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Chapter 1008: Chapter 1007 – Feeling Appreciated

In actuality, he couldn’t stand up anymore. He was already dead!

The frustration among the floor became apparent, and the rowdy crowd started to angrily shout. They were all the people who had placed bets on Purple Wolf. Now that Purple Wolf was dead, their money was as good as gone. They lost all their money to the House.

“Keke!” An Jianwen looked at the new winning champion, Black Bear. He laughed loudly, “Not bad, he really won. This Black Bear isn’t bad at all. He has potential. Next time, he can change his identity as a killer!

“Master Jianwen, Black Bear is a one time use only,” the Professor shook his head.

“Oh? What is that?” An Jianwen curiously asked.

“He was able to persist until now, relying on the drugs to help keep him going. The moment the effects of the drug wear off, he can only wait to die. His internal organs are already all destroyed. There is no way of continuing his survival!” Professor Yin replied.

“If that’s the case… That’s too bad!” An Jianwen was sad, “Ah, that is a pity!”

“Master Jianwen, you are a person who sees the big picture. One or two people dying here or there, what is there to pity? You don’t have to be sad!” Xiao Luozi tried to carefully reassure his master. He was sent by the Fire Wolf Gang to assist An Jianwen. He was the one who would have to claim responsibility if he was caught!

But, Fire Wolf Gang treated their men very well. They have already arranged for Xiao Luozi’s family to be handsomely compensated. Xiao Luozi wouldn’t have any regrets on being the scapegoat!

“Who says that I am feeling sympathetic?” An Jianwen rolled his eyes, “I’m just worried for his internal organs, they were all destroyed! That is at least worth a hundred thousand yuan right there!”

“…” Xiao Luozi’s face twitched. This Master Jianwen is very heartless, seems like this Black Bear’s organs were all worthless and couldn’t be sold…

“Quickly, send someone down to check on Purple Wolf and Black Bear. See if their organs are still good. Cut it out of them to sell, it will be a good income supplement!” An Jianwen waved his hand for Xiao Luozi.

“Ah, yes!” Xiao Luozi nodded his head, and got to work!

An Jianwen was bold and ambitious. As for operating this underground arena, it was his way of making a living. The underground fighters that die would have their organs cut out and sold! An Jianwen only sold liver back then, but now he sold all parts. He will cut out the cornea, liver, heart, as long as the organs can be sold, he will sell it. The remainder of the body will just be fed to his crocodiles.

So in one night of underground arena fights, An Jianwen generated profit as much as he could from the audience and the underground fighters. This was why Fire Wolf Gang’s leader valued An Jianwen for his skills! When An Jianwen got into trouble before, Fire Wolf Gang wasn’t afraid. What they had was human resources, it wasn’t hard to find a scapegoat! As long as you were capable, it was easy to earn this type of money.

An Jianwen has underground boxers, they were recruited from various places like the online blackmarket to fight. As for the rest of the fighters, they were seduced by the rewards, and were usually security workers and farmers. They were told that they could win up to several hundred thousand yuan. If they participated, they were guaranteed a hundred thousand. Any fights that they won would give them extra cash as a reward. That way, once participating fighters joined, they would get greedy and wouldn’t say no to more money!

There was a benefit to using these types of drifters. They were almost untraceable, since most of the security workers were part timers. They might work one day and quit the next. The high turnover rate made it hard for people to notice them missing!

The delinquents that joined were even better choices. Many of them had done something to warrant a need for them to run or escape. Even their classmates wouldn’t know their whereabouts if their friend had committed some crime and had chosen to escape!

If anyone was looking for those fighters, An Jianwen could just vouch for them and say that they earned money from just boxing. As for the whereabouts, An Jianwen would just say that they are enjoying life with the money earned.

So for the underground arena, it couldn’t function without boxers. There wasn’t a lack of customers and if the police turned to look in a different direction, then this was a golden business! This is one of the business types that didn’t require funding. An Jianwen’s specialty were these types of unfunded business ventures.

“Master Jianwen, for Purple Wolf, aside from his cornea that is ruined, all the other organs are still in a good state! Black Bear only has his cornea and left kidney functional; the rest of the sellable parts are ruined!” Xiao Luozi reported back to An Jianwen.

“Ah… Black Bear is dead?” An Jianwen nodded.

“He wasn’t dead when we found him, but he’s on the operation table now!” Xiao Luozi replied.

“Not bad, he still has use. Yes, his organs would still be worth at least several hundred thousand yuan!” An Jianwen nodded, “Tomorrow, you and Boxer Lee will go out and find some fools willing to fight in the boxing match. I will go and have fun with women!”

“Yes, Master Jianwen, enjoy yourself!” Xiao Luozi nodded as he escorted An Jianwen away!

An Jianwen had earned quite a lot of money over the past several days but even so, Lin Yi had recovered his strength, which upset An Jianwen a lot. He couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity to marry Chu Mengyao. He was upset, but before Boxer Lee said that he could give his support, then he wouldn’t dare to go against Lin Yi. With his money that he had earned over the past several days, he would book himself into the Starlight Hotel along with several virgin girls. He would go with Sutai to go party with the girls and relieve his emptiness.

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From An Jianwen’s point of view, these virgins were pure, but they weren’t Chu Mengyao. His dream girl was Chu Mengyao! Oh, Chu Mengyao, you can’t escape from my grasp, wait until I’ve established myself in the Fire Wolf Gang. Then, I can control you, and Lin Yi? He won’t be considered shit.

At present, An Jianwen was Fire Wolf Gang’s lowest tier earning spokesperson. Most of his information came from his father’s mouth. Fire Wolf Gang is a huge organization, they had plenty of veteran fighters. They were even more impressive than the hidden houses! So when An Jianwen heard that the Fire Wolf Gang was backed by another huge power, he didn’t know how to react. If it was more powerful than the hidden houses, then it was an existence that was only heard of in stories!

Boxer Lee was assigned to protect Fire Wolf Gang. He was a mid tier mystic power level physical practitioner, and these practitioners were rare. Only the Fire Wolf Gang could afford to have those practitioners on payroll!

Presently, Boxer Lee didn’t have any chance to show off his qualities. Boxer Lee was just there to hold down the fort. He was there to handle any unruly opponents, if that ever came up. Under normal circumstances, Boxer Lee would accompany An Jianwen, doing whatever he does!

With a strong body guard by his side, An Jianwen didn’t need to do anything. So An Jianwen had been living his best life while drinking and eating. An Jianwen felt at ease being guarded all the time!

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