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Chapter 12 – Encounter in the Cave (Part 1)

Chen Yushu glared at Lin Yi, sticking her tongue out at him before running upstairs with Mengyao.

Its not that big a deal is it? Lin Yi shook his head. He stared at all the food on the table, and decided that the girls wouldnt be coming down for it anymore. With that thought, he picked his chopsticks up and started stuffing everything into his mouth, clearing the table.

Mengyao, on the other hand, collapsed on the bed as soon as she entered her room. Why? What did she do to deserve such a tragedy! She wouldnt mind someone handsome taking her first kiss, even if it were to go down that way But why did it have to be some lame ass farmer, Lin Yi, of all things!

Shu Tell me, what did I do to deserve this?! She didnt want to embarrass herself any more than she already had, so Mengyao managed to at least hold her voice back, if not her tears. She didnt want Lin Yi laughing at him, but it was only Shu and her in the room now.

Hey Its okay Yao Yao, cheer up At least it wasnt an actual kiss, right? He didnt get anything from that indirect kiss, anyway Yushu was thinking that it wasnt all bad, since the shield guy didnt get to taste Mengyaos saliva. It was, at the very least, just a one sided thing.

The consolation only sent Mengyao further into despair. Since Lin Yi wasnt on the receiving side, there was no reason for him to feel guilty. It was bad only for her- her first kiss was gone for nothing, she didn’t benefit at all! Shed rather it be an actual kiss at this point!

Thats it. I cant take this anymore, Im telling dad tomorrow that in this house its me or him! Mengyaos resolve was filled with rage. “Its me or him…”

Crying and vomiting tired Mengyao, and she gradually drifted into sleep. Yushu simply shook her head, laying down beside her friend. Its just some saliva, whats the big deal? Its not like shed get pregnant, anyway.

Having finished dinner, Lin Yi made mental preparations. He sighed, all but ready for the Miss to come charging down at any moment. Not a whole lot he could do about being born on the lower side of the social pyramid Thats how things were. Hed most likely get punished whenever the Miss was displeased, as a servant and all.

Yet Mengyao never came. Lin Yi decided to clear the table before heading back to his room- It was nine- they were probably fast asleep anyway.

Lin Yi brushed his teeth and washed his face before locking the bedroom door. He sat down on the bed and started practicing the Art of Dragon Mastery, something he discovered when in a cave.

Lin Yi was eight at the time, and was called up to the top of Mount Starwest to have his kungfu tested. It was the middle of the night, and the moon was full.

Why Old Lin chose such a time was beyond his understanding, but Lin Yi went along with it anyway. The old man was being annoyingly persistent.

A couple of hits back and forth, and Lin Yi understood that this was no test. The old guy was practically trying to kill him! He was about to protest when Old Lin sent him flying down the mountain with a merciless kick at his butt.

Lin Yis surroundings blurred as he plummeted downward. If he had to describe it, itd be like a superhuman flying full speed at the ground. It was a long while before he landed with a sickening crunch.

He felt his ribcage burn in pain, as if they were about to shatter at any moment. The old man gave him Eastern medicine that strengthened bone structure and constitution since he was three, but even an enhanced body couldnt handle falling from a mountain that high. Lin Yi lost consciousness almost immediately.

Back on the mountain, Old Lin shook his head as he watched. Little Yi Im not trying to be cruel, but this is much too rare an opportunity. The cave only opens up every five years on a full moon- Youd miss the optimal training age if I didnt do this.

Lin Yi didnt know how long his face spent on the ground, but the first thing he did after flipping over was scream out some curses at Old Lin. He made sure his body wasnt too badly hurt before getting up, deciding that it was pointless to yell.

The sight in front of him, however, gave him a shock. It was a huge set of ancient doors, its crimson paint shimmering under the full moon whilst its golden knockers shined.

It was like something out of a fairytale, a resting place for gods! Three words inscribed the tablet above the door: Xuan Yuan Cave.

What was this place? Lin Yi started breathing heavily as he stared at the looming doors. Hed been living in Mount Starwest for many years now, and hed never even heard of a place like this, just lying at the foot of the mountain!

He didnt know how he managed to just fall in front of the doors, or why Old Lins kick just so happened to send him here. He felt as if hed been here before, as if hed visited the place in a dream once.

Failing to comprehend why he was here, Lin Yis body stood and moved on its own, as if some force was pulling him towards the door.

Without much thought, Lin Yi tried pushing the doors, to no avail. Frowning, Lin Yi started pulling at it instead.

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The doors did not budge an inch. Lin Yi was just about to leave when they miraculously began to open gradually, much to his amazement.

Yet he backed off, his instincts taking over. He stared intently into the cave, expecting someone to come walking out. Nothing surfaced, but the insides of the cave were fully exposed.

It was a massive palace, unlit but still somehow very brightly illuminated. Lin Yi was overwhelmed- how was the palace able to glow with such a stunning light? After making sure there werent any creatures lurking about, Lin Yi walked into the now inviting doors.

Every step was laced with alert. He was young, and the young were curious- despite his wary attitude towards the cave, Lin Yi found himself moving forward. He was more reckless back then than he was now.

That young curiosity and recklessness was repaid with a touch of fate.

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