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Chapter 135 – Who’s Bothering Who?

Could it possibly be because shed scolded him that time, resulting in his change of attitude? Had he given up on her after that?

But that shouldnt have been this effective on the guy! The main question she should be asking here, however, was why Lin Yi was even taking a bus in the first place! Didnt he have a private driver to drive him around?

Did Did you get on the same bus as me on purpose? Tang Yin asked, voicing her suspicions.

On purpose? Lin Yi scratched at his nose a bit, smiling bitterly. I got on the bus first, you know. How am I supposed to know youd get on at that stop? Ive no future-telling abilities, alright?

Lin Yi touched the jade at his chest subconsciously- well, he did have that ability, albeit a more unpredictable and vague one. There was no helping it, however, since he hadnt a very good idea about what the hell the signals meant.

Tang Yin blinked at the answer, realizing that she did get on the bus after him After all, he had no guarantee that Tang Yin would be getting on the same bus, even if he did know about the route 87 bus she took. Itd be too coincidental, and shed was even a little late because of that gangster chasing after her

Or, could it be that Lin Yi was the one whod hired the gangster, so as to make sure she got on the same bus? Did he orchestrate a scenario where hed have the chance to save the damsel in distress? Tang Yin couldnt help but find the idea ridiculous- Lin Yi wasnt so bored that hed do something insane like that The guy was prideful, too, and it did seem a little out of character for him to set that plan into motion. The gangster had been bothering her for quite a while, too- Lin Yi hadnt even transferred to her school back then! The probability was a near zero.

Oh.. Tang Yin nodded, accepting the coincidence.

Is there anything else? Lin Yi asked, seeing that the girl was still standing in front of him. What did she want?

Tang Yin blinked as she looked at Lin Yi, her eyes full of disbelief. You werent looking for me?

Tang Yin was still afraid of the guy, even if he did help her off the bus; she was worried that Lin Yi might continue bothering her after getting off, but never did she imagine that hed ask her if there was anything else she needed!

Why would I be looking for you? Lin Yi blinked as well, followed by a bitter smile. You should get going, youre gonna be late

Ah! Tang Yin stomped her foot after seeing looking at her watch. She glared at Lin Yi a little angrily before rushing off to school, her face red with confusion. It was like she was the one bothering him!! The only reason she didnt leave right away was because of her fear towards him; did the guy think she liked being in his company or something?

The small warmth towards Lin Yi that had developed earlier in the bus, as a result, dissipated into frustration.

Lin Yi smiled ever so slightly at Tang Yins ponytail swinging in the wind. Man, youth sure is nice.

Tang Yin was huffing by the time she reached the school entrance. Shed barely managed to step to the side last minute before bumping into someone- it was Zou Ruoming!

God fucking damn it, you fucking blind? Zou Ruoming cursed. He looked at the person whod bumped into him, and realized it was Tang Yin, a somewhat terrified expression on her face. Ruoming wasted no time in showing his teeth with a nice, big smile. Yin Yin! Im sorry, I thought it was someone else- Id have let you bump into me all you want if Id known it was you! Maybe we can do that now?

Tang Yins face darkened at Ruomings teasing. Zou Ruoming, what do you think youre saying?

Hm? What do I think, huh? Zou Ruomings smile grew wider as he spoke. Hed refrained from doing anything too serious during school time, but there shouldnt be anyone getting to school this late- it meant that he was practically alone with Tang Yin, and he couldnt control himself anymore. Yin Yin, you decided if youre gonna be friends with me yet?

M-move it Tang Yin had no other choice- the guy was blocking the entrance.

Ill move it if you promise to be friends. Ruoming grinned lustfully.

You Tang Yin bit her lip softly at how much of a jerk Ruoming was being this guy was an even bigger asshole than Lin Yi was! Lin Yi would never force her like this, shed only need to cry or make it look like he was bullying her, and the guy would leave her alone She could even stomp her foot on his shoe if he refused to move! Heh heh

Yes? What about me? Ruoming felt like the biggest tyrant in the universe! His evil started seeping out from inside him. Ruoming Bro heres pretty strong you know!

Move it O-or Ill call Lin Yi over here! Tang Yin couldnt take that lecherous gaze and smile Ruoming was putting on display anymore, and Lin Yis name came shooting out her mouth for some reason.

Ruomings gleeful face froze upon hearing the name- he darted his eyes around subconsciously, making sure Lin Yi wasnt actually nearby before getting cocky again.

Hed been planning to have his brother Zou Ruoguang take care of Lin Yi the last couple of days, but there was no doubting the fear hed still have for the man before that took place. Both the basketball incident and the slap at the stand traumatized him deeply.

Fucking Dont throw that name at me, who do you think he is? Your guardian angel? Ruoming said after failing to see Lin Yi anywhere near them. Wheres your Lin Yi? Why dont you call him out? You think hes your bodyguard, do you? Ask him to come, why dont you- Ill fuck him in the ass!!

Whose ass are you fucking? Wang Zhifeng had just finished a nice little session with his mate, and was patrolling school grounds when he heard something about fucking- what did the guy think he was doing, saying stuff like that right in front of the dean?

Ruoming jumped with a startle- he turned around to see a solemn-looking Wang Zhifeng walking his way, and his cockiness faded The dean was not someone hed dare make light of.

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After all, Songshans First School wasnt just your typical high school- it was an establishment with a ton of background. The dean here had the power to expel students if he wished so, and Ruoming did not want to be expelled.

Tang Yin let out a sigh of relief at the sight of the dean- she had no idea Ruoming planned on messing with her.

Mr. Wang Ruoming smiled politely. Im just cursing a little out here, I Its too stressful, studying for the exams Im just blowing some steam off

Blowing some steam off? Why dont you go back to your old man and blow your steam off there? Zhifeng frowned. He knew that Ruomings dad was quite the big shot himself, but Zhifeng didnt care- a dean of Songshans First School simply had too many connections. All families had children, and it mattered not how powerful the family was- theyd still have to make peace with the dean and principal of the school

Haha Ruoming chuckled awkwardly. Go back to his old man? Hed didnt want to get beat up! His dad still wished for him to bring glory to the house by getting into a good college, especially after his brother had went and turned himself into a gangster…

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