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Chapter 1924: Life Energy

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“There’s no actual limit at all…

Lin Feng slowly opened his eyes.

He saw the valley, and also the golden flower in the valley.

Now, this golden flower had become shriveled again. It seemed like it would only bloom again after hundreds of years.

Lin Feng already knew the use of the golden flower.

Actually, it did not just expand the medium chiliocosm.

Or rather, its true use was not to expand the medium chiliocosm, but to nourish life. This golden flower was closely related to the rule of life, and was the top supreme treasure of life under the rule of life!

Lin Feng had never thought that the supreme treasure of life could expand the medium chiliocosm.

Could the medium chiliocosm also be a lifeform?

In reality, after fusing the golden liquid, which was actually life energy, Lin Feng gradually understood that the medium chiliocosm was really a lifeform. However, it was a different kind of lifeform.

In reality, it was not just the medium chiliocosm. Even the small chiliocosm could actually be considered a lifeform.

What were the characteristics of life?

It was nothing more than a soul, or consciousness. This was very important. As for other things like flesh and blood, they were not important at all. Many lifeforms were energy in form, but they were indeed types of lifeform.

Back when Lin Fengs world metamorphosed into a small chiliocosm, it actually already possessed its own “consciousness”. Actually, from that moment on, it was already life.

However, the “consciousness” of a small chiliocosm was very weak

It was only until it metamorphosed into a medium chiliocosm that its “consciousness” became very powerful.

That was equivalent to a soul.

Even Lin Feng could sense the “consciousness” of the medium chiliocosm.

However, as Lin Feng was close to the medium chiliocosm, even if the “consciousness” of the medium chiliocosm grew stronger, the medium chiliocosm would still firmly obey Lin Feng.

In fact, the medium chiliocosm and Lin Feng could have been considered one.

Lin Fengs consciousness had already fused with the consciousness of the medium chiliocosm.

In a sense, Lin Feng was the medium chiliocosm, and the medium chiliocosm was Lin Feng.

Then, why couldn’t the medium chiliocosm be a lifeform?

Lin Fengs consciousness was his soul.

Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm was his body.

What was wrong with it?

In the past, Lin Feng had fallen into a fixed train of thought. He even had to condense a body to display to others. In reality, there was no need to condense a body at all.

The entire medium chiliocosm was Lin Fengs body!

And that golden flower was the most nourishing to lifeforms.

Naturally, Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm “body” expanded.

In the past, the reason why he could not expand and had a feeling of reaching his limit was that there was also a limit to life. One needed to break through the shackles to continue growing.

Clearly, Lin Feng had relied on the golden flower to break through his shackles and continue to grow. That was why he could continue to expand. As the medium chiliocosm expanded, Lin Fengs River of Spacetime was also expanding, and it had expanded by more than ten times. It was majestic. Even if it was manifested in the Origin Gate, it would not be completely suppressed by the spacetime rule.

At this point, even Lin Feng himself did not know how strong he was.

Even peak Origin Beasts might not be a match for Lin Feng for a single round. Of course, this was under the prerequisite of using the spacetime prison.

Overlord-level Origin Beasts?

Perhaps Lin Fengs opponent could only be an Overlord-level Origin Beast.

Or perhaps, Lin Feng was still not a match for the Overlord-level Origin Beasts.

After all, in terms of killing peak Origin Beasts, even peak Voidwalkers like the Spacetime Swordmaster could do it. Back then, the Spacetime Swordmaster had killed a peak Origin Beast with a single strike.

Lin Feng had never seen the Spacetime Swordmaster before, and he did not know how strong such peak Origin Beasts were.

As for Overlord-level Origin Beasts, they were even more unheard of. They were only rumored to be very terrifying. Even the combined forces of the top Voidwalkers might not be their match.

Lin Feng made up his mind. Perhaps he could go back and spar with the

Spacetime Swordmaster.

Lin Feng glanced at this golden flower again.

In the end, he did not destroy the golden flower. There was no need at all.

Nioreover, he still had a lot of golden liquid left. It was useless now. If his medium chiliocosm was a lifeform, now, the medium chiliocosm had reached another limit of life.

Unless he could find another life energy source stronger than the golden flower, it would not be able to improve anymore.

The principle of spacetime, the Origin supreme treasures, and the medium chiliocosm.

These three were Lin Fengs main methods. But now, he had reached a bottleneck in all three. It was already very difficult to continue improving.

If there were no special opportunities, he would also be like those peak Voidwalkers, who spent billions of years and countless epochs without any improvement.

Perhaps this was why those peak Voidwalkers strived to find the Origin Realm and enter it.

This was because they could no longer improve in the Origin Gate,

What was the point of cultivation that could not improve? It was simply a punishment!

Lin Feng did not linger in the Black River Basin. Instead, he left the Black River Basin and returned to Hope City.

In Hope City, Lin Feng entered the secret chamber.

Although his various methods and strength had reached a bottleneck, he still wanted to see if he could improve further in the principle of spacetime.

After all, Lin Feng had obtained a peak spacetime crystal and dozens of powerful spacetime crystals. Perhaps he could give it a try.

Hence, Lin Feng entered seclusion again.

“Spacetime Swordmaster, it’s been billions of years since we last met. You’re even more elegant than before.”

A black-robed old man appeared in the void.

He was actually using the spacetime power as well. Clearly, his spacetime power was not completely suppressed.

The Spacetime Swordmaster in white robe opened his eyes.

“Black Ink Master! Why are you here?”

“To surround and kill that worm, of course.’

The Spacetime Swordmaster fell into deep thought.

“The two of us are not enough!”

The Spacetime Swordmaster was concise. He never spoke superfluous words.

“What if we include the Barbarian God Master?”

“Still not enough!’ “And the Blood Sea Master?”

“Still not enough!’

Both parties fell silent.

The people the Black Ink Master had mentioned just now were all peak Voidwalkers.

Moreover, they were all the strongest among peak Voidwalkers. They could kill peak Origin Beasts alone.

However, the Spacetime Swordmaster determined that they still could not surround and kill that worm.

In reality, the Black Ink Master also knew that with their meager strength, there was still no guarantee.

However, he was still unwilling to accept it.

“Spacetime Swordmaster, including you, we have a total of four peak Voidwalkers. We can all be considered the strongest lineup. Even if we surround and kill that worm, we still have some chance of winning, right?”

“The chance of winning is less than 20%!”

The Spacetime Swordmaster’s tone was still cold.

“Even if it’s less than 20%, as long as there’s any hope, we can give it a try. Spacetime Swordmaster, are you willing to stay trapped in the Origin Gate forever?”

The Black Ink Master took a deep breath, and a trace of unwillingness appeared in his eyes.

The Spacetime Swordmaster looked up at the Black Ink Master.

They had surrounded that worm a total of three times.

However, they failed all three times and suffered heavy losses.

In fact, a peak Voidwalker had fallen.

However, how could he be willing to do nothing?

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“Recently, I had an epiphany and received a future fragment. If we find him, it might improve our chances…” Suddenly, the Spacetime Swordmaster spoke.

“Future fragment?”

The Black Ink Master was stunned for a moment, but then, his expression turned strange.

As long as one entered the ranks of the strongest, they would already have comprehended the principle of the future.

However, there were countless changes in the future. It they really took the future fragments seriously, they would probably have died countless times over..

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Chapter 1924