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Wang Xinyan was quite pleasantly surprised to meet Lin Yi again, but her current circumstance didnt put her in a position for feelings like that- she didnt want to drag Lin Yi into her mess, after all, and the couple seemed to have quite powerful backgrounds judging from how they were acting.

That wasnt to say that Xinyan was afraid of the two- the fact here was that shed done nothing wrong. The worst case scenario would be for her dad to find out about this, and all hed really do was give her a scolding. At the end of the day, her situation here wasnt something theyd have too much trouble resolving. Lin Yis involvement, however, might agitate the opposing party, resulting in a bigger mess than it already was.

Xinyan was just about to say something to Lin Yi when she realized that he was facing away from her.

Lin Yi decided to see things through and help Xinyan out now that he was involved anyway. This Tianyi guy seemed a bit reasonable, but the Huiru woman was way too emotional, even lunging at Xinyans face in a tantrum.

Lin Yi turned his eyes to the old man lying on the floor- there werent any notable injuries Lin Yi could see, and Xinyans car was pretty undamaged as well. Xinyan was most likely telling the truth- the old man had fallen himself without her car even touching him.

The old man had his right hand held onto his chest, his body sprawled out in an odd posture as he lay on the floor. Lin Yi looked closer and identified the cause to be a type of heart disease: Xinyan was only passing by; the old man had collapsed from a heart attack.

Lin Yi reached out and pressed his fingers against the old mans wrist.

What do you think youre doing? Are you trying to murder my father? Huiru started reddening with rage right after calming down- this guy was trying to do something to her dad! Huiru then started charging at Lin Yi.

Myocardial Ischemia, and Angina Pectoris? Lin Yi frowned with a raise of his head. (these terms in chinese are nowhere near this complex looking)

Huiru, stop that!! Tianyis eyes lit up instantly upon hearing Lin Yis words, pulling his wife to the side as his face filled up with hope. He wasnt an idiot- Lin Yi figuring out his fathers diagnosis through just the pulse made him a qualified doctor in his eyes. Are you a doctor, young man?

Lin Yi decided to dodge the question Tianyi was asking. Your father collapsed because of the heart pain caused by the lack of blood- its a case of Angina Pectoris. It has nothing to do with the girl.

Bullshit!! Huiru said angrily as she pointed a finger at Lin Yi.

Okay, well see where the bullshit is when your dad dies caz the ambulances stuck in traffic. Lin Yi said with a curl of his lips as he stood up. The hospital will be able to prove the cause of death at the morgue anyway- itll have nothing to do with my friend at that point.

Tianyi slapped his hand across Huirus face. You bitch, will you shut your mouth already? You think this shit wouldve happened if youd remembered to bring dads medicine instead of busying yourself with your makeup?!

You you actually hit me..? Huirus eyes blinked in absolute disbelief!! The guy had been the passive type half his life, all this time they were married! Shed never expected him to go as far as smack her in public!

Liu Tianyi, however, had more pressing concerns than his wife. He turned to Lin Yi sincerely. Friend, can you help my father? You must be able to do it, I know you are Please, pardon my wife. Shes always been like that- I hope youll help rescue my dad

Tianyi was no reckless man- Lin Yi was young, but he understood that this was no normal guy standing in front of him, not when hed just identified his fathers problem just from feeling his pulse. There were no medical kits to save his fathers life, and there was no telling when the ambulance would even arrive He wasnt about to give up on this sliver of hope, not when his fathers life was concerned.

Lin Yi nodded slowly- He thought the man to be quite genuine when he made the request, and the slap he gave his wife was quite something, as well. Ill try.

Itd be quite troubling if the old man happened to die, after all- it wouldnt have anything to do with Wang Xinyan, but this woman looked like the crazy type. There was no telling how far shed go to get even with her, and the best bet was to cut all connections with Huiru by letting this old guy survive.

Lin Yi squatted down as he casually massaged a couple of spots on the body. He then centralized the massage around the heart, boosting the blood flow of the weakened old man. His skills in acupuncture was inherited from his mentor, but he didnt know if itd work on a dying guy like him

His sifu probably wouldve never guessed that hed be using the acupuncture techniques of assassins to save lives

Itd be much more effective if he had a needle with him, however. His old man back home was a man renowned in medicine, and Lin Yi had learned from him quite some remarkable healing methodologies His main profession, however, focused on taking lives instead of saving them. It wasnt a surprise, then, that he wouldnt have a box of needles on him.

Kid, that massagings futile- the guys barely breathing, hell be dead before your acupuncture takes effect. A sudden, casual voice sounded in Lin Yis head all of a sudden.

Elder Jiao? Dyou have a plan? Lin Yi asked, delighted. Hed been worried about how effective just pressing on the mans body would be- after all, even Old Lins genius in medicine required needles in a lot of cases, especially during emergencies like this. The symptoms came into play as well: Lin Yi would be quite confident in bringing the old man back if they just started showing, but this guy had been lying there for quite a while already. Hopes were very slim.

Hmph, look at you, forgetting all about those ten years you used up training for the Dragon Mastery! Give that old guys heart muscles a bit of all that energy inside you, infuse it inside of him! Let his heart start pumping blood harder and youll fix the guy!

Infuse it directly? Lin Yi blinked at the notion- something like that had never crossed his mind before, hed assumed that the energy was limited to his use only, and that it was only meant for training in the Art of Dragon Mastery, at the very least. Hes not even trained in the art, will the energy even work on him?

Lin Yi understood that there were elements in the energy responsible for strengthening constitution and body function, and the results were quite notable, as well

Hes not, thats why he cant absorb the energy himself; but hell be able to receive it if youre the one sending that energy into him. Yazi explained. How on earth did you not know that, kid?

Um Lin Yis face reddened in response- he really didnt know much about this kind of stuff. Even Old Lin was oblivious to the Art of Dragon Mastery, and Lin Yi had to train all by himself without even a single person to discuss it with.

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Carry out the mental formula on the dun point, and youll be sending the energy over. Yazi continued. Youd better hurry up if you dont want him dying on you! (the dun point is one of the acupuncture points)

Yes sir! Lin Yi tensed up as he followed Yazis instructions, infusing his energy into the body of the old man. Old Lin had made sure to teach Lin Yi to identify between the acupuncture points ever since he was little, and Lin Yi was as familiar with the methodologies as one could get.

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