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Chapter 1002: Temporarily Joining Hands

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Temporarily Joining Hands

So, Lin Yi, Tang Yun, and Mengyao were all dumbfounded as they stared at Feng Xiaoxiao and Chen Yushu who left the room together.

“What are you planning?” Yushu asked Xiaoxiao after leaving the room- she knew that Xiaoxiao was never this considerate to invite her to the washroom together.

“Do you find the Xie Yufeng annoying?” Xiaoxiaoa sked.

“Of course, he’s interrupting us!” Yushu nodded.

“I think so too, so I’ve decided to finish him off before finishing you!” Xiaoxiao said. “What do you think?”

“You want us to join hands?” Yushu was no stupid.

“We’ll form an alliance first, after finishing off Xie Yufeng, we continue what was left behind!” Xioaxiao nodded.

“Nice, it’s decided!” Yushu agreed. “Do you have any ideas?”

“Not yet, I’m thinking!” Xiaoxiao shook her head.

The duo was talking while heading the washroom. Both of them never intended to use the washroom anyway, they just stood in front of the washroom and started thinking up a good strategy.

“Pretty girls, you’re waiting for someone?” The drunk fierce-looking man just came out of the male washroom and saw Chen Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao standing in front of the female’s washroom, his eyes brightened up suddenly!

They were such angelic girls. They were so much better than the ladies in his room now. They looked so pure and innocent, and the man couldn’t help but hit on them!

The man’s name was Lei Zhenyu—he was one of the Tiandi entertainment guests, doing freight matching in the city. He was also considered as the leader of a gang so he was super unscrupulous in doing things. Whenever he saw pretty girls in the club, he would drag them into the room. If things were smooth, then nothing happened but when things went south, he would just spend his fortune to quiet them down!

Women that always went to the club were normally not pure anymore—they were no longer virgins, so even if they were forced to do it, it didn’t matter much. As long as they were compensated after, they wouldn’t want to cross a force as influential as Lei Zhenyu so they would never report to the police! So, Lei Zhenyu was getting cockier day by day.

Lei Zhenyu’s sudden appearance gave Xiaoxiao and Yushu a good fright, both of them looked at each other and instantly understood the intentions behind those eyes!

“We came here with another man, I’m afraid we can’t accompany you!” Xiaoxiao looked at Lei Zhenyu with apologetic eyes.

“Yeah yeah, as much as we wanted to stay by your side but the man we followed here is very strong, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to offend him so I don’t think we can follow you!” Yushu blinked her eyes helplessly.

When both of them were done, they eyed each other again, there was a trace of admiration in between them. Both of them were so in sync and became partners in one go! They wanted to use this ugly-looking man to deal with Xie Yufeng!

Lie Zhenyu’s eyes lit up when he heard Xiaoxiao and Yushu. The girls not only didn’t reject his invitation directly, but they were also keen to join him, however, they came here with a guy and the guy was pretty strong himself! He was over the moon as he waved his hand nonchalantly. “Hmph, in the underworld of Songshan city, who is more powerful than I, Lei Zhenyu?! He dares to fight me?”

“It can’t do, Lei bro. Although we wanted to accompany you, the guy is something!” Xiaoxiao shook her head with a bitter expression.

“Yeah yeah, he’s super strong. Lei bro you do look very strong yourself but I don’t think you can be his opponent!” Yushu reminded worriedly.

“F*ck! You two go back and tell him that, I Lei Zhenyu have chosen both of you if he has something to say, come look for me in Lei bro freight station, I’m going to make him pay!” Lei Zhenyu was pissed when he heard Xiaoxiao and Yushu kept on insisting how strong was the guy.

“We do not have the courage to do that, Lei bro. Why don’t you come with us and tell him….” Xiaoxiao asked.

“Sure! I’ll follow you two!” Lei Zhenyu was drunk and he didn’t even consider the fact that Xiaoxiao and Yushu were provoking him and scheming something behind as he waved his hand and followed the duo back to the room!

At the same time, two men were walking out of the washroom. One was a baldie, another one was a guy with an aquiline nose. “Lei bro, why are you here… Eh?” the baldie asked.

When the baldie had his eyes landed on Xiaoxiao and Yushu, a light flashed across his eyes! Masterpiece, he couldn’t believe how powerful was Lei bro—he found two extremely pretty girls after going to the washroom. He wondered if he was able to enjoy himself after Lei bro was done with them.

“Oh, these two girls are willing to play with me but they came here with a man, I’ve to go take care of something!” Lei Zhenyu said loudly.

Xie Yufeng wanted to join Xiaoxiao and Yushu to the washroom—it was a golden opportunity to interact with them individually, after all! Who knew he could get something out from it! However, he couldn’t just follow the girls out, it’d be too obvious!

He waited for a moment, stood up and acted like he wanted the washroom too as he left the room.

In the walkway, Xiaoxiao and Yushu were not far to be seen but they were surrounded by three fierce-looking men!

Were the girls troubled? Xie Yufeng’s brain was dead for a split second! He was so excited he didn’t know what to do, was this a blessing given by God? One minute ago, he was still depressed not having an opportunity to show his strength but who knew it came so quickly!

Xie Yufeng wanted to express his gratitude to them so much, their sudden appearance meant so much to him! Nice, the purpose of you living is to show how great a person I am!

With that thought, Xie Yufeng charged forward hastily with a concerning voice. “Xiaoxiao, Shu, how are you guys? What are these people?”

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Initially, Xiaoxiao and Yushu wanted to lead these people to Xie Yufeng and give him a good lesson but who knew this idiot came out from the room to look trouble for himself! He was looking for a death wish!

Both of them looked at each other with a smile, Xie Yufeng wanted to die so badly!

“Oh, the man is looking for us already!” Yushu said nervously. “Sorry, Lei bro, we gotta go…”

“Lei bro, we have to go back now… see you next time!” Xiaoxiao said repentantly.

There was an itch in his heart, it was so hard to find girls this obedient. Besides, they were willing to be his women voluntarily, he didn’t have to force his way in! But the only problem was the man, they were afraid of him!

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