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Chapter 150 – Really Bad Mood

Mengyao was on the verge of tearing up as she watched Lin Yi walk away from her and into his room Shed never been this frustrated before in her entire life!!

Who do you think you are, Lin Yi!! Good riddance, keep your distance all you want!! Nobody wants you anyway!! Mengyao yelled as Lin Yi disappeared into his room. I Ill never bother with you ever again!!

With that, Mengyao dropped herself onto the sofa, drained, depressed, upset, and she wept. Her tears dropped silently as she kept her mouth shut, afraid that Yushu would hear her.

Yao Yao whats wrong..? Yushu stopped messing around upon seeing how Mengyao was acting. She held Mengyaos hands softly as she spoke. Yao Yao Dont cry

Who’s crying? Im not crying, alright?! Mengyao, naturally, wouldnt admit that shed cry over some random dude- the guy had nothing to do with her!

What did he even do, save her? So what? Li Fu saved her before too!

Yet Lin Yi and Uncle Fu Mengyaos heart always warmed up when she recalled that moment where Lin Yi threw himself in front of her It was a moment that made her feel like she was a lucky girl, to have a man give his life to die with her

But now

Yao Yao I already know how you feel about Shield Bro I can talk to him about it if you want Yushu had figured out Mengyaos feelings at that point- shed grown up with her, and she understood her better than anyone.

It was pretty much a fact that Mengyao was in love- the hero saves the damsel scenario wasnt a pretty one, but it was classic, something that brought joy and warmth to the hearts of people. Yushu had noticed long ago Mengyaos change in attitude towards Lin Yi ever since hed saved her

These details probably went unnoticed by even Mengyao herself- it was commonplace for the person directly involved to be oblivious, after all. A bystanding observer, on the other hand, had little trouble seeing the little details that took place.

S-Shu? Whatre you saying? Like him?!! Mengyao started panicking- she jumped off the sofa in an intense fit to explain herself. I said I dont like him, I said it a hundred times that I dont like him!! Dont say stuff like that!!

Yushu wasnt expecting the intensity- she took a step back, startled. Alright, Ill stop, Ill stop well just not like him, Yao Yao no big deal

…… Mengyao was exhausted- she leaned forward and hugged Yushu, still a little upset. Youre the best, Yushu, always sticking by me

Yeah, Ill always be there for you. Yushu nodded as she consoled Mengyao with pats on her shoulder.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, had heard everything, and he wasnt quite sure how to react or respond His hand trembled a little as he let go of the door handle, and let out a soft sigh.

He wasnt very clear on what was going on with the Miss feelings, but she did seem to be a little jealous judging by how she was acting today Could she actually have fallen for him?

Lin Yi was quite speechless- hed always been on opposite sides with Mengyao since day one- surely that one-time rescue wasnt enough for her to fall in love with him..?

Even if that were the case, it was just an impossible relationship! It was a big taboo in the business- taking things to that point with the employer would just end up with him burning himself alive, itd be playing with fire!

Lin Yi shook his head softly- he decided to avoid the Miss as much as possible that night, and remained in his room even after Li Fu delivered dinner.

Mengyao felt a little better after letting her pent-up frustrations out, and managed to put on a fresh face when Li Fu arrived. She was helping Li Fu with the food when he noticed Lin Yis absence. Is Mister Lin not around, Miss Chu?

Think hes dead. Mengyao said without any restraint, still uncomfortable about the whole thing- the guy watched her grow up, after all. He knew what she was like.

…Dead? Li Fu only smiled bitterly, assuming that some sort of misunderstanding between the Miss and Lin Yi had taken place again. It wasnt really his place to be asking about stuff like that, with him being a butler figure and everything, and especially so with how vague and ambiguous Pengzhan was being regarding the issue with Lin Yi and the Miss.

He helped set the table up for the two Misses, and left the villa so as to not intrude.

The spacious villa was left with just Yushu and Mengyao after that Only this time, Lin Yi wasnt there.

Itd been gradual, but Mengyao had gotten used to Lin Yi helping to set the table up whenever Li Fu delivered their dinners, and how Lin Yi would return to his room only after the three of them finished the preparations together.

Mengyao wanted to invite Lin Yi to have dinner, but her pride was getting in the way once more, much like the other instances. Their relationship had gotten even more tense because of what had happened today, and it didnt seem like itd be turning for the better anytime soon.

She looked at her favourite dishes on the table numbly- her appetite wasnt there at all. She put her chopsticks down after two mouthfuls.

Whats wrong, Yao Yao? Yushu asked- Mengyao looked a little pale. Maybe I should get Shield Bro to come eat with us?

Dont wanna eat. No appetite. Mengyao said, shaking her head. Why would you do that? Just pretend he isnt here

Mengyao had started treating Lin Yi as a member of the villa- it was so gradual that she hadnt realized it herself.

Oh. Yushu lowered her head and continued eating, thinking that the dishes tonight were quite good. There was even papaya rib soup, something known for its breast-enlarging effects. Her body was pretty ideal already, and she didnt need her chest getting too big Whod want boobs like Song Lingshans? That freaking cow, heh heh

Although, Yao Yao could probably use some enlargement- it didnt seem right that shed be smaller than her when she was taller

Whatre you doing, Shu? Mengyao asked as she looked at Yushu smiling and giggling by herself as she stuffed her mouth full- what was the girl so happy for?! Youre so inconsiderate, looking so happy when Im down like this!

Oh ugh Yushu said as she swallowed a piece of rib meat. I Im just hungry, thats all

Were not eating anymore! Come take a walk with me! Mengyao said, still pissed- she wanted to take a break from staying home.

Kay Yushu complied as she put her chopsticks down. She eyed the food on the table longingly as she stood up.

Theres good food outside too! Well just go get some of those waste oil fried mushrooms you love so much! Mengyao said, eyeing the silent Yushu.

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…… Yushu didnt know what to say Waste oil? How am I supposed to put that stuff in my mouth when you say it like that

Lets move! Lets change our clothes first! Mengyao said as she pulled Yushu up with her. They werent in their school uniforms, but it didnt seem appropriate to be going out at night in student-looking clothes.

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