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Chapter 122 – Pleasantries of School Life

I think its pretty nice, but I can change it if you dont like it? Lin Yi said- hed been looking forward to school life, after all, and had wanted to get as much as he could out of the whole experience.

Lin Yi definitely wanted to immerse himself when it was right in front of him, devoid of the toils back home, of the danger in the battlefields, of the tension on missions Everything was so peaceful- Lin Yi couldnt help but like the life he was living right now.

Wheres that girl from the next class, why hasnt she walked past my window yet?

The childhood of chips, of comics, of first loves

(lyrics from a Chinese song, just searched it up- pretty nostalgic stuff if you know the lyrics. Tong Nian. Means childhood)

Lin Yi felt that he was in a different world from the singer when hed first heard the song- that school life was something so out of reach for him Hed look out his window and think: itd probably be pretty nice if the school beauty from the next class comes walking by and something happens between the two of us

Lin Yi would then go read novels in order to relate- the ones about reincarnation, where the main characters were thrown into a nice, pleasant school life once more, like that Pure and Pleasant Intimacies novel this Fishman the Second guy wrote.

(LOL thats this books author!)

Hed very much like to try and start a nice, innocent relationship with someone, if the Miss and the chairman didnt mind With Tang Yin, for example Or perhaps Chen Yushu- Hm? Why am I thinking about her?

Lin Yi glanced at Yushu a little bit- he had to say, the girl was a beauty, with an amazing figure as well But the problem here was that she was the Miss best friend Maybe he was better off just fantasizing about it a bit He didnt want the Miss to go exploding on him

Oh Whats that have to do with me? If I dont like it? Whatever, do what you want Mengyao said, a little frustrated at Lin Yis words- any other boy wouldve been grinning with joy if shed bought them clothes, wearing them every day But Lin Yi

Mengyao had wanted to say: of course I like that one you wore yesterday, but the words got stuck in her mouth- her young mistress pride was at work once more, and she only sighed internally She simply wasnt as daring as Shu, who spoke her mind about everything

Ah. Ill wear something else tomorrow then. Lin Yi smiled.

Mm hmm! Yao Yao told me last night you know, she said you look really handsome in casual clothes! Yushu added.

Shu!!! Mengyao couldnt believe it, what the hell did this girl decide to spout at Lin Yi?! She wasnt expecting her to just throw that out on the table like that, it should be an unspoken rule that their girly chats never leave the bedroom

Lin Yi, on the other hand, was quite surprised- so even the Miss spoke her mind

They were talking when Li Fus car pulled into the driveway. He sounded his horn, and both Yushu and Mengyao put down their chopsticks, picking their bags up before leaving through the villa door.

Lin Yi looked at the leftovers on the table, and decided that he didnt have to clean it up right away- Li Fu would have someone do that in the afternoon anyway. With that in mind, he picked his bag up and left the villa as well.

Chu Pengzhan wasnt with them anymore, and Lin Yi sat himself at the front. He got out of the car as Li Fu stopped at the school, and Li Fu continued driving.

Yushu looked at Lin Yi walking away before turning to Mengyao. Yao Yao, youve gotta start telling people soon!

Let me think about it a little longer.. I cant accept just having a boyfriend all of a sudden. Mengyao said, shaking her head. Its fake, but other people dont know that

Whats the point if people know its fake Yushu wasnt sure what to say.

Lin Yi was walking away from the car when he heard someone call his name- it was Kang Xiaobo, running towards him with Tang Yin behind him?

The two seemed to have arrived at school in the same bus.

Boss, that car just now..? Xiaobo couldnt tell what the car was when he saw Lin Yi exit a luxury car, but he could tell that it had to be at least over a million kuai

Ah, its my friends, just dropping me off Lin Yi said faintly- Mengyao still hadnt allowed him to reveal anything yet, after all. It was better this way: he was still looking to develop a pleasant relationship with someone special Thered be no developing shit if people found out that he was the Miss follower!!

Oh. Looks like a really grand car. Xiaobo said, a little envious. He suddenly lowered his voice as he scratched at the back of his head. Boss, guess who was in the bus with me today

Tang Yin? Lin Yi asked.

Ugh Xiaobo said, stunned. Howd you know?

Isnt she right behind you? Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

Argh, I was so excited to tell you about it, too! Youre making it sound like its nothing! Xiaobo said unhappily.

Its not that exciting in the first place, okay Lin Yi said. That girl Tang Yins a real porcupine, anyone who crosses her paths just plain unlucky

What did you say, Lin Yi? Tang Yin had noticed Xiaobo the moment she got on the bus, recognizing him as Lin Yis follower and not bothering to pay him any heed. She saw him meet up with Lin Yi after getting off the bus, however, and she started focusing on him.

She saw Lin Yi get off the luxury car, too, and she wasnt very pleased with how he explained it to Xiaobo. A friends car? The guy was just a young master from a rich house, what did he think he was doing, acting all poor in school? He was just wearing high quality casual clothes in front of a sports car yesterday, so what was he doing wearing a school uniform now..? Hmph. Tang Yin couldnt help but despise Lin Yi- the man was so fake.

Her ears perked up upon hearing Lin Yi mention her name, and she spoke up on impulse upon hearing Lin Yi badmouth her She started regretting it soon after. She didnt want to be involved with the guy too much, after all. Although, she had to admit that there was a manliness that Lin Yi had, and it wasnt something that could be achieved with just good looks alone, either. Manliness was a very unique appeal, and Lin Yis manly appeal was too many times stronger than someone like Zou Ruomings. The blossoming Tang Yin wasnt blind to that, but she understood very well that rich boys like him really only toyed with women Shed met too many people like that, like her childhood friend, for example

A strong sensation of sour helplessness would fill Tang Yin up every time she remembered that boyfriend whod dumped her That was what she got for being poor, she supposed She couldnt just go crying at the rich boys door, now could she Would they even bother opening the door for her..?

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Lin Yi didnt expect Tang Yin, who was still some distance away, to actually pay attention to what he was saying to Xiaobo His heart skipped a beat at her words, and he turned to her with a smile on his face. I said youre pretty

You! Tang Yins face reddened in anger as she shot a piercing glare at Lin Yi. She walked up to him and planted her foot onto his, and walked away without so much as looking at him…

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