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Chapter 134 – Panic

What the fuck? Who the fuck?! Fuck!! The youth cursed as he got up from the floor. He rubbed at his ass as he continued cursing at the departing bus, attracting the attention and laughter of some of the old folk at the bus station.

Think its so funny, do you? Fucking shits!! The youth yelled with a glare before leaving.

Tang Yins head was lowered at the ground- she was completely silent, thinking about god knows what as Lin Yi stood beside her, sniffing the pleasant scent of a young female a little pervily.

He had to admit, the girl indeed stood out from the crowd. She was almost a hundred seventy centimeters tall, quite a bit more than both Mengyao and Yushu. Her body was well developed as well, complimenting her height with curves rivaling even Wang Xinyans back at the train. She gave off a different feel than the quiet, educated one Xinyan did- Tang Yin had this unyielding pride coming from her. Women from poor families grew more proud the better their looks and grades were.

Lin Yi was enjoying the view as he traced his eyes downwards from Tang Yins black, silky hair when he noticed her white skin showing around the neck, along with some exposure of her pretty collarbones. He couldnt see much farther than that, but it only made the girl that much more appealing.

Tang Yin staying silent with her head lowered was fine with Lin Yi- he was satisfied just to be able to please himself through his senses of sight and smell.

The bus reached another stop, and another surge of passengers started pushing inside- most of the current passengers were getting off at the last couple stops, after all. The numbers would only be increasing for the time being.

The surge of people pushed against Lin Yi and Tang Yin, resulting in their two bodies connecting- with an ah, the softness of Tang Yins chest pressed solidly onto Lin Yis.

Lin Yi loved how Tang Yin was attacking him with her breasts, but it didnt seem very appropriate to take advantage of the situation like that- after all, it was the crowd who caused that, not Tang Yin herself. How would he be any different from that gangster if he just let it happen?

Tang Yin wasnt very willing on letting Lin Yi feel her up, and tried to struggle against the force coming from behind her, to no avail. All shed managed to accomplish was rub her breasts left and right on Lin Yis body, and the sensation only put a deeper blush on her cheeks.

Looking back, shed been really unlucky today Shed had to go the long way to avoid that youths pesterings, resulting in arriving at the bus stop late. It wouldnt have been this tight a squeeze on the bus if shed stuck to her usual schedule. She was moments from being late, even bumping into the big asshole Lin Yi on top of all that!

Dont move, Ill make some space for you. Lin Yi said as he held Tang Yin in an embrace, moving her to a window spot on the bus.

Tang Yins eyes widened as Lin Yi hugged her- her body froze, and her instincts were just about to resist when she noticed the fresh, pure look in Lin Yis eyes, along with the intentions hed just claimed he had She refrained from saying anything, but was this man actually just looking to help her out..? She hoped so

Under Lin Yis cover, Tang Yin was moved to a spot near a bus window. Lin Yi pushed at the people around him with his arms, and created a nice little space for Tang Yin as he disconnected their bodies.

It was a pity, but Lin Yi didnt like this sort of thing too much when it wasnt consensual. Hed probably have some trouble sleeping at night if hed just taken advantage of the situation like that, especially with how unwilling that expression on Tang Yins face looked.

Lin Yis actions, however, angered some of the people on the bus. There was little enough space to begin with, so who did this guy think he was, pushing everyone away to make space for his girlfriend? Wasnt that a bit selfish?

The people who considered speaking up, naturally, were those whod just gotten on the bus, unaware of the feat Lin Yi had performed earlier. They were just about to say something when the others stopped them. Dont That guy just threw a guy off the bus with one hand

The news put them back in their place- no one wanted to piss someone like that off. At the end of the day, it only meant that the guy was strong and powerful enough to make some space for himself, it had nothing to do with them

The way Lin Yi and Tang Yin faced each other right now, however, seemed to be a little too romantic. Change the surroundings to a nicer setting, and Lin Yi would look very much like a delinquent teasing a fellow student on her way home.

Tang Yin was troubled, panicked, and surprised all at the same time. Her head was still lowered as she contemplated Lin Yis actions- did the guy really not plan on taking advantage of her from the start? This was not the Lin Yi she knew! Why would he ever let go of a chance like that?

Itd have made sense if hed done this earlier, but there was no reason whatsoever for him to keep that facade on after the events that had taken place yesterday! Tang Yin caught herself, stopping the stupid thoughts she was having- she was acting like the asshole was supposed to be feeling her up!

More people got on the bus, and even Tang Yin felt the pressure on the little space Lin Yi had created for her The space, however, remained completely unchanged. Curious, Tang Yin glanced outside of the space softly, only to see the passengers bodies pressing against each other- it was very packed, but Lin Yi held his ground even so, with no change in his posture whatsoever!

She knew how strong Lin Yi was, but the protection Lin Yi was giving her made her a little uncomfortable Fens ex-boyfriend would never have made a gesture like the one Lin Yi was making right now, that was for sure. Even young masters had their differences

Tang Yin realized that perhaps Lin Yi wasnt as much of an asshole as shed thought Wait, no! Tang Yin stopped herself once more- this was exactly what that asshole wanted! It was all part of his plan, he wanted Tang Yin to lower her guard! It was all part of his scheme to break her defenses down, it was all an act! Yes, that had to be the case!

Tang Yin lowered her head down even farther at the thought, emptying out her mind as the bus drove on

Next stop, Songshans First School. Will all passengers please prepare for exit

Thats your stop. Ill help clear a path for you. Lin Yi said.

Kay Tang Yin nodded softly as she blinked with a flutter of her eyelashes, evidently very conflicted inside.

Lin Yi put an arm around Tang Yins waist, and escorted her to the door. With no rails for her to hold on, Tang Yin hadnt much of a choice but let her body be pressed against Lin Yis.

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She could smell the manly scent coming from Lin Yi, and she couldnt help but blush and panic at the same time. Her body tensed up, devoid of all motion save for the zombie-like hopping as she made her way to the door with Lin Yi

Fuu Lin Yi let go of Tang Yin with an exhale after getting off. Making space for yourself was a lot easier than covering for someone else.

Tang Yin was planning to make Lin Yi let go of her immediately after theyd gotten off the bus, but she hadnt even the chance to say anything when Lin Yi just let go of her on his own! It both surprised and disappointed her- whats with this guy..?

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