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Chapter 1009: Chapter 1008 – As A Reward

There was one thing that bothered An Jianwen. He had discovered a strange phenomenon. Every late night when it was quiet or when he was very excited, he would vent loudly several times to the sky. While even this was unexplainable to him, but he still treated it like it was nothing…

Chen Yu Shu and Feng Xiaoxiao were singing karaoke. The two were just screaming from the top of their lungs. Whatever song Chen Yushu was singing, Feng Xiaoxiao would also sing. When they were done singing the song, they would choose another song. Chen Yushu would sing the song that Feng Xiaoxiao had ordered and vice versa. Like a competition, these two were just switching on and off. Chu Mengyao didn’t have a single chance to interfere.

When the two girls were finally done singing, the group decided that it was time to leave the KTV.

“Today, I will let you go, but tomorrow we will have our three hundred rounds!” Feng Xiaoxiao laughed at Chen Yushu.

“I welcome all challenges! In front of Songstress Shu, you are weak!” Chen Yushu continued.

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu glanced at each other and bitterly laughed it off. They each tried to occupy Feng Xiaoxiao as much as they could.

Lin Yi was on the first floor bar counter, ready to pay the bill. Even though Lin Yi could just call Zou Tiandi on the phone to pick up the bill, Lin Yi wasn’t willing owe him a favour for such a little amount of money. After handing over the money, he met up with Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu, Tang Yun, and Feng Xiaoxiao at the front of the KTV.

Uncle Fu didn’t leave from his spot and had remained parked in front of the KTV. Even if Uncle Fu had lost his power, he still remained a dutiful driver!

“Yaoyao, Xiao Shu, you can sit in the car with Uncle Fu. I will drive Yunyun and Xiaoxiao home,” Lin Yi replied to his Missy.

“Okay,” the Miss nodded. She wanted Lin Yi to return home early, so she could ask about Feng Xiaoxiao. It was hard to ask with her present though, so she just pouted and kept silent.

Especially Chen Yushu, she was still slightly irritated with Feng Xiaoxiao. They weren’t able to determine the winner of their karaoke!

Lin Yi, Tang Yun, Feng Xiaoxiao got into the beatle. Lin Yi started up his car and said, “Xiaoxiao, are you going back to school to get your car or am I driving you home?”

“You can drive me home, then come pick me up in the morning?” Feng Xiaoxiao glanced at Lin Yi.

“Tomorrow, I have to pick up Tang Yun. You can just call for a cab,” Lin Yi calmly replied.

“Oh, then you can pick me up along route then. I am still your youngest wife, you don’t have to be so harsh to me!” Feng Xiaoxiao already proclaimed herself to be Lin Yi’s mistress. Tang Yun had already agreed, but she was also becoming more bold.

If it was any other day, Tang Yun wouldn’t have been happy with Feng Xiaoxiao acting spoiled infront of her. Even if she didn’t say anything about it, she would feel uncomfortable at the flirty nature of their exchanges. That was until she learned of Feng Xiaoxiao’s illness, then her attitude changed completely. She was hoping that Feng Xiaoxiao could have happy memories in the last leg of her life!

No matter what Feng Xiaoxiao did, Tang Yun maintained her forgiving attitude. She kept telling herself that she needed to truly accept Feng Xiaoxiao so that they are both sisters as Lin Yi’s women.

“Where is your house?” Lin Yi asked.

“It is isn’t far away from the school, very close to it. In front of Ning Shi road,” said Feng Xiaoxiao.

“Oh, then I will pick you up tomorrow. Only just this one time, there won’t be a next,” Lin Yi agreed to picking her up. Ning Shi road wasn’t too far, it was along the route of travel.

“Lin Yi, you are the best. I want to kiss you as reward!” Feng Xiaoxiao cheerfully shouted loudly.

“Your reward seems to be taking advantage of Lin Yi though?” Tang Yun wasn’t laughing along.

“I… Sister Tang Yun, you are laughing at me!” Feng Xiaoxiao blushed. She had to whisper back in a low voice, “Sister Tang Yun, do you really accept me or is it just pique? We might be in a crisis now, Chen Yushu is very slick, we should work together to fight against the enemy! Otherwise, she would want to become Lin Yi’s mistress. If we fight against each other, then an enemy can slip in!

“Well…” Tang Yun had already accepted Feng Xiaoxiao, but she didn’t want to reveal it to her. She faked the impression that she was thinking about it before replying “I’ll try…”

“Hehe, Sister Tang Yun, you can relax. I will protect your interests!” Feng Xiaoxiao patted her chest as she gives her guarantee. “I am a person who can distinguish resentment and rewards. Who treats me nicely, I will keep that in mind. I will fight against Chen Yushu to the end!”

“Haha…actually, Yushu just likes to stir up trouble. There’s nothing between her and Lin Yi…”. The relationship between Tang Yun, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu were quite good, she didn’t want the new addition, Feng Xiaoxiao, to disrupt the order.

“Oh… then that will depend on their attitude!” Feng Xiaoxiao raised her fist.

Lin Yi was in the driver’s seat, he pretended not to have heard anything. Truthfully, if Feng Xiaoxiao and Chen Yushu were to fight it out then that would be a huge pain to Lin Yi. Seems like he has to clarify with his Miss and Chen Yushu about the situation. Otherwise if things got out of hand with Yushu stirring the pot, there would be unforeseen problems.

By the time, Tang Yun got back to the hospital, it was quite late already. However, People’s First Hospital was operating on a 24hr schedule, so there were people coming and going all the time. Even at night, there were still a lot of patients. The ambulance was also operating all the time, so Lin Yi was not worried about Tang Yun’s safety.

As Tang Yun entered the hospital, she disappeared from view after turning the corner. That was when Lin Yi started up the car to drive Feng Xiaoxiao home.

Feng Xiaoxiao sat on the shotgun seat after Tang Yun got off. She didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

Lin Yi wanted to say somebody, but held his tongue. Truthfully, he had feelings for Feng Xiaoxiao. However those feelings weren’t positive because he had always been wary of her. He hadn’t adjust his behavior to reflect his attitude towards her!

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To smile at her like he did for Tang Yun, was something that made Lin Yi feel awkward. He was afraid of breaking his cover.

Before, when Lin Yi interacted with Feng Xiaoxiao, he had always replied nonchalantly.

“Lin Yi, what did my dad contact you for?” Feng Xiaoxiao asked first. She didn’t know what excuse to start a topic to talk about.

In one afternoon, Feng Xiaoxiao’s dream came true. She had dreamt of this day for so long. She was finally Lin Yi’s girlfriend. Even if it was just the mistress role, but the concept was the same. Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t mind at all!

But, it was just a little too fast. Feng Xiaoxiao felt that something was off! Tang Yun shouldn’t have taken the bait so easily. Feng Xiaoxiao can’t shake that feeling in her gut.

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