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Chapter 1004: Chapter 1003 – The Gloomy Xie Yufeng

Chapter 1003 – The Gloomy Xie Yufeng

No matter what happened, ordinary people could never figure out the difference between the practitioner and ordinary human but when a practitioner was present, just a little use of pure qi would be detectable it!

Xie Yufeng knew that Lin Yi was a practitioner so even if he channelled a little pure qi, Lin Yi would know surely learn his hidden strength!

Xie Yufeng jumped up from the surprise, and cursed his misfortune! If his strength was exposed on the first day he arrived at school, didn’t everything just go to waste for nothing? How would his father see him in the future? He couldn’t even handle such a tiny task, how could his father allow him to take up a larger responsibility next time?

Hence, Xie Yufeng quickly released the pure qi that he gathered to strike, however, a problem surfaced again! Without the help of his pure qi, Xie Yufeng was obviously no match to the three men across him!

These three men were evidently gangsters who engaged themselves in fights all the time, defeating one shouldn’t be a problem but he had to take care of three of them, was that supposed to be a joke? He wasn’t a physical practitioner, a spiritual practitioner was no different from an ordinary human without their pure qi! At most, they were only a little stronger than ordinary human!

Xie Yufeng and Lin Yi were different from each other, even after losing his pure qi, Lin Yi was stronger than ordinary people by folds because of his experience in the battlefields and missions. Linyi even mastered the art of assassination so his agility alone was already abnormal so when it comes to fighting, even if his opponent was a physical practitioner, he could easily win against them without using his true strength!

But it wasn’t the case for Xie Yufeng! He was stuck in between, nowhere to go!

“Guys, let’s call it an end for today if any of you are still unsatisfied with the outcome, you may leave your contact numbers for a duel in an arranged date!” Xie Yufeng’s face changed and spoke up because he had zero chance of winning without his pure qi!

“F*ck, are you an idiot? Who says you can end as you wish? Didn’t you send me flying with a kick? Didn’t you invite us to come to you all at once? Brothers, f*ck him!” Lei Zhenyu was overjoyed when he heard Xie Yufeng. This kid was finally afraid!

“One has to always maintain a cordial relationship for the rainy days! Are you sure you want to go all out today?” Xie Yufeng wrinkled his eyebrows. Although he was ashamed by his actions, he had no choice to go soft this time! He couldn’t afford to use pure qi in front of Lin Yi,but he didn’t want to get beaten up by the trio too.

“Rainy days? You were the one who urged us to come at once!” Lei Zhenyu noticed the sullen face of Xie Yufeng and started laughing, “Kid, why don’t you kneel down before me, kowtow three times, call me your grandfather and then crawl under my crotch, I will let this pass if you do that!”

“Hahahaha! Crawl under his crotch!” the baldie and aquiline nosed guy followed and burst into laughter.

Xie Yufeng’s face blanched instantly- he hated Lin Yi to the bones! Why did he have to come out from the room, what was the point of coming out? He genuinely hoped that Lin Yi would bring Yushu and Xiaoxiao back to the room but Lin Yi didn’t intend to do so- it was as in like he was there for the show, not moving an inch from the spot he stood!

“Lin Yi, you bring Feng Xiaoxiao and Chen Yushu back to the room, I don’t want them to injure the girls!” Xie Yufeng had no choice and hoped that Lin Yi would take up his suggestion and act the way he wanted!

He needed Lin Yi to leave, even just a few seconds, he could go rampage and finish them off with handicaps!

On the other hand, Lin Yi was looking at Xie Yufeng in rather high spirits! He was curious at Xie Yufeng’s action, just what was he doing? He was in a fighting posture, ready to go all out just now but all of a sudden, he started talking softly. Just what was he trying to achieve?

Besides, Lin Yi was able to tell that Xie Yufeng was about to use his pure qi just now but he stopped it at the last second…. Just why was he hiding his true strength?

“Oh, I’m just a passenger.” Lin Yi replied faintly, not intending to leave the spot at all.

“Kid, you sure have a lot to talk before kicking the bucket, huh?” Lei Zhenyu was kicked in the chest earlier, the pain was still throbbing right now- he was pissed at cocky Xie Yufeng was even until now as he sent a kick directly to him!

Xie Yufeng was caught in surprise, he wanted to dodge but who knew his path was cut by the baldie and aquiline nosed guy from the left and right! Initially, he thought that even if he was forbidden to use pure qi, with his agility he could easily dodge the attacks and reduce as much suffering as possible until the security guards came to rescue!

However who knew the baldie and aquiline nosed guy came locking his movement from both sides, he couldn’t even move at all!

At the next moment, only the sound of wailing could be heard, Xie Yufeng’s forehead was filled with cold sweat after the attack- Lei Zhenyu gave him a critical hit in his crotch area!

“Kid, aren’t you very tough? Aren’t you very good at acting? I’ll disable you!” as Lei Zhenyu was provoking, he gave another kick at Xie Yufeng’s crotch again!

Xie Yufeng’s entire body was shivering. He wanted to kill Lei Zhenyu instantly with a tight slap but Lin Yi was still standing there, he could only endure the pain for House Yu’s future! He was a practitioner, his body was slightly stronger than an ordinary person. Although Lei Zhenyu’s kicks were extremely painful, it dealt no serious harm to his sexual organ!

Otherwise, Xie Yufeng was ready to commit suicide!

Xie Yufeng knelt down and the trio started raising their fists and sent them raining at Yufeng continuously without mercy!

“Act tough, huh? Aren’t you very cocky?”

“In the underworld of Songshan city, you still dare to oppose Lei bro, go die!”

“Did you know, the KTV’s boss, Zou Tiandi is Lei bro’s alliance, they can easily kill you like a plaything!”

Without the protection of the pure qi, Xie Yufeng was beaten into a swollen pig head!

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There was a smile at the corner of Lin Yi’s mouth, but he was still standing there and looking at the scene!

Now, Lin Yi was able to confirm his doubt now- he knew why Xie Yufeng was hiding! Xie Yufeng didn’t want to reveal his true strength to Lin Yi, the purpose of his transfer was something to be observed too! Lin Yi was eighty per cent sure that Yufeng came to this school solely for him!

Otherwise, why would he endure the suffering and wouldn’t show his true strength in front of him?

But Lin Yi didn’t expose it out. Since Xie Yufeng was trying to be the pig in this game, he would surely allow him to act like one! Lin Yi was happy to pretend as well, standing at the corner as he enjoyed the show.

“Help!” Xie Yufeng finally cried out, asking for help! This time, he couldn’t care about his face anymore. He had already been abused until this point, there was no point in saving it anymore, was there? Why not call for help and save himself from the never-ending suffering!

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