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Chapter 146 – “Love Letter”

Lin Yi rushed to class nine right after class ended, and knocked on the window beside Tang Yins seat.

No response whatsoever came from the other side, however, and Lin Yi wondered if Tang Yin had left already- hed made sure to get to her as soon as possible, too. Didnt the two of them agree on meeting after class?

With that in mind, Lin Yi knocked on the window with a little more strength again- Tang Yin mightve missed his first knock.

A corner of the curtain was raised, and Tang Yins blushing face peeked at Lin Yi from underneath it without opening the windows. She put a finger to her lips, forming a shush sign before waving her hand in dismissal.

What the? Lin Yi was troubled- couldnt the girl just speak? Hed be able to understand her by reading her lips How was he supposed to get what she was saying through vague gestures like that?

Class nines door opened right at that moment, and a middle-aged woman came walking out. She looked at Lin Yi standing beside the window before barking at him. Whos knocking on the window over there? Which class are you from?

Lin Yi froze- what was a teacher still doing here? Did she not end her class yet?

Lin Yi started sweating as he considered the possibility- his knocking mightve disrupted the class, and now the teacher was out to get him

Ugh Im sorry, I thought class was over Lin Yi said as he scratched at his head.

You Ms. Song was class nines homeroom teacher. She paused as she took a clear look at Lin Yis face, realizing that he was the guy involved in the whole Heibao incident a couple of days ago Shed heard her students calling him the new member of the Big Four. He had to have quite a background to have gotten out of that incident unscathed.

Ms. Song frowned- shed rather not involve herself with students like that; there was no point. It wasnt like the kid would listen to anything she had to say anyway. She decided to get straight to the point. Whatre you knocking on the window for?

Im looking for Tang Yin. Lin Yi said with a bitter smile.

For Tang Yin? Ms. Song frowned again- she didnt know what the Big Four wanted with her model student, and was just about to reject him when she remembered what the dean had said to her earlier, something about treating Tang Yin nicer and allowing her more freedom Ms. Song decided to ask for Tang Yins opinion first instead of turning Lin Yi away, something shed have done without hesitation under normal circumstances. Your name..?

Im Lin Yi.

Alright, wait here for a bit! Ms. Song said before walking back into the classroom to speak to Tang Yin. Tang Yin, theres someone looking for you outside, he said his name was Lin Yi. Do you wanna meet him?

Tang Yin couldnt believe her ears- what did that Lin Yi think he was doing?! He just had to come looking for her right in front of her teacher, did he?! Knocking on the window and everything, what the hell?

Almost any other timing wouldve been far better than this one! Shed rather let Lin Yi feel her up again on the bus before handing the recipe to her- thatd still be more preferable than the situation she was in right now!

Tang Yin sighed internally, depressed. Shed been so unlucky ever since Lin Yi butted into her life Damn Big Four!

Would Lin Yi continue knocking on the door if she decided not to go to him? Or would he just get pissed off instead, deciding that he didnt want to give her the recipe after all? She didnt really care about the recipe, but her mother needed it Shed be in a situation more difficult than this one if her mother came to school herself

Tang Yin had little choice but to leave her seat. She turned her head to Ms. Song. Excuse me then, Ms. Song

Ms. Song was surprised- she knew how Tang Yin was: shed always pay her horde of admirers no mind, even if they were young masters from wealthy houses. Shed also avoid bumping into any of those admirers every time she stepped outside the classroom, too Her behavior was very atypical of her.

But Tang Yin had voiced her intention, and Ms. Song only nodded in response. She did, however, follow Tang Yin outside to observe the two from a distance, so as to see what they were up to. She was prepared to even stop Lin Yi if he started harassing her.

Why now?! Tang Yin said unhappily as she curled her lips at Lin Yi. Class isnt over yet, didnt you see my hand signals?

You shushed and waved your hand, how was I supposed to know what you wanted? Lin Yi shrugged innocently. And didnt we decide on doing this right now..?

Tang Yin sighed softly and helplessly. Just give it to me, then!

Here! Lin Yi said, handing the recipe to Tang Yin.

Tang Yin put the piece of paper into her pocket directly without looking at it. Well, Im going back. Be careful with your knocking next time!

Next time? Lin Yi blinked.

Tang Yin paused as she realized the problem with her wording- wasnt she implying that she wanted Lin Yi to be harassing her again? She clarified herself immediately. Theres no next time!

With that, she turned and left without looking at Lin Yi, scared that the young master would get mad at her or something. Her lower head almost bumped into Ms. Song, who was standing outside the door.

Ah S-sorry, Ms. Song Tang Yin said, her face red.

Go back to class. Be careful next time. Ms. Song said, a frown still on her face. She didnt really mind Tang Yin bumping into her, but what was that thing Lin Yi gave to Tang Yin? It seemed like a piece of paper?

A piece of paper that sent Tang Yin running back with a blush all over her face?

With that, Ms. Song misunderstood Tang Yins guilty blush as a shy one

Could it possibly be a love letter? Ms. Song shook her head as the possibility crossed her mind- what was Tang Yin doing, she was sure the girl wasnt one to accept love letters, so what was going on here? Not only did she agree to see Lin Yi, she even went as far as to receive his love letter with a shy blush on her face Was there something between the two after all?

Ms. Song wasnt the only one who had witnessed the scene It took only a slight pull at the curtains to get a nice view of what was happening in the hallway, after all

They couldnt hear what the two were saying, but that ambiguous expression and movement coupled with a flustered blush was more than enough for their imaginations to piece the puzzle together

It was quite the sight indeed.

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What was most likely to be spread far and wide in the dry lands known as school?

There were so many aspects to it- boys and girls in love with each other, love letters, a boy rejecting a girls confession, a girl accepting a boys confession…

ill update the glossary tomorrow with the one sidew gave 😀

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