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Chapter 1000: Mistake
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“Haha, you must be joking, pretty girl—of course, I’d be interested in you. I was just here keeping quiet, thinking that you wouldn’t think the same!” Yufeng didn’t know about the conflict between Xiaoxiao and Yushu, and assumed that Xiaoxiao was being jealous of Yushu because he talked to her!

Hearing Xiaoxiao call him handsome convinced him that she liked him, and so, he decided that hitting on this girl was fine too. She wasn’t as fully endowed as Yushu, but was pretty as well!

“Then she guessed right, I’m not interested in you,” Xiaoxiao said, nodding deeply.

“Wha?” Yufeng froze from the words, his face growing dark.

What was wrong with this Feng Xiaoxiao? So she wasn’t interested? Then what was she talking about?

A conqueror’s impulse swelled inside Yufeng’s heart. After all, he was unstoppable when it came to hitting on girls! In Yanjing, everyone knew his status as House Yu’s young master, and the number of people who jumped into his arms was uncountable! Even those who were purer—who didn’t take the initiative—as long as he did, it would be a breeze!

So Xiaoxiao and Yushu’s disinterest made him feel like it was a challenge! From what he could see, these two girls were close to Lin Yi… But! With his experience, he could tell that the two were still virgins!

This made him even more excited to make a move. From what he could see, if he were to take Lin Yi’s girlfriends’ first time, then it’d be his win over him! Even though House Yu wouldn’t be able to do anything to Lin Yi, it’d still be a form of revenge!

And so, Yufeng smiled, not minding it. “Haha, you’re quite funny, pretty girl…”

Knocking came from the door.

“Please enter!” Yufeng said loudly as if he were the host of the room- it only made Yushu and Xiaoxiao despise him more.

But Yufeng didn’t mind—he didn’t notice their expressions at all in the dark! He assumed that the waiter had brought the snacks he ordered, and so he put his focus on the waiter.

“Good evening, customers. This is your fruit plate and snacks, please enjoy.” The waiter said as he put the items on the table before leaving.

“Haha, here, it’s my treat! Pretty girls, please, enjoy this fruit plate!” Yufeng said gracefully with a wave of his hand to Yushu and Xiaoxiao.

Tang Yun was a distance away, and Yufeng’s attention had limits—he decided to work on Xiaoxiao and Yushu first since Mengyao and Tang Yun was his for the taking eventually anyways. He didn’t need to rush.

“Your treat?” Yushu said as she looked at him despicably. “Shield Bro bought this fruit place for us, you’re using it to treat us?”

“Wha?” Yufeng paused. “Shield Bro? Who’s that? This is my fruit plate, I ordered it with snacks earlier, I even… uh…”

He realized something was wrong. He ordered flowers too! That was his weapon for hitting on girls, but that waiter didn’t bring it in. He forgot about that due to his rush to show off!

Another knock came from the door!

Yufeng relaxed and breathed out- heaven was helping him. He stood up. “Come in!”

This time, it was his- along with two flowers!

Yufeng looked at the flowers, becoming confident as he took them and went to Xiaoxiao and Yushu. “Now mine has arrived, help yourself! Don’t be shy!”

But there was nowhere to put his stuff on the table anymore. Lin Yi’s items were still on it!

Lin Yi had continuously kept a cold eye on Yufeng ever since he entered—he had his suspicions, and from the way he was speaking, Lin Yi felt that this was the classic narcissist. Although, being a Mystic early peak from a young age, it was understandable for him to have extreme pride!

Yufeng’s intentions were clear as day as he approached the girls—he wanted to hit on them!

Lin Yi naturally wouldn’t stop him from doing so, only watching from the side. He knew that as long as Yufeng played by the rules, nothing would work out for him. Lin Yi was starting to feel a little sorry for him!

He could’ve gone for any other girl, but had chosen Yushu and Xiaoxiao—what awful fate awaited this man? Was his life too happy, perhaps?

“Haha, there’s still food here, so I’ll put this aside first- come and help yourself once you’re done!” Yufeng didn’t want to keep holding onto the fruit plate and snacks, and so he put it on a shelf some distance away before taking out the two flowers. He went in front of Yushu and Xiaoxiao. “Pretty girls, these are for you…”

“Oh, thanks!” Yushu didn’t reject it, taking it directly.

Yufeng was overjoyed at the sight! It seemed that using flowers was the right choice. It worked on all girls!

Xiaoxiao looked at Yushu accepting the flowers. “What, you’re ready to abandon your Shield Bro and be Xie Yufeng’s mistress?”

Mistress? Yufeng was only even happier as he heard that- it seemed that these two were more open than he thought! If being a mistress was alright, then they would probably be fine with him having multiple mistresses! Couldn’t he take all of them at once, then?

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With that, he quickly explained. “I’m a fair man—I treat my big wife and small wife as equals, and I do spoil my small wives!”

“See? Hurry up and bring your Yao Yao sis, there are two wife spots right there!” Xiaoxiao said to Yushu.

“Why don’t you bring your Tang Yun sis and take those spots?” Yushu asked.

“You accepted his flowers, I didn’t!” Xiaoxiao said.

“I took them for Shield Bro!” With that, Yushu stood up and brought the flowers to Lin Yi, giving them to him. “Here, Shield Bro! For you!”

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