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Chapter 561: A Strike

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Zhagu also said, “Thank you so much, Dr. Walton. Dr. Walton, you must come!”

Andrew pretended to be unable to refuse.

Ten minutes later, Andrew shook hands with Zhagu as he sent him out. He was still holding a slip of paper with the address written on it. The corners of his mouth twitched. What was going on!

Andrew turned around and saw Amelia looking at him with her big eyes.

Forget it. The matter with his little niece must be something big. His Mia was like this because she had something on. Otherwise, she wouldn’t casually go to someone else’s house to join in the fun.

Andrew hugged Amelia. Seeing that there was no one beside him, he asked in a low voice, “A ghost?” Ever since he saw his sister, Helena, he knew that there were really ghosts in this world. He was not very calm when he performed the surgery. He kept feeling that there were “people” everywhere in the operating theater! If his mental quality was just a little worse, he would not be able to continue the surgery.

Amelia leaned into Andrew’s ear and whispered very seriously, “There’s a ghost!”

Andrew: ‘

Amelia asked softly, “Eighth Uncle, are you afraid? If you’re afraid, I’ll get my father to bring me there.”

When Andrew heard this, he immediately said, “No, I’m not afraid! How can Eighth Uncle be afraid! It’s not appropriate for your father to bring you to Eighth Uncle’s patient.”

Amelia started to speak, tnen stopped.

Andrew changed the subject. “Let’s go and see Harper’s report!’

At the side, Harper, who had been out of the loop the entire time: “…” Why did it feel like he wasn’t that important?

Andrew looked at Harper’s examination report and suddenly frowned. The report showed low-density shadow in Harper’s brain, which was crescent-shaped, and suspected hematoma in the brain. Five years had passed since the fall that Mrs. Walton had mentioned, and chronic epidural hematoma was considered.

“Let’s do an MRI,” Andrew said. It was easy to ignore chronic epidural hematomas early on. When it came to children, they often had characteristics such as sleepiness, enlargement of the head, and convulsions and spasms. He saw that Harper had always been quite normal, so he did not have these reactions. As a doctor, it was his negligence that he did not notice that his nephew had been in a hematoma state for a long time. Andrew blamed himself. He recalled Harper’s performance. Before Amelia came, he liked to talk back. He often angered Mr. Walton and Mrs. Walton, but on second thought, when his family spoke to Harper, he often ignored them. When he did respond, it was to retort them. Therefore, everyone thought that he was rebellious and did not listen to others. Unexpectedly, he was already slow to react at that time…

Mrs. Walton asked worriedly, “Is it serious?”

Andrew: “It’s not serious, but it can’t be overlooked either. It needs surgery. We can’t ignore it. We have to get rid of it as soon as possible…”

William interrupted, “In other words, you need to cut his head open?”

Andrew nodded, then explained the characteristics and clinical manifestations of chronic epidural hematoma, prognosis, and so on. Mrs. Walton had already mentioned this in the family group chat. Harper needed to continue with the checkup, and Andrew helped arrange a bed. It was not easy to arrange a bed in a public hospital. Andrew found someone to queue up, but he would probably not be able to be hospitalized until next week.

After she was done, Mrs. Walton brought the children home. In the car,

Harper sat in silence and suddenly said, “Must you cut my head open?” Mrs. Walton was speechless. This child had been thinking about this all the way?

Amelia patted Harper’s hand and comforted him. “Brother Harper, don’t be afraid. It’s just a slash. It’ll be quick.”


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Elmer was speechless. What did she mean by just a slash, it’ll be quick? These words sounded very scary!

That day, everyone discussed Harper’s condition and comforted him not to worry. They kept talking to him, but he looked indifferent and hummed from time to time. It was unknown 11 ne listenea.

Lucas, on the other hand, was brooding until he lay in bed at night. Mia hadn’t given him that candy!

Soon, it was the weekend. Andrew brought Amelia out alone today to eat at Zhagu’s house. William wanted to follow, but he was rejected. He stood at the door and watched Andrew’s car disappear into the road with a reluctant expression.

Lucas crossed his arms and sneered. “How embarrassing! Isn’t she just going out? She’ll be back tonight..”

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Chapter 561