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Chapter 130 – Kang Xiaobo’s Background

Bad news spread faster than good news, and news of Lin Yis feat reached class nine in no time at all.

Tang Yin was thinking of taking a nap during lunch break, but Lin Yis damned smile kept popping up in her head! She massaged her aching temple a little before rubbing her eyes, red from crying. She was about to start studying a bit when she heard someone mention Lin Yis name.

Her heart tensed up subconsciously, to her surprise, unsure why shed even care about the name. Was it because she didnt want people finding out he was chasing after her?

Did you know? I was going to the toilet earlier when I saw that transfer student kicking Zhong Pinliangs chair and flipping him onto the ground! A boy said dramatically as he told the story to a couple of his friends. Do you know why he did that?

Why? The others asked, clearly curious and excited- twelfth grade was a rather dry period in high school, after all. A little excitement here and there was enough to get people happy for a while.

Because he was blocking the way! That transfer student said he was blocking his way! Hell do it again if he dares do it again!! The boy said proudly, as if he were Lin Yi. Tell me, tell me- isnt that insane?!

That transfer students called Lin Yi, right? Hes really hot! A girl who was a bit of a slut added. You guys all saw what he did last week, at the exercise break- he put that gangster on the ground with his teeth knocked out, all by himself! Men like him really are so reliable!

Pfft, you think the guyd even look at a horny slut like you You look like youve been in bed with more men than youve eaten breakfast. Another girl hmphed coldy. If its me though

F off! The slut cursed, clearly pissed off. Why dont you look at that face of yours in the mirror, youre worse off than me! Heres what I say- the only one here who has a chance with him has to be Tang Yin

Tang Yin was eavesdropping on the gossip with a book over her face- she couldnt help but curl her lips at what Lin Yi had done to Zhong Pinliang. As expected, the guy was a monster, no different from Zou Ruoming It wasnt even two days until he showed his violent colors again!!

It was also the reason why she couldnt bear hearing what people were saying about her and Lin Yi- the two of them as a couple? Yet, as pissed off as Tang Yin may be, she had no choice but to keep her head lowered: After all, this sort of thing only got worse when explained. Lin Yi had caused her enough trouble as it was.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, had no idea that his act of valor was being spread far and wide throughout the school at that very moment. He sat down on his chair, and saw Xiaobos thumbs up at him. Go study, dont you wanna get into college?

Heh heh, Ill study right now! Xiaobo smiled bitterly. Man, if only my familys the same as my second grandpas family I wouldnt have to work so hard. Id be able to be a nice little young master, too.

Hm? It was the first time Xiaobo brought up his family. Your second grandpa? What kind of guy is he? Is he famous?

Famous? A slight smile formed on Xiaobos lips. Yeah, just some asshole who stole something that wasnt his, making money off of that. He doesnt really connect with my family anymore.

Oh? Lin Yi reckoned it was probably some drama with a relative.

You know Miracle Doctor Kang? Xiaobo asked.

Miracle Doctor Kang? Lin Yi frowned- hed heard the name before He suddenly remembered what the pharmacy assistant said to him that day. The miracle doctor who sells Golden Creation Medicine?

Yep, thats him. Xiaobo nodded. Hes my second grandpa.

(just to clarify, Chinese ppl dont just use aunt for all their aunts and uncle for all their uncles. Theres a lot of terms we use for the appropriate relative, and second grandpa means Xiaobos grandpas younger brother)

Uh So that makes you the second generation? No, the third..? Lin Yi said, a little stunned at Xiaobos reveal.

Second generation, third generation, what? Xiaobo smiled bitterly. My grandpas my grandpa, my second grandpas my second grandpa. Were two families- my sides pretty poor.

Family feud? Lin Yi asked.

Something like that. My grandpa and second grandpa worked on Golden Creation together, and my grandpa disagreed when my second grandpa talked about building a factory for the medicine. Thats where it all started Xiaobo explained. I think my second grandpa then stole the recipe and built his own factory, and the two families have been fighting ever since

Ha, your grandpas gotta be pretty stubborn then. You cant really blame your second grandpa for going after riches. Lin Yi said with a nod. Id probably do what your second grandpa did, if it were me!

This story, however, reminded Lin Yi of an important fact: medicine recipes were extremely valuable! That recipe hed used for Huaijuns painkiller substitute, for example Hed be earning quite the number if he mass-produced that for sale.

Yeah, I actually agree. Xiaobo said. I asked my grandpa if he remembered what the ingredients on the recipe were after my second grandpa took it, but he said he didnt remember anymore Oh well. Guess Ill just have to work hard then.

Youre quite optimistic. Lin Yi commented.

What else can I do? Whine about it? Its better to let it go. Xiaobo said helplessly. Its that kind of thing where you just sigh at once in a while. Alright boss, Ill go study now.

Miracle Doctor Kang Recipe.

Lin Yi frowned as he thought about it- there had to be some other stuff Xiaobo didnt mention. Maybe he wasnt too familiar with the whole incident, but there had to be more to it; it just couldnt be that simple.

Song Lingshan couldnt take it anymore- the criminals were hidden well! They were in a mountain area, too, and the search team wasnt a big one It was causing Lingshan a lot of trouble. Theyd been able to find the A74110 SUV, but the licence plate had been ripped off already.

Helpless, Song Lingshan decided to give Huaijun a call again.

Captain Lingshan said, a little embarrassed to be calling for help again.

Song, calling about the robber case? Huaijun guessed.

Yeah Huaijun, Im lost Lingshan said awkwardly after Huaijun had exposed her.

You know, Song- Im no detective prodigy or anything- I just pay more attention to the details. This particular case is a bit different from your typical one, and it involves Chu Pengzhan as well Them kidnapping Chu Mengyao proves that the kidnapping was their primary objective from the start, not the robbery. Huaijun said. These guys have to be part of some organization, and its not gonna end well if we rush trying to capture them. Their superiors wouldve told them to lay low, especially with the police force sending so many resources after them right now

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Ah Lingshan wasnt expecting Huaijun to not have an answer as well.

Im just putting the facts out. Remember that jewelry robbery case last year? Huaijun continued. That case was unsolved for months, and it was because of that that the suspect lowered his guard and came out of hiding, remember? You were even the one who kicked the suspect down.

sad pinliang…

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