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Chapter 1001: To Agree Without Prior Discussion
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To Agree Without Prior Discussion

Feng Xiaoxiao frowned as she snatched the flower from Yufeng’s hand, ran towards Lin Yi and handed him the flower: “Lin Yi, this flower is for you!”

“Ugh….” both Yushu and Xiaoxiao were sending him flowers simultaneously. Lin Yi couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

The reason why Lin Yi didn’t kick Yufeng out of the room was to observe him from the dark. He was trying to figure out what he was planning. Out of the blue came a mystic class practitioner and they were all fallen into the same class, no less! Lin Yi couldn’t find himself to believe that Yufeng was not here for him or Mengyao.

On top of that, Lin Yi wanted to use Yufeng as a tactic to temporary stop the war between Xiaoxiao and Yushu, otherwise, the night was going to be a disaster!

However, it seemed like Lin Yi had made a mistake here, Feng Xiaoxiao and Chen Yushu were directing Yufeng’s attack to his direction!

Lin Yi received the flower from Yushu then Xiaoxiao but he didn’t keep the flowers for long until he sent them out to Mengyao who was currently still singing. “You sing very well, this is for you!”

Mengyao was tickled pink when she heard Lin Yi complimented her, a smile blossomed from her face! She extended her arms to receive the flowers and held them near her chest. “Thanks….”

Chu Mengyao was putting all her attention on singing just now, she didn’t know where did the flowers come from but Lin Yi gave it to her personally. The sensation was sweeter than eating honey, it seemed like Lin Yi wasn’t that bad, either! He knew how to please her….

The flowers were sent out by Lin Yi. As unsatisfied as Feng Xiaoxiao was, she couldn’t do anything at all. On the contrary, Chen Yushu was rather pleased with Lin Yi’s action because it was all the same, giving to Mengyao was like giving it to her too.

Xie Yufeng’s expression turned slightly ugly, his flowers were used by others like a bottom drawer!

No matter how stupid Xie Yufeng was, he could tell that Chen Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao were jealous of each other—not because of him, but for Lin Yi! It seemed like Lin Yi’s popularity wasn’t half bad, either. He appeared to have an intimate relationship with all the girls here, didn’t he?

Xie Yufeng went into deep thought for a while, Lin Yi was a very capable foe!

However, Xie Yufeng was confident as well. He still felt that he was more handsome and better than him in every aspect! Before he came to this school, he already had Wang Congming to investigate Lin Yi!

When Lin Yi first entered the school, it didn’t take long for him to give the school’s big tyrants, Zhong Pinliang and Zou Ruoming, their punishments. Could it be that because of this reason, the ladies were all falling for him?

This was possible! Xie Yufeng was a practitioner himself, he too prioritized strength before anything, this thinking was inscribed inside his bones! As far as he was concerned, the girls must have fallen for her due to his strength. It wasn’t strange at all for a girl this age to admire a man who could fight, was it?

Hmph, what was so proud of defeating a few school gangsters? With his strength, it was just a piece of a cake too!

Xie Yufeng was a little impatient now, he wanted to demonstrate his power to Feng Xiaoxiao and Chen Yushu now so badly. Although he shouldn’t reveal his practitioner’s strength, with his physique—unless his opponents were no professional fighters or masters or a gang of fighters, otherwise, he was confident that there were no ways he would lose!

As far as he was concerned, no matter how strong the school gangsters were, they weren’t taught how to fight, with just a few hits they would be defeated for sure! Besides if Lin Yi wasn’t around, he could use his qi secretly as nobody was able to tell he was the one using it.

Unless there were practitioners on the field, otherwise no ordinary human could differentiate pure qi!

But the problem was that Lin Yi had already built a foundation in the school, he had punished the troublemakers until they were all tamed and knew how strong he was, nobody would dare cross his line again, this made Yufeng lose his golden opportunity to demonstrate his strength!

He sincerely hoped that some blind gangsters would go trouble Chen Yushu and Feng Xiaoxiao a little just so he could go save the world like a hero rescuing the damsel in distress!

Didnt Lin Yi win over Tang Yun’s heart by defeating Zou Ruoguang?

Now, Xie Yufeng could only advance with a soft tactic, he looked at Feng Xiaoxiao. “You are Feng Xiaoxiao, right? I’ve heard of your big name, one of the Songshan First school’s school beauties…”

“Where did you hear that from? Or you created this yourself?” Feng Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes and replied impatiently. “Haven’t you heard that I’m the last member of the Big Four?”

“Ha, I heard that you are one of the four big school beauties….” Xie Yufeng chuckled. “What’s your hobby? I like playing basketball, billiards and also singing….”

“Oh, not bad, do you gamble?” Xiaoxiao asked back.

“Ugh… no… I don’t have bad habits like this.” seeing how Feng Xiaoxiao took the initiative to learn more about him, he thought that Feng Xiaoxiao was ready to accept him so he quickly denied as he shook his head.

“Do you do car racing?” Feng Xiaoxiao asked again.

“No, I never do something this dangerous!” Xie Yufeng shook his head sub-consciously.

“Oh, I’m truly sorry, we don’t have any topics in common at all, I love car racing!” Feng Xiaoxiao smiled.

“Ha?” Xie Yufeng startled—he knew that he had fallen into her trap! First, Feng Xiaoxiao named an evil practice and after he denied that, she asked him with another practice that was somewhat bad, knowing that he would surely deny without thinking much then Feng Xiaoxiao jumped in and said that she loves the habit!

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Knowing that he was tricked by Feng Xiaoxiao. Yufeng was a little pissed but what was spoken couldn’t be taken back anymore as he clenched his teeth. “But I do collect branded cars, I have many cars in my garage. Ferarri and Porsche are just ordinary….”

Initially, Feng Xiaoxiao was prepared to go on a three hundred rounds full war with Chen Yushu but who knew out of nowhere came this annoying bastard. No matter how many times she pushed him away, did this guy have no self-awareness? Still talking to her with cars and hobbies without giving a break?

If you want to talk so much, why don’t you go annoy the big boobed Chen Yushu?

“Chen Yushu, I’m going to the washroom, do you want to join me?” Feng Xiaoxiao turned to Yushu and asked.

“Oh, good timing!” Yushu nodded. She suffered as much as Feng Xiaoxiao did with Xie Yufeng beside them mumbling. She was also prepared to have a death match with Feng Xiaoxiao but who knew this Yufeng interrupted the fight, this made her unable to continue the war with Xiaoxiao!

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