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Chapter 136 – Couple

Well whatre you waiting for, a cup of tea? Get out of here! Zhifeng barked, not holding back too much because of who he was. After all, even the ministry of education had little control over a school like Songshans First

Y-yes!! Ruoming said as he left hurriedly- he was in no position to be crossing the dean.

Tang Yin, on the other hand, remained still, unsure of whether she should be leaving as well. The dean was right there, after all- better safe than sorry.

Haha, Tang Yin, is it? Zhifengs solemn expression changed into a kind one as he turned to Tang Yin. I hope he didnt do anything to you.

Im fine Thanks, Mr. Wang! Tang Yin said with a shake of her head.

Thats good. Remember to tell me if this Zou Ruoming bothers you again, Ill take care of him! Zhifeng said. Well, lets go- Ill escort you to class. Your teacher will most likely scold you for being late if you go in now.

Ah? Tang Yin never expected Wang Zhifeng to be this kind to her- wasnt the guy yelling at her just yesterday, ordering her to broadcast an apology and everything?

So what was this bit about escorting her to class so that she wouldnt have to get yelled at?

Tang Yin was an honor student, and the teacher wouldnt do or say anything too significant about her tardiness even if she did go in alone Wang Zhifengs presence, however, would change the entire nature of that tardiness. No teacher would speak up, simply assuming that she was late because the dean had business with her.

Well, lets get going. Zhifeng said with a smile as he nodded at Tang Yin. This was Lin Yis little girlfriend, after all, and he had to make sure he treated her pretty nicely as well. He didnt want the kid revealing his secret to anyone.

Oh Tang Yin said, a little terrified at the sudden kindness- why was he treating her so differently after just one day? Was the dean acting like this because of Lin Yi? Tang Yin thought about that possibility, and guessed that that had to be the case, considering how friendly the two were with each other

Tang Yin was troubled- the taint of Lin Yi on her life made everything so much easier! Was her effort nothing in comparison to the connections a young master had?

Tang Yins analysis, however, wasnt quite accurate- the dean wouldnt be treating Lin Yi like this if he hadnt been caught messing around in school, even if the kid was recommended into the school by Li Fu. Hed be much less careful with Lin Yi if that were the case, much less even bother himself with Tang Yins business.

But he had no choice! Hed received Lin Yis call asking for leave earlier, and he didnt ask anything about it since Huaijun had informed him of the written statement just yesterday. He couldnt just leave Lin Yis little girlfriend to Ruomings clutches when the guy wasnt around, especially when hed just happened to chance by her! What if the kid busted him for that, he couldnt be taking any risks here.

Ill give you my phone number- give me a call if someone bothers you again. Zhifeng offered after thinking about it. There was no guarantee that Ruoming would leave the girl alone after hed left.

Tang Yins frustration got the better of her, and she spoke up impulsively. Then what if Lin Yi bothers me?

Ugh Zhifeng paused before responding with a bitter smile. Well, you dont have to involve me with your couple fights

Zhifeng didnt see a point in having the solemn dean facade up in front of the girl- Lin Yi knew everything about him, what was the use of pretending for?!

Couple? Tang Yin almost tripped herself- Lin Yi and her, a couple..? What stunned her the most was the fact that it was Wang Zhifeng uttering these words!

Alright, Ill escort you in. Theyd reached class nine already, and Zhifeng knocked on the door without saying anything else.

Tang Yin didnt know what to say- the deans solemn image shed known him for was completely changed this day This was a man whod go rampaging with explosive lectures whenever hed catch students getting intimate!

The homeroom teacher of class nine saw that it was the dean knocking on the door, and rush hurriedly to answer it. Mr. Wang, is there a problem?

Its nothing, just escorting Tang Yin here back to class. Zhifeng said as he pointed at her. Shes a good student, indeed. Ah In regards to our attitude towards good students We should most definitely be a little less strict on them, give them a bit more space and privacy.

Zhifeng decided to hint the homeroom teacher a little, in case she very found out about Tang Yins relationship with Lin Yi He wasnt taking any risks at all- Lin Yi might very well spill the beans if the teacher confronted them about that in a moment of panic. It was a possibility, after all.

Ah? I understand The teacher said, stunned at Zhifengs words What was the deans relationship with this girl? Why would he be speaking up and looking out for her like that? The homeroom teacher had always treated Tang Yin quite nicely due to her good grades, but the deans personal care for her made things quite different

Well, thats all. Ill be leaving then. Zhifeng said with a nod, turning to Tang Yin before leaving. Remember to give me a call if you get into any trouble!

Oh Goodbye, Mr. Wang. Tang Yin said faintly, still confused and thinking about what the dean had said about Lin Yi and her, about the two of them as a couple……

Could Lin Yi have said something to the dean, resulting in a misunderstanding on Zhifengs part? What was even Lin Yis background, in the first place, to have the dean offering this much protection over him?

She remembered the events from earlier that morning, and an important question came to mind. Zhong Pinliang and Zou Ruoming had backgrounds, as well, but she didnt see Zhifeng treating them any differently from the other students..? The two of them were clearly fearful of the dean, despite the sort of influence their families might have had!

But Lin Yi Tang Yin was starting to doubt her previous conjecture- it seemed that there was more to Lin Yi than just his background Could there be a secret side to Lin Yi that other people didnt know about?

Tang Yin made her way to her seat, pulling out a textbook from her bag, trying to focus her attention on it to no avail. The scene of Lin Yi protecting her in the bus kept replaying in her head, along with the weird stuff the dean was saying to her

What did she do to deserve this misfortune? She was months from graduating when this dude just jumped into her life out of nowhere Was it really impossible to escape his clutches after all?

Tang Yin sighed, depressed. The part she was most speechless about was her mother completely falling for Lin Yis tricks

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The thought of her mother abruptly reminded Tang Yin of something important- she was supposed to get the recipe from Lin Yi today! Shed forgotten about that whole thing due to the panic back in the bus, and Lin Yis confusing words cleared her mind of that as well- shed forgotten to ask him for the recipe!

What a tragedy- shed have to go to his class at this rate!

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