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Chapter 1007: Chapter 1006 – Underground Arena, Part 2

On a closer look, one night of ticket sales can bring in several million yuan of profit. With a quick turnover, it was a highly profitable business!

The ticket sales however wasn’t where the most profit lay, but rather it was the bets on the fights! Even without knowing the winner, the bank was always the winner!

The audience was heated and the momentum of the show was good. The mastermind behind this underground arena, An Jianwen, couldn’t help but smirk. He asked his henchman, “Xiao Luozi, how much did we earn without counting today? What’s the total?”

“Ah… Master Jiawen, we earned a total of 16.7 million, this is accounting for the compensation of four million yuan that we paid out yesterday!” The henchman called Xiao Luozi was a sneaky looking fellow, that carried around a ledger. He greeted An Jianwen with a lot of respect.

“Ah yes, Professor Yin, are you sure that Black Bear can beat Purple Wolf? I don’t think he is as capable as you say he is. He was almost beaten to death, did you see him bleed?” An Jianwen nodded. He turned to look at a middle aged man around 40 years old.

That middle aged man was the professor, sent by the Fire Wolf Gang, to assist An Jianwen. The Professor was a biochemical research expert with a specialty is human transformation and potential. He developed a drug that could help people temporarily forget the feeling of pain. It brought out the fighting force in human potential. Those who took the drug wouldn’t feel pain. They would only focus on attacking, until they used up the very last of their energy!

That Black Bear was the first user of this drug. In all of the previous arena matches, they were hired fighters that had to go through trials. There were winners and losers, injuries and deaths, but An Jianwen still earned no matter what since he was the House.

Ever since a few days ago, when the Purple Wolf appeared in the fighting ring, An Jianwen began scheming a plan to earn more money!

Purple Wolf was quite powerful. He was a fighting instructor hired from the Southern region. These two days were full of successful wins for Purple Wolf, he kept winning fight after fight. Now that he had set a name for himself, a lot of people were betting their money on Purple Wolf!

Wealthy people came here not for the money, but to kill time. They hoped to win, but that was not their primary concern. But who wouldn’t want to win when they gambled?

As for the other fighter today, this Black Bear, he appeared to be very scrawny and weak. He resembled nothing like his name, Black Bear! He was the obvious weaker opponent, the underdog, so how could he win against the reigning champion, Purple Wolf? It was just unrealistic thinking!

So just based on the appearance of Black Bear, many people were betting heavily on Purple Wolf’s victory. Many had seen Purple Wolf’s matches before, so since he was fighting against someone as weak as Black Bear, they were sure this was a certain win!

It was for that reason, there was especially more bets placed than normal. Bets as low as ten thousand and as high as a hundred thousand were placed. The total amount resulted in a very handsome payout!

This made An Jianwen very happy. If Black Bear was to win, then he would take home 20 million yuan!

“Relax, young master, have you seen Black Bear climb back up time after time? He had always comeback and will eventually wear Purple Wolf out!” Professor Yin calmly replied, “Look, Black Bear just got up again!”

Initially Professor Yin didn’t like An Jianwen’s attitude, but after several days of working together closely, he discovered that An Jianwen was quite ruthless. He is quite good at earning money, and he helped find volunteers for the drug treatment. This brought in very valuable rewards for Fire Wolf Gang. Even the Fire Wolf Gang leader praised An Jianwen for his ability to earn money. Undeniably, Professor Yin couldn’t underestimate An Jianwen.

As a result, Professor Yin had to change his attitude to become more respectful to An Jianwen!

Everytime Black Bear was knocked down, he climbed back up and walked toward Purple Wolf!

In actuality, Purple Wolf was able knock down Black Bear in one hit, but he couldn’t land a hit! On the other hand, even if Black Bear’s strikes couldn’t knock anyone down, his punches were landing most of the time. As the damage accumulated, Purple Wolf was wondering how Black Bear found the strength to pull out punches like that! Especially, when Black Bear was so scrawny.

He didn’t speak up, but he knew that his internal organs were bleeding!

Purple Wolf was very frustrated as he kept on seeing Black Bear get up.

How is this Black Bear like an unkillable cockroach? When his attacks connected, he still stood up! Purple Wolf was sure that he had broken Black Bear’s ribs. So how could he still stand up in this condition? Didn’t he feel pain?

Watching Black Bear charge toward him, Purple Wolf could only continue the fight. In this underground arena, there were no rules. You couldn’t surrender and there is only one result. It was either he died or you died! Until one of them couldn’t get up, that was how you could get out of the match!

“Bang!” Black Bear charged forward. His punch landed on Purple Wolf’s head. Purple Wolf saw stars, and his eardrums echoed! He has a concussion! He had already had minor injuries to the head from the prolonged fight. As for Black Bear, he just didn’t seem to care about his injuries. It was truly a fight to the death! Both parties were taking hard hits head on!

Black Bear’s attack landed on Purple Wolf’s head, but he was also knocked back by Purple Wolf’s attack. He landed on the floor with a thud.

Purple Wolf felt as if his brain was about to explode. The pressure built up in his brain was past his pain threshold. He knew that if he didn’t go to the hospital soon, he would truly be game over! He was in a race against time to get it treated!

Once again, Black Bear miraculously got up from the ground. He charged at Purple Wolf again!

“Grr-” Black Bear charged over to strike Purple Wolf’s head again!

“Bang!” The sound echoed in Purple Wolf’s ears. A large amount of blood gushed out from Purple Wolf’s orifices, it was deep red blood that flowed onto the rink. Then Purple Wolf laid on the floor motionless!

When Purple Wolf was knocked back, Black Bear was also sent flying back and landed on the ground!

The crowd goes wild! Even the reigning champion Purple Wolf was knocked down! He was bleeding out from multiple places!

“Get up Purple Wolf! Get up Purple Wolf!”

“Kill Black Bear!”

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“Get Up! Get Up!”

“That fucker, I spent five hundred thousand on this bet! It was all my savings! Stand up! Don’t play dead!”

The next scene caused a huge upset. The one standing wasn’t Purple Wolf, it was Black Bear!

Black bear stood up, with both his arms raised. His eyes were red, his whole body was red. It was like he was internally bleeding from his capillaries all around, but he had won!

“10! 9! 8! 7… 3! 2! 1! Black Bear Wins!” The loud speaker announced as it counted down for Purple Wolf to stand up, but he never stood up.

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