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What did you say to my mom yesterday? Tang Yin asked as she glared angrily at Lin Yi.

Yesterday to your mom? Lin Yi blinked as he remembered the New Orleans recipe hed promised- hed been so busy with Guan Xuemin in the morning that hed forgotten about the whole thing completely! His face reddened a little at his slip-up.

So that was why Tang Yin was looking for him- it was for the recipe! Lin Yis tone turned a little apologetic as he spoke. About the recipe, right?

Tang Yin only glared even harder than Lin Yi.

Ah, my bad Too many things on my mind this morning- I forgot. Lin Yi smiled guiltily. Here, Ill come by later and give you the recipe when the next class ends, alright?

Okay. Tang Yin didnt see any point in continuing the conversation after Lin Yi put it like that. With a nod, she closed the window shut and dropped the curtains.

Lin Yi then spun around abruptly. How close are you gonna get? Maybe youd like something to help hear better?

Ugh Lin Yi turning around suddenly gave her a fright- he mustve been talking about her eavesdropping. But Chen Yushu was no ordinary woman, and a smile replaced her embarrassment an instant later. What, you have stuff you dont want people knowing? I was just passing by!

Lin Yi had been leaning against Tang Yins window, and Yushu was obscured from Tang Yins sight because of that. She wouldnt have talked to Lin Yi for that long if shed noticed Lin Yi being tailed.

Haha.. Lin Yi smiled as well- he was pretty helpless when it involved this Chen Yushu, after all. Well, ask away.

Um Lemme just first clarify that Yao Yao didnt send me or anything. Yushu said with a roll of her eyes.

(i dont think the eye rolls meant to be bitchy)

Ah Lin Yi made sure not to pay her words too much heed- most of the stuff she said was probably bullshit. She might very well have come because of her own curiosity even if she did hold Mengyao responsible.

What did Tang Yin wanna see you for? Yushu asked.

Its nothing- I promised to give her something and I forgot, so Ill give it to her next class. Lin Yi said, leaving the recipe out of his explanation. Itd sound like he was donating something to the girl, and he didnt want to take credit for every little thing he did.

Oh Yushu said, wondering what this something could be She had only herself to blame for her bad eavesdropping techniques- the hallway was too noisy, as well.

Well, Im going back. You were just passing by, right? Move along Lin Yi said with a nod.

Tissues tissues tissues!!! Yushu said, her face red and pissed off at Lin Yis dick move as she stomped on the ground.

What Yushu didnt expect, however, was for every single student in the hallway to have their eyes turned on her!!

Tissues? The school beauty Chen Yushu, asking for tissues in the hallway? Perhaps she couldnt hold it in anymore, and had to get to the bathroom this instant?

Everyone worried about the damage Yushu was doing to her own image, but a number of admirers all started pulling tissues out of their pockets, lining up to answer to Yushus call Here

Yushu froze- her face blushed a complete red as everyone misunderstood her. She glared at Lin Yi walking away as she started scheming what shed do to the guy when they got home Heh heh.

Yushu had a high level of adaptability, and her bullshit skills were quite refined from her days with Mengyao. I was talking about my finger, not tissues, okay? I hit my finger earlier, and it hurts.

(finger sounds like tissues in Chinese)

With that, Yushu started waving her little finger in the air.

Oh The pack of wolves uttered, disappointed that theyd misunderstood the girl. She was saying finger, not tissues…

The boys then put their tissues back into their pockets helplessly- theyd hoped to have a nice encounter with Chen Yushu, too

Yushu patted at her chest in relief as she made her way back to her classroom- shed almost humiliated herself in public if it werent for her quick thinking back there. Her image wouldve been ruined if she were one second slower!

Shu, whats wrong? Youre pale and panting. Mengyao asked curiously as she looked at Yushu. Did you get spotted by him?

Oh, no, Im fine. Yushu said, thinking that there was no way shed ever tell Mengyao about her episode earlier- it was simply too embarrassing. It mightve very well been the most embarrassing moment of her life!

So was the tailing a success? Mengyao asked.

Yep, it was. Yushu said with a nod. Seems like he has something he wants to give to Tang Yin, and Tang Yin was looking for him because of that. He said hell give it to her next class!

Whats the thing hes giving? Mengyao asked.

How am I supposed to know? He didnt give it yet. Yushu shook her head.

Then go tail him again next class! Mengyao said.

Hah? You want me to go again? Yushu was curious, but Lin Yi catching her was a little more embarrassing that shed expected it to be. There was that whole thing with the tissues, too

Yeah, I thought you wanted to? Mengyao asked, confused at the way Yushu was acting.

W-well, um he almost caught me, so maybe you should go Yushu said with a little stutter.

He didnt see you already, did he? Mengyao was no stranger to Yushus ways- that look on her face allowed Mengyao a pretty good guess.

Ugh yeah. Yushu only nodded in admittance.

See Mengyao said with a shake of her head. What did I tell you- you know how skilled he is, of course hell see you! Great, now he thinks its me again!

He doesnt Yushu said, shaking her head as well. I made sure to clarify that you were uninvolved after he caught me.

…… Mengyao wanted to beat this girl up, but decided otherwise upon further thought. Lin Yi probably didnt believe the stuff Yushu said, anyway.

You must be pretty relieved, and happy, too, arent you, Yao Yao? I didnt sell you out! Yushu said gleefully.

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[email protected]#$%……& Mengyao was speechless- having an energetic best friend like Yushu was both a blessing and a curse

Shed cheer you up when you felt down, but make you sad when you felt happy Shed make you angry when in a good mood, make you angrier still when in a bad mood, only to piss you off so much you got into a good mood again

Lin Yi ripped a piece of paper off his notebook after getting back to class, and started writing the recipe down. After all, recipes like New Orleans Barbeque Sauce, Honey Fried Barbeque Sauce, and Black Pepper Barbeque Sauce werent anything too special that required too much skill Lin Yi had been making stuff like that back home himself, for one.

Deliveries werent really available back atat the village, and theyd had to go to the city just for a package Lin Yi had had decided to just do things himself because of that, gathering local materials instead and avoiding online deliveries as much as possible.

Hed written down quite a couple of recipes on the paper before folding it up for Tang Yin.

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