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Chapter 1923: Thirteenfold Expansion!

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Lin Fengs figure flashed. In reality, the spacetime poq.,rer in his body warped through the void directly.

Even though there was still heavy suppression from the spacetime rule, it could not completely suppress Lin Fengs spacetime power. His current realm far exceeded that of ordinary peak Voidwalkers.

Lin Feng arrived outside the valley.

There were also a large number of Origin Beasts densely packed here.

However, the Origin Beasts that were aggressive previously kept retreating when they saw Lin Feng. They could only growl in an attempt to scare Lin Feng off.

Clearly, they were afraid.

These were all powerful Origin Beasts. Their intelligence was actually not much inferior to cultivators.

Lin Feng had killed a peak Origin Beast forcefully. He believed that these Origin Beasts had already seen it.

Facing Lin Feng, they would naturally feel fear.

Lin Feng glanced at these powerful Origin Beasts. He was just about to try if his medium chiliocosm that had broken through its shackles could trap the powerful Origin Beasts.

Hence, without any hesitation, he immediately attacked.


The medium chiliocosm descended.

Lin Feng instantly enveloped all the powerful Origin Beasts.

That’s right, not one or two, but all the powerful Origin Beasts outside the valley. There were about dozens of them, all of which were powerful Origin Beasts.

In the past, this would be almost unthinkable. Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm might be instantly torn apart.

However, Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm was no longer what it used to be.

The dozens of powerful Origin Beasts were indeed very strong. They were also struggling violently. However, Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm was very powerful. Even if it was torn apart, it could quickly recover.


Lin Feng mobilized all the power in his medium chiliocosm in an attempt to suppress these powerful Origin Beasts.

This did limit powerful Origin Beasts, but Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm was in turmoil.

It might not be able to hold out for long, or even for ten breaths, before collapsing completely.

However, this was enough for Lin Feng.

Forget about ten breaths, even just one breath was enough.

This was because Lin Feng had deployed the spacetime prison!

In the medium chiliocosm, the spacetime prison had almost no restrictions. It was even more terrifying than a peak Origin supreme treasure.

With the appearance of the spacetime prison, those Origin Beasts could not

cause mucah of a stir at all. In the next moment, they were suppressed by the spacetime prison.

“There are 38 powerful Origin Beasts?”

Lin Feng counted carefully and moved 38 powerful spacetime crystals out of the spacetime prison.

This also meant that there were 38 powerful Origin Beasts outside the valley.

Unfortunately, all these powerful Origin Beasts were instantly killed by Lin Feng using the spacetime prison.

This also meant that Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm had broken its limit and its shackles. Its strength was incredible.

At the very least, restraining powerful Origin Beasts for a short period of time would not be a problem.

This also meant that before the medium chiliocosm was broken, Lin Feng would be almost invincible.

After all, even peak Origin Beasts could be easily killed by the spacetime prison!

Only at this moment did Lin Feng realize how much his comprehension of the principle of spacetime would increase his overall strength.

It was probably over a hundred times!

Of course, Lin Feng did not continue to slaughter. With Lin Fengs current strength, it was actually not difficult for him to slaughter all the Origin Beasts in the entire Black River Basin.

However, Lin Fengs true goal this time was not even powerful spacetime crystals.

He knew very well that at his current level of comprehension of the principle of the future, powerful spacetime crystals were actually not very useful anymore.

At most, they would only increase his comprehension by a little more.

His true goal was that golden flower!

Lin Feng walked into the valley and saw the golden flower.

Almost 300 years had passed, but the golden flower was still in the valley. However, the golden flower did not seem to be leaking any more golden liquid this time.

It looked weak and showed faint signs of withering.

“It’s not time yet?”

Lin Feng thought for a moment. Perhaps this was the only explanation.

Otherwise, the area outside the valley would not just be filled with Origin Beasts on land. There would be Origin Beasts at the bottom of the Black River fighting with them.

However, there was not a single beast from the bottom of the Black River.

This meant that the golden liquid might not have flowed out of this golden flower yet.

Lin Feng observed this flower carefully.

When he returned to Hope City, he had actually investigated a lot of information. Unfortunately, there was no information on this golden flower.

Even the Meteor Tower did not have any information on this golden flower.

There were actually many unsolved mysteries, or rather, many enigmas, in the Origin Gate.

The information the Voidwalkers knew might not even be one-tenth of what the Origin Gate contained.

After all, the Origin Gate was the world of the Origin Beasts. The Origin Beasts were the true hegemons of the Origin Gate!

Lin Feng observed for a long time, but still could not see anything special about this golden flower.

He wanted to transplant it, but he was afraid of destroying the golden flower.

In the end, Lin Feng simply guarded the valley quietly. In any case, the Black River Basin was not a threat to Lin Feng at all now.

After 10 years, 30 years, 50 years, 100 years…

In the blink of an eye, a hundred years had passed.

Lin Feng did not find trouble with those Origin Beasts, but the Origin Beasts at the bottom of the Black River kept finding trouble with Lin Feng.

In the end, in a fit of anger, Lin Feng went deep into the bottom of the Black River and swept through all the Origin Beasts, obtaining dozens of powerful spacetime crystals.

Lin Feng even ate the fruit of the strange tree, but it was not of much use to

Lin Feng.

The entire Black River Basin was no longer a threat.

At the bottom of the river, although Lin Fengs strength was greatly suppressed, he could kill all powerful Origin Beasts just by relying on the spacetime prison.

Hence, Lin Feng continued to wait.

About another hundred years passed. About 500 years had passed since Lin Feng last came to the Black River Basin.

Finally, the golden flower began to become vibrant again. The flower bloomed, and rich golden liquid flowed out.

Lin Feng was overjoyed. He moved this golden liquid directly into the medium chiliocosm, and even directly cultivated in the valley to expand his medium chiliocosm.

This time, the amount of golden liquid Lin Feng obtained was dozens or even a hundred times that of the first time.

So much golden liquid immediately stimulated the medium chiliocosm.

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After the fusion began, the medium chiliocosm expanded wildly.

The large amount of golden liquid was simply infinite. Lin Feng felt that he was breaking the limit of the medium chiliocosm at every moment. The medium chiliocosm was becoming stronger at every moment.

Onefold, twofold, threefold…

This time, Lin Fengs medium chiliocosm could expand to his heart’s content.

Finally, the medium chiliocosm expanded by a total of 13 times before gradually stopping..

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