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Chapter 133 – Chance Meeting On The Bus

Lin Yi was supposed to meet Huaijun that morning, and it didnt seem appropriate for him to be taking Li Fus car for that. He didnt want Huaijun knowing about what he was doing at the moment- after all, it was a little humiliating for the godly Eagle to be playing house with a couple of Misses Lin Yi was starting to doubt his old mans words- he couldnt see how this mission would end up setting him up for life.

He didnt even know what the mission was.

Xiaobo was starting to have suspicions as well, and Lin Yi was sure that things would go wrong if they continued this way. He didnt really mind, but that wasnt the case with the two Misses upstairs.

With that, Lin Yi left a note on the table for the girls, telling them that he was leaving early, and that Li Fu neednt wait for him. He prepared breakfast for them before stepping out of the villa.

Lin Yi wasnt too familiar with the area outside the villa district. He looked around for a taxi, to no avail. Speechless, Lin Yi continued walking. Everyone in the villa district probably had a couple cars of their own in their garages; of course thered be no taxis out here.

He found a bus stop after walking for a long while.

It was a one way bus, apparently on a route that toured the city in a circle. Songshans First School wasnt listed, and Lin Yi decided that hed ask the driver after getting on the bus.

It wasnt long before a bus came, and Lin Yi got on. He asked the driver about his stop as he paid: there were no stops for Songshans First School, as expected. It wasnt even on the route, and hed have to transit to the 87 route bus at the Jingtai Marketplace.

There werent a lot of people on the bus- it probably didnt go anywhere significant, and the ticket cost was quite expensive as well. It was triple the one kuai regular buses charged.

Lin Yi got off at the Jingtai Marketplace stop. He looked for the 87 route bus, finding it a short while later- there were a ton of people there consisting of men and women of all ages, in comparison to the emptiness of the villa district streets, most likely going to school or work.

A bunch of people would squeeze into a bus whenever one came, but the number of people on the platform didnt seem to decrease at all It looked like the people coming afterwards negated the numbers that got on the buses.

It was a while before a 87 route bus showed up, and Lin Yi squeezed onto the vehicle with the crowd- the volume of passengers was clearly several times higher than that of the touring bus from earlier. Lin Yi found a spot near the door, not bothering to squeeze his way in too deep. He didnt want to get stuck in that horde of passengers when he got to his stop.

The bus stopped at the slums district, one of the older districts in the city that hadnt been renovated yet. The inhabitants there were all poor, and their houses were all single floor ones. Lin Yi looked out the bus window, surprised when he noticed Tang Yins figure.

She was wearing a clean and tidy uniform, with a canvas bag slung over her shoulder- she stood tall and proper, her hair of beautiful black shining under the morning sun. She looked like a girl from a shojo manga, a school life feel permeating about her. Lin Yis eyes lit up, caught in the moment as he thought about talking to her.

Tang Yin was evidently waiting for the 87 route bus, as well. She got on from the front, however, and she seemed to be in quite a rush as she squeezed her way in. The girl didnt have a lot of strength, and there was no way shed be able to overpower that many people- the other passengers seemed to be annoyed and irritated, refraining from yelling at her only because of how pretty she was.

Where do you think youre going? Ive caught you now! Why dont you keep running!

Lin Yi was wondering why Tang Yin was in such a rush when a youth with a butch cut got on, teasing Tang Yin as his fingers wriggled about.

The bus was nowhere near quiet, and Tang Yin was even at the opposite end of the bus from Lin Yi But his ears were on a whole different level. His attention was on Tang Yin, as well- it was only natural that hed hear the youth.

From the way it looked, Lin Yi guessed that Tang Yin had caught a local gangsters attention. It was an old area, after all, and it wasnt a surprise that thered be a couple of youths hanging around there without much to do. The guy had been bothering Tang Yin for a couple of days at least, judging from the way he talked.

It seemed that even pretty girls had their troubles! A commoner beauty, at the end of the day, had a fundamentally different life from rich beauties like Mengyao and Yushu, who lived their lives in ideal and safe environments. There may be a Zhong Pinliang bugging Mengyao every day, but shed never have to worry about gangsters like that getting anywhere near her. Tang Yins situation was another case: it was only natural that a couple of unemployed gangsters would have set their sights on her.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, wasnt about to just ignore this chance meeting.

He speedily split the crowd before him, speedily squeezing himself through with sheer agility and strength. Hed gotten to the other side before the passengers even realized what was going on, and he shot his arm out at the closing door, forcing it to stay open as he pulled the gangster behind Tang Yin up. Without so much as a word, Lin Yi threw the guy off the bus and pulled his hand away from the door to let it shut.

Tang Yin blinked in disbelief and confusion as she watched Lin Yi come squeezing his way from the other side of the bus and throwing the gangster off the bus with one motion. She simply couldnt comprehend why Lin Yi would be on a bus, of all things.

Tang Yin was trying to figure out if it were an illusion, even- didnt this asshole have a driver driving him to school everyday? What was he doing on a bus?

Shed only believed her own eyes when Lin Yi turned around to face her.

Whyre you getting bothered by a guy like that? Lin Yi asked.

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Tang Yin pouted at the question, speechless. Wasnt the answer obvious? Tang Yin wanted to say for the same reason youre bothering me when she stopped herself out of fear After all, this guy before her was leagues scarier than that little gangster earlier. What the hell was this guy, did he really just stop a bus door from closing with one hand, and throw a man out the bus with another..?

No wonder even Zhong Pinliang and Zou Ruoming stayed away from the guy- he was an absolute monster, a violent beast!

The passengers Lin Yi had forced his way past were just about to mumble at him when they saw him throwing the gangster off the bus- they all kept their mouths shut, as a result. No one wanted to get thrown out.

The driver also refrained from saying anything, as well Whod dare cross the path of a monster like that? Silently, he stepped on the pedal, and the bus started moving again as the gangster from earlier sat on the ground outside

He didnt even see who the person whod tossed him out was- the door had closed before he could see anything.

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