at night like that, even if they didnt say anything about bringing him along. He just needed to keep his distance, and it would be fine.

Lin Yi started changing his clothes at that thought- he didnt want to be attracting any attention with his student uniform, especially not Mengyaos.

He found one of the casual clothes set hed bought from the stand, and stripped himself clean with only his underwear left. He was about to put the clothes on when the door was pushed open

Ah! Yushu wasnt expecting Lin Yi to be naked in there, but she managed to clasp a hand over her mouth before most of the scream got out. She used the other hand to cover her eyes up at the same time, making sure to leave a small opening between her fingers to size Lin Yis figure up

Mmm Abs, huh? Not bad Yushu reckoned that shed seen Lin Yis dick anyway, so a look at his body wasnt a big deal at all, Yushu thought as she justified herself. She couldnt just blatantly stare Lin Yi down, however, hence the hand over her eyes.

W-Whyre you in here? Lin Yi said, taken aback as well- the door opening when he was in the middle of changing was no joke! Hed have sent a kick out if he hadnt been sure that there werent any dangers in the villa.

He got his hands on a pair of pants hastily before covering his upper body up with it- He was a bit of a shameless guy, but even hed get embarrassed with Yushu looking at his naked body like that.

Obviously caz I needed to talk to you! Yushu said, blushing. Put some pants on, jeez, are you streaking in the house?!

No, I was just planning to change and follow you guys from behind when you went out. Lin Yi said, not hiding anything from the girl. She was a troublemaker, for sure, but Yushu was by no means unreasonable.

Ah? You knew about that? Yushu asked, so surprised she even let her hand slip away from her eyes. Although, Lin Yi had pulled his pants on already- only his upper body was naked.

Yushu had looked at that body a little more than she should have- it was still embarrassing, after all. Heh, Ill be able to look at you all I want when Yao Yao marries you Heh Haha

Heard what you two were saying earlier. Lin Yi said with a nod as he put on a discount t-shirt. He still needed more clothes, it seemed.

Oh. Well, I dont need to explain anything then! Yushu said as she handed a key to Lin Yi. Here, the key to the garage in my villa, and the key to my car. Yao Yaos definitely driving later- so you need a car too! You werent planning on following us on foot, were you?

Oh? Ah, thanks then. Lin Yi wasnt expecting Yushu to give him her car keys.

Im just worried that Yao Yao might go crazy and decide to go somewhere dangerous Yushu said, a little embarrassed. Youll have to do some fighting to protect us when that happens!

…… Lin Yi wasnt quite sure what to say. All for the sake of entertainment, huh It seemed that this girl was more worried Lin Yi wouldnt have a setting to show his skills off in

Well, were going. Yao Yaos still deciding which clothes she should go with, I slipped out on my own! You should go get the car first. With that, Yushu left the room.

Lin Yi was clothed at that point- he made his way to where Yushus villa was, quite recognizable since it was just a street away from Mengyaos.

He opened the outer back gate and got into the garage- there was a yellow Volkswagen Beetle in there Lin Yi scratched at his nose with a bitter smile. Guys drove it as well, but it was a feminine car, and the color was a bit too striking for Lin Yis liking.

He got in the car, drove it out of the villa, and parked it on the roadside so as to not attract Mengyaos suspicion. It wouldnt matter by the time they got on the main roads- thered be a lot more cars, and Mengyao wouldnt be focusing on the licence plate by then.

He shut the headlights off and waited for Mengyaos car quietly.

Mengyaos Audi S5 then left the villa slowly, honking once as it made a turn.

Lin Yi blinked, realizing that it was probably Yushu driving- the girl was giving him a singal.

Lin Yi turned the headlights on and started following, reassured now that Mengyao wouldnt notice him. Passengers wouldnt be looking behind the car too much, after all- only the driver was required to be aware of his or her surroundings.

Lin Yis guess was right- it really was Yushu at the drivers seat. Shed asked to drive her after seeing the bad mood Mengyao was in, much to Mengyaos curiosity.

Yushu, on the other hand, actually hated driving, save for drifting. She felt that cars were robbed of their potential on city roads, starting and stopping, starting and stopping It was quite uncomfortable to drive like that.

It usually took quite a bit of cuteness and Yao Yao Sis to get Mengyao to drive for her, and she only drove her Beetle every half year or so.

Where are we going, Yao Yao? Yushu said, letting out a breath of relief after making sure her yellow Beetle was behind them.

Li Fu would always accompany the two girls outside no matter the hour- hed left all that to Lin Yi after his arrival, taking responsibility for only food deliveries and school transportation.

Yushu was doubtful at first, but Lin Yi had proved himself that he was above just teaching delinquents a lesson after the bank robbery.

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It was why shed called Lin Yi out- she was no idiot, after all, and understood the type of faces she and Mengyao had to have people calling them school beauties. Their backgrounds protected them in school, but how were strangers supposed to know about stuff like that? Having a Shield Bro look after them made things safer.

Lets go to a bar? I kinda wanna drink, dont you? Mengyao said, still in a bad mood as she looked at the night view outside the window.

I wanna drink too. Yushu nodded excitedly. I hadnt done that before, with Uncle Fu following us in the past. Its about time we let ourselves loose! Woooot!

Mengyao and Yushu behaved themselves in front of Li Fu, naturally- the guy was Chu Pengzhans closest man, and there wasnt much stopping him from telling Pengzhan about anything the girls did that crossed the line.

You cant Shu- youre drinking juice only. Mengyao said as she pointed at the steering wheel. Wholl drive us home if you drink too?

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