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Chapter 123 – Father and Son of House Zhong

It didnt hurt, but Lin Yi smiled bitterly all the same- It didnt seem like Tang Yin liked him very much! He was just thinking of starting an innocent relationship earlier, too

Tang Yin was probably an unlikely candidate, and Yushu was the only one left That didnt seem very possible either..

Boss, how come Tang Yins so pissed at you? Xiaobo still couldnt quite wrap his head around it- why would Tang Yin dislike Lin Yi this much from their first meeting if the two of them hadnt even met before?

Id have solved the problem if I knew why Lin Yi explained, a little speechless.

Thats true. Hm? Wait, boss- do you think its maybe because Tang Yin likes you? Xiaobo suggested suddenly.

Hah? Because she likes me? What do you mean? Lin Yi asked, stunned as he stared at Xiaobo.

Its something Ive heard about. Theres this guy from last year, and theres this girl in his class whos part of the student committee, whod always go causing trouble for him. You know? Like when he skips class or something, shed always go cause trouble for him Xiaobo explained. You think maybe Tang Yins the same?

Lin Yi only rolled his eyes- they werent even in that kind of a situation in the first place!

Its possible, but Tang Yins only known me for two and a half days! You think its possible for her to have fallen in love with me during those two days? Lin Yi said, shaking his head. According to this guys logic, the Miss was probably in love with him as well? Always causing trouble for him because she didnt find Lin Yi likeable?

Thats true Xiaobo chuckled as they started walking to school.

They were almost at the gate when Xiaobo pointed some distance away. Boss, look, its Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu

Oh Lin Yi said faintly- hed been paying attention to the two from the corner of his eye since hed noticed them, after all.

Hm? Boss, look at that car theyre getting out of- its the same car you were in! Xiaobo was quite observant, it seemed.

Is it? Doesnt look that alike, does it? Lin Yi yawned. Stop looking at them, lets go.

Yeah, theyre too out of reach anyway. Its not realistic. Xiaobo said with a sigh. Rich people at the top of the pyramid, man- I know that feeling so well

Lin Yi didnt know where that statement was coming from, but Xiaobos didnt seem to have come from an especially rich family, from what Lin Yi had seen. It wasnt too poor, too- the guy was around middle class, so what did he mean by that..?

Lin Yi, however, didnt want Xiaobo focusing on the car for too long, and decided to quicken their pace without asking anything.

A Mercedes-Benz S600I stopped not too far away from the school, parking some distance away from Li Fus Bentley.

That damned Li Fus cars right there- Ill just drop you off here. Do you remember what I told you? Zhong Fabai glared at his son beside him as he spoke scoldingly.

Yes dad. Zhong Pinliang responded carefully. Ill mind my own business from now on

The two were, naturally, referring to the whole incident with Lin Yi! Pinliang didnt dare let his father know that it was him going at Lin Yi for trouble, pinning it on Zhang Naipao instead, saying that hed only went after Lin Yi because hed stepped on his followers shoe He didnt have to bear as much responsibility that way, at least.

Zhong Fabai was a man who walked both legal and criminal paths- as a result, he was someone who valued brotherhood. Pinliang standing up for his follower was not an unreasonable justification for his actions, and hed decided to just let his son off with a scolding.

Do you have any idea how close you were to messing things up for me? Getting my right-hand man Heibao jailed, hes gonna be in there for at least a couple years. Its a good thing he doesnt know too much, or else Zhong Fabai hmphed. Remember, your top priority is to get Chu Mengyao to be your girl, ignore everything else! Understand?

(i just remembered- didnt Xiaobo say Pinliangs dads Zhong Sanguo? shrugs)

I got it, dad! Ill try my best! Zhong Pinliang promised immediately.

Mm. If you manage to get your hands on Chu Mengyao i wont have to deal with your uncles bullshit again! Fabai said with a pat on Pinliangs shoulder. Alright, go. Times ticking, son- hit the iron while its hot, do it before that old fox Chu Pengzhan comes to his senses!

Zhong Fabai was no idiot- he had power in Songshan, but he was many levels below Chu Pengzhans tier. Pengzhan would never consider Zhong Pinliang as a candidate for his daughter, but if Fabai were to let his son make the first move

Zhong Pinliang was still very hateful towards Lin Yi, but there really wasnt much he could do if his father didnt support that hate. Hed be able to send an entire nightclubs security detail at Lin Yi with his fathers full support- so what if Lin Yi was a good fighter? Hed send four guys at him if he could handle one, and hed send twenty at him if he could handle four! There was no way Lin Yi could overpower those numbers!

Lin Yi..! Ill let you live a bit longer, but youre good as fucked when I get my dad on you!! Just you wait, youre so fucked when I get my hands on Chu Mengyao

He wasnt very happy about postponing his revenge, but there wasnt much he could do. Hed decided to look for a couple of ways of messing with Lin Yi a little- it should be fine if he avoided direct confrontations and made sure Lin Yi wouldnt be suspecting him.

Yao Yao Zhong Pinliang said as he went up to the two girls.

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See, Yao Yao? The flys here again Thats why I told you to get with Shield Guy as soon as possible!! Yushu grinned as she pointed at Zhong Pinliang.

Mengyao only rolled her eyes as she turned around the face Pinliang. Zhong Pinliang, are you deaf?

Pinliang blinked as he processed the question- why was Mengyao asking if he was deaf all of a sudden? Wasnt it he who called out to her?

Yao Yao, what do you mean, deaf..? Zhong Pinliang asked, not sure where this was coming from.

Didnt I tell you not to call me Yao Yao back when you first called me that? I told you to use my full name, right I can only assume that you either have something wrong with your IQ, your Chinese, or your ears!! Mengyao said.

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