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Chapter 1925: Spacetime Swordmaster!

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“Are you sure that the future segment is really useful?”

The Black Ink Master was very doubtful.

“Let’s give it a try. The future segment this time is very interesting. He’s someone I’ve never heard of or seen before. It’s very likely that he’s the variable.’

“Variable? Your evaluation is too high.”

The Black Ink Master shook his head.

He had also comprehended the principle of the future, so he knew very well what “variables” meant.

Under normal circumstances, even in future fragments, those who could be called variables were all extraordinary.

This had nothing to do with strength, but with potential.

Hence, even entities like the Black Ink Master and the Spacetime Swordmaster could not be considered variables in future fragments.

“Are you sure he’s a variable?” The Black Ink Master continued to ask. The Spacetime Swordmaster did not look like he was joking.

The Spacetime Swordmaster did not answer. Instead, he fell silent. The Black Ink Master also understood what the Spacetime Swordmaster meant.

A variable. It was really a variable!

For any variable, no matter what future fragment they sensed, as long as this variable existed, there would be countless turning points in the matter.

Actually, back then, before they completely grew into the strongest experts, they were also variables.

But now, after they became peak Voidwalkers, they were no longer variables. This meant that their potential had been exhausted, and it was impossible for them to cause any changes.

Someone that could become a variable in the future fragments sensed by the

Spacetime Swordmaster was probably extraordinary.

It would naturally be best if they could invite the “variable”.

“Spacetime Swordmaster, when are you going to invite that variable?”

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s do it now.”

The Black Ink Master nodded and simply went with the Spacetime Swordmaster.

If two supreme experts went together, it would also show their sincerity.

Moreover, the Black Ink Master was also very curious. Who could become the variable in the Spacetime Swordmaster’s future fragment? He was also looking forward to seeing them.

In the secret chamber, Lin Feng slowly opened his eyes.

He had already been in seclusion for decades.

However, he gained very little during this period of time,

He had even used that peak spacetime crystal. However, that peak spacetime crystal was useless to Lin Feng.

Or rather, it was not as useful to Lin Feng as he had imagined.

After using the peak spacetime crystal, Lin Fengs principle of spacetime still did not improve by much. In Lin Fengs opinion, the so-called peak spacetime crystal was actually only slightly stronger than the powerful spacetime crystal, and had not reached the level of qualitative change.

At Lin Fengs current level of comprehension of the principle of the future, powerful spacetime crystals were completely useless.

That was, unless the spacetime crystal could undergo a qualitative change! However, in that case, they probably would not be powerful or peak spacetime crystals.

Lin Feng shook his head.


Just as Lin Feng was about to leave the secret chamber and take a look…

Suddenly, some future fragments appeared in his mind.


Lin Feng had a thought.

With his current realm of comprehension of the principle of the future, it was impossible for a future fragment to appear for no reason. Something must have happened, and it must be related to him.

Hence, it could trigger Lin Feng to sense future fragments.

This kind of ability was somewhat similar to an epiphany, but it was more specific than an epiphany. There were even some specific images.

Lin Feng had already comprehended the principle of the future. Hence, he could sense more future fragments in detail.

As he slowly sensed them, Lin Fengs eyes also lit up slightly.

“The Spacetime Swordmaster?”

Lin Feng muttered softly.

He sensed the principle of the future, and many future fragments appeared. However, as expected, a fixed figure appeared in all these future fragments.

The Spacetime Swordmaster!

No matter how many future fragments Lin Feng sensed, the Spacetime Swordmaster would appear.

Hence, Lin Feng speculated that he might come into contact with the Spacetime Swordmaster next. Moreover, something very important would happen, so much so that the Spacetime Swordmaster would always appear in his future fragments.

In reality, at Lin Fengs level, he could almost be considered a prophet.

Even for people he had never met, as long as he deduced with the principle of the future, he would basically know them in great detail.

Hence, although Lin Feng had never met the Spacetime Swordmaster before, he knew that he would definitely meet the Spacetime Swordmaster next.

Lin Feng deduced for a few more days. It was still the same.

At this moment, two unfamiliar guests arrived at Lin Fengs residence.

Lin Feng did not even receive any notice. They went straight to the living room.


Their eyes met. As soon as Lin Feng entered the living room, he stared intently at a white-robed swordsman.

That’s right, a swordsman!

Lin Feng could tell the sharp sword intent on the other party at a glance. It was daunting and could not be concealed at all.

There was only one person who could possess such sword intent.

The Spacetime Swordmaster! This white-robed man must be the Spacetime Swordmaster!

Moreover, Lin Feng had already “met” the Spacetime Swordmaster countless times in the future fragments he had sensed.

Hence, the two of them looked at each other and smiled.

“Spacetime Swordmaster!”

“Chaos Master! ”

Now that the two of them had met in person, they must have understood.

The two of them must have already sensed the future segment.

If the Spacetime Swordmaster still had some doubts previously, now, he no longer had any doubts.

As soon as he saw Lin Feng, he could sense that Lin Feng had probably comprehended the principle of the future just like him.

Both parties sensed each other. With comprehension of the principle of the future, it was impossible to conceal anything.

“Chaos Master? I didn’t expect another peak Voidwalker to appear in Hope City without anyone knowing!’

At this moment, the Black Ink Master could not help but speak as well.

Just like the Spacetime Swordmaster, the moment he saw Lin Feng, he already understood that Lin Fengs realm was not inferior to his and the Spacetime Swordmaster’s at all.

They had all comprehended the principle of the future!

No wonder the Spacetime Swordmaster insisted on finding this “Chaos Master” in front of them, an entity on the same level as them, and a “variable” at that. This was simply a pleasant surprise. The Black Ink Master was naturally very happy.

“Black Ink Master?”

Lin Feng glanced at the Black Ink Master.

Lin Feng actually did not know the Black Ink Master before. This was the first time they had met.

However, in the future fragments he sensed, the Black Ink Master would sometimes appear. Hence, he was also someone who had some interactions with Lin Feng in the future.

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“Spacetime Swordmaster, Black Ink Master, what brings you here?” Lin Feng asked calmly.

Although he could sense future fragments, fragments were ultimately just fragments. He did not know the ins and outs of the matter.

It was impossible for these two peak Voidwalkers, and elders of the Hope Alliance, to come to him for no reason.

Then, there must be something very important.

Perhaps this matter was the reason the future fragments that Lin Feng had sensed were related to the Black Ink Master and the Spacetime Swordmaster..

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Chapter 1925