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Chapter 126 – Getting Out of Trouble

Huaijun sighed as he looked at his student-looking captain- his god looked more like a twelfth grader than a war leader right now.

Three times a day, once each in the morning, afternoon, and night. Youll be able to drink it after microwaving the soup, but you dont really have to. Not too many rules or regulations, but just refrain from drinking any alcohol. Lin Yi said as he handed a bag of Eastern medicine to Huaijun. There were only two classmates on duty, cleaning the classroom without paying attention to what Lin Yi came back to the room for.

I havent drank any for so long- this body wouldnt be able to take any. Huaijun said with a bitter smile. These should be enough for a week right?

Yeah, its a weeks worth. Lin Yi nodded. Ill make more based on how well your body recovers after the first week.

Alright, Ill get going then. Ill fetch you tomorrow, where do we meet? At school? Huaijun asked.

Tomorrow morning at the school gates then. Dont park too close. Lin Yi said after some thought. Call me.

Lin Yi then turned to walk to the bathroom after Huaijun had left. He was about to go pee when Zhifeng stopped him.

Lin Yi was walking past class nine when he caught a glimpse of Tang Yin, probably on duty. She hid herself after seeing Lin Yi.

Lin Yi smiled a bitter smile- the girl wasnt thinking that hed come to her class to look at her, did she..? Why was she hiding? Lin Yi only smiled at her as he walked by. Im going to the bathroom.

Hah? Tang Yin blinked as she watched Lin Yi walk away, stomping her foot angrily after hed left. What did he think he was doing, telling her he was going to the bathroom? The asshole must be teasing her again

She really wanted to dump a bucket of dirty water on his head, but it seemed to be too over the top Doing pettier things, like stepping on Lin Yis shoes, for example, was still within a reasonable range, and Tang Yin had no trouble puffing her chest up for stuff like that. Lin Yi was a young master of a rich house, after all- she didnt want to force him out of that well-mannered facade too abruptly, she wouldnt be able to handle the things hed do to her.

Tang Yin waited until Lin Yi disappeared into the bathroom completely before she sneakily dumped the dirty bucket water away in the girls washroom. She filled the bucket up with clean water, and hastily ran back to her classroom.

She had just started running when she crashed into someone, accidentally splashing the bucket of water on him. Ah

Tang Yin only lowered her head in utter shock as she saw who the person was. Mr. Wang

You- do you not know how to walk properly? Zhifeng couldnt believe this! He had wanted to check up on Lin Yi- he wasnt in a good position to be asking too many questions when Huaijun was still around, and he wanted to make sure everything was fine with Lin Yi When out of nowhere a bucket of water splashed all over him.

Im sorry, Mr. Wang Shed gotten herself into trouble she couldnt handle! She was always the type that avoided conflict, always sticking to her studies- it was a first for her to mess up this bad. Getting a bucket of water on the dean was no small matter, and Tang Yins excuse of not looking where she was going didnt sound like a great one as well

You think its over with just an apology? Which class are you in? Zhifeng wiped at his face, sighing in relief upon realizing that it was clean water- itd be a different level of humiliation if it were dirty.

Im f-from twelfth grades class nine Tang Yin said, her head still lowered as she told the truth. She was right in front of class nine, anyway- lying wouldnt do her any good here.

Go back and write an apology note, and go read it out in the broadcasting room! Zhifeng didnt care if it was intentional or not- his place in the school was at stake here. He needed the girl to make a statement, at least- he couldnt have students just dumping water on him!

The broadcasting room Tang Yins heart froze as she heard the words- it was a place bad students went for apologies Shed never expected it to be her turn today! Tang Yin couldnt help but feel a little wronged- she wouldnt have been running at all if it werent for Lin Yi! Yet there was no way she could explain something like that to the dean, and it was a fact that her clumsiness was at fault here But broadcasting an apology It was simply too much for an honor student like Tang Yin!

Shed never gotten in so much trouble that shed received a punishment like that, and Tang Yins eyes teared up at the thought To have a girl broadcast an apology like that It was too much

Ah, Mr. Wang! Just showered? You look a lot younger with that hairstyle! Lin Yi said, having witnessed the entire scene of Tang Yin splashing the water on the dean. He couldnt help but chuckle to himself- wasnt this girl way too clumsy? Lin Yi, however, hadnt planned on intervening even when the dean started giving Tang Yin a scolding- he found it to be quite well-deserved, since the girl was always finding ways to mess with him.

But Lin Yi couldnt bear watching Tang Yin tear up like that, and decided to help her out a bit.

Ah? Ugh Zhifeng didnt expect to meet Lin Yi here. He didnt know if Lin Yi was serious about the hair, but hed rather not tell him about what Tang Yin had done to him He decided to go along with it, nodding in agreement. Its pretty hot these days- nice to freshen up with a shower once in a while.

Oh.. I thought youve been doing some exercises, haha. Lin Yi said with a smile.

Ha the kids on exercise break got me in the mood for a couple of jumping jacks Zhifengs started sweating as he looked at that evil smile on Lin Yis lips- the kid wasnt playing around! He really did know everything!!

Oh Lin Yi nodded, suddenly turning his head to Tang Yin. Eh? Tang Yin, there you are Dont wait up- go back to class first, I have something I need to say to Mr. Wang.

Ah? Tang Yin wasnt expecting Lin Yi to be this close with the dean that theyd start chatting just like that! Although, the guy was a young master- of course the dean would give him some face with Lin Yis family backing him up Tang Yin had also understood by now that Lin Yi was here to get her out of trouble. She couldnt help but feel bitter at the notion- an honor student was nothing compared to a young master She looked at Lin Yi, and turned to Wang Zhifeng

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Zhifeng didnt think that Lin Yi would know the girl whod dumped a bucket over him, but he understood immediately when Tang Yin raised her head up- it was the school beauty, and Zhifeng could only smile a bitter smile So Lin Yi had something going with the girl- that was why he was hinting at him to let her off the hook!

Zhifeng was no idiot. Lin Yi had made his intentions quite clear, and even set things up so that hed be able to let the girl go without any humiliation Lin Yi might very well tell other people about his exercises if he went against Lin Yis wishes. Zhifeng only smiled as he turned to Tang Yin. Well, off with you, girl- I have something to discuss with Lin Yi as well. Ill let him get back to you in a bit!

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